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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Strengthen your pelvic muscles with the Private Gym Complete Training Program for better sexual, urinary and prostate health.
The 8-week Private Gym Complete Training Program combines the 4-week Basic Program and the 4-week weight resistance program featuring the Private Gym's patented, FDA registered weighted penis ring and magnetic weight to maximize pelvic muscle growth and strength.
Scientifically proven and developed by leading urologists, physiologists and sexual health experts, the Private Gym Fitness Program can give you harder, longer lasting erections, improved urinary health and better prostate performance. The eight week Private Gym Complete Training Program includes the Basic Training Program plus resistance weight training for maximum pelvic muscle strength. This specialized exercise program is safe and effective for men of all ages and fitness levels.
Just as using weights builds your biceps, triceps and other muscle groups, our patented resistance penis ring and magnetic weight accelerate the strength, tone and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles.
The resistance ring should only be used after completing the first four weeks of basic training, which is included with this program.

The weighted base fits comfortably around any penis and helps to build the muscles that support sexual, urinary and prostate function.
In less than 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, the Private Gym Training Program strengthens the pelvic muscles that control the penis, bladder, prostate and rectum. A personal trainer for your pelvic muscles, the follow-along exercise DVD helps you isolate and build the muscles that support sexual, urinary and prostate health. Described as Kegel exercises for men, the Private Gym Program works out the same muscles you use to stop the flow of urine.
The Private Gym's resistance equipment features a comfortable, adjustable ring that fits around any penis. The resistance ring requires the ability to obtain an erection naturally or with the use of ED medications.
To start, simply place the adjustable ring around your erect penis and follow the guided Private Gym Program exercises. This movement places resistance on your pelvic muscles, resulting in full muscle growth and strength.

The Complete Program is ideal for optimizing sexual performance by improving erection rigidity and durability, as well as ejaculatory power and control.
For those with erectile dysfunction, the resistance equipment can be used in conjunction with ED medications if necessary. Often described as dumbbells for the penis, the Private Gym pelvic muscle resistance ring is made of super-soft, medical grade materials. The Complete Program is also recommended for any man who can attain an erection to maximize the health benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles. The ring is comfortable, body safe, hypoallergenic, DEHP-free, completely waterproof and compatible with all body safe lubricants.

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