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Shoulder is the area that has the most number of unstable joints and there are countless factors that cause pain between shoulder blades.
Cervical pain is the pain radiating between the shoulder blades can occur due to many reasons. If there is intense pain on the posterior side of the shoulder blades, it can be due to underlying health problems in the organs.
If there is intense pain in the left shoulder blade, then it may be due to scapula fracture.
If any joint connecting the spine to the ribs become non-functional, it can cause serious upper back pain. In case the bones of upper back or lower back get enlarged due to some reason, it causes skeletal irregularity. Shoulder Pain - What Causes Shoulder PainShoulder pain is an extremely common complaint that has many causes.

Pain may develop on the facet joint area of the cervical spine, involving the muscles also. Initially it is the muscle that triggers the pain and it can be one of the back muscles or front muscles. This is termed as visceral pain and any abnormality in your heart, lungs, liver, spleen, stomach and gall bladder may induce pain here. Motor vehicle accident and sudden fall may cause fracture in scapula along with rib fracture and concussions.
Here the pain will originate in the left shoulder spreading to the tissues and surrounding ribs. The main cause is frequent change in posture may tighten the muscles causing irritation and swelling. It may cause sharp deep pain in the left shoulder followed by other signs like breathlessness, fatigue, cold sweat, nausea and dizziness.

Shoulder pain should be approached carefully along with symptoms and underlying medical condition. Pancoast tumor will be often malignant (non cancerous) growing into a big mass disturbing the chest wall and shoulder nerves. Shoulder is the site for many types of problems in human beings since they are subjected to stress at the most. If the pain can be managed through over the counter pain killers, then you need not visit your doctor.
But if there are other symptoms accompanied with shoulder pain, then you should not delay to visit the clinic.

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