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Just one bite of Dreamfields pasta with your favorite spaghetti sauce will convince you that pasta is indeed back on your low-carb lifestyle. A typical 2-oz serving of regular pasta is an astounding 41g carbs, but Dreamfields pasta has only 5g digestible carbs. According to the Dreamfields Pasta Label: Count 5 grams of carbohydrates per each 56 g serving when controlling carbohydrate intake and blood sugar levels to promote good health and weight control. A clinical testing method utilizing healthy human subjects is used to measure the levels of digestible carbohydrate contained in Dreamfields Pasta. Dreamfields Pasta has largely the same level of durum semolina as traditional pastas, with a low level of their unique blend of fibers and proteins and no soy fillers. Inulin, unlike insulin, is a naturally-occurring, plant storage non-digestible carbohydrate found in over 36,000 plants worldwide. That's what the cashier at my local supermarket asked me as he scanned the box in the checkout line. What caught my eye was the promise of a low-carb pasta that didn't have the texture of wallpaper paste or taste like wet cardboard. Made from durum semolina flour, with no soy or substitutes, Dreamfields has all the good flavor of regular pasta.
How does Dreamfields succeed where other alternative pastas, billed as low-carb or high-fiber or "healthy", have failed?
That doesn't sound terribly appetizing, but the result is a truly technology-forward pasta that will hold up to your most traditional recipes. If you ever make it to Rhode Island, stop by for some penny riggaduh smothered with home-made gravy (that's what we call marinara sauce), a local favorite.
Prepare the pasta according to package directions, until the pasta is still a bit undercooked but almost al dente. Add the pasta into the sauce, and cook, stirring well, until the pasta and sauce have come together, 2-3 minutes. Isn't that so great to be recognized for something you so obviously love doing, congratulations! Mike, tex-mex pasta has got to be the ultimate born-of-the-pantry concoction, but it really works. Mallika, you can, and it's worth looking for this brand, which is the only one that seems to have significantly lower digestible carbs. Sonya, absolutely not true -- I live in a very small town with one grocery store, and a larger chain supermarket 10 miles away.
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Ciao Carb low carb, high protein pasta comes to Low Carb Central so all of our wonderful customers can enjoy pasta the Ciao Carb way.
Ciao carb pastas come in several different shapes and sizes and sit around the 7g carbs per serving (50g) with a whopping 30g protein. I get asked a lot for my recommendations – so here they are in a particular order (the order they came into my head!).
I could have listed 50 products as we have so many great products that open up the low carb food world again. LC Foods continue to bring us better and better availability to the most amazing low carb foods.
We started bringing this pasta to Australia after many requests from low carbers here wanting to finally have a low carb pasta available in Austalia. Now that we have pasta as part of our low carb lifestyle with all of the low carb pasta options, naturally we are looking for some yummy sauces we can add to our pasta for a great low carb dinner.
Miracle Noodles Australia have been out of stock of their shirataki noodles (and shirataki rice!) for several months. One thing we like to ensure is that we don’t run out of stock, however when suppliers themselves are out of stock we are at their mercy. If you’re looking for Miracle Noodles (as in the brand “Miracle Noodles”), you can buy their Shirataki Noodles here.
For years as a low carber, there were foods I simply put in the “too carby” basket, and tried to resign myself to the fact that bread, pasta, icecream and some other delicious foods were simply out of bound for me. So – since starting Low Carb Central, the search has been on for bread, pasta, icecream and a long list of other goodies to be able to supply to Australian low carbers, without the carbs!

SlimPasta, the latest in a range of Shirataki Noodles to hit Australia is coming to Low Carb Central.  Having tried SlimPasta for ourselves, we decided to bring this to the low carb market via Low Carb Central. For a few short days we were out of the skinni spaghetti low carb pasta and the bread crumb mix, however these have just arrived this morning from the US and have been restocked.
We strive to always keep all of our low carb products in stock, however in the beginning we will underestimate some things. The breadcrumbs became a popular item after I posted about some lovely low carb cordon bleu and chicken parmagiana’s I had made using the low carb breadcrumbs. Before we ran out of either of these items we saw the trend and reordered from the US to restock Australia with these great staple low carb foods. The delivery of new low carb product lines from Dixie is due in next Wednesday so it will be a day of testing once those arrive. Tomorrow we expect delivery of the new LC Foods products we have ordered for testing purposes. Another Dixie Carb Counters order is in from America, and this means more great low carb foods available in Australia for us low carb lovers. We’ve been busy trying these products so we can review them for you low carbers out there wanting to know what they are all about and how they taste.
I’m eating grilled chicken & zucchini pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes (and little bit of avocado because I like to live dangerously). Dream fields pasta is not no carb pasta or carb free pasta – dreamfield pasta is as close as you can get with the real taste of pasta.
Unlike other low-carb pastas, Dreamfields gets very high marks from its customers for incredible taste and texture that’s almost like the real thing! Dreamfields offers significant health benefits, and has been clinically tested to establish digestible carbohydrate levels. What that means is that while the total number of carbohydrates is the same as typical pasta, their unique blend of dietary fibers and proteins protects all but about 5 grams of these carbohydrates from being digested.
The Dreamfields approach means fewer carbohydrates get digested that will increase blood glucose response. This is unlike net carbs which is simply determined by estimating the digestibility of individual food components.
It was the colorful-but-not-blue design (and, by the way, why do so many pastas come in blue boxes?) that caught the cashier's eye. With six shapes to choose from, you can substitute this pasta in all of your favorite dishes, and nobody will miss the extra carbs. In a large, deep saute pan, heat the oil over medium-high heat, and cook the onion for 2 minutes, until translucent. Either stir in the shredded cheese, or pour the pasta into a serving bowl and pass the cheese separately, for each person to add to taste. Pasta in combination with tex-mex flavors never crossed my mind, but it sounds like a great place to experiment as this dish sounds really tasty.
I eat a lot less pasta than I used to, even with this low-carb alternative, so a box will last for several meals. As a rule I'm against any kind of technological monkeying around with food -- but in this case, I'm okay with it! Only tried it once, so not really fair to judge -- but I've not had good luck with whole wheat pasta at all. I do almost all of my shopping in those two stores, or on occasional forays to Asian markets in Boston's Chinatown -- and online, of course.
From my tiny kitchen in Boston's South End, I share recipes that use what we keep in our pantries, the usual and not-so-usual ingredients that spice up our lives. The LC Pasta Flour arrived yesterday, which I had been excitedly awaiting, and so I was keen to jump right in and give it a go.
Thankfully, a large shipment has come in and Low Carb Central had a pre order placed and ready to go.
So many people have been looking to buy shirataki noodles in Australia, our previous stock just didn’t last long enough. If you’d rather look all our low carb pasta options (including shirataki noodles by SlimPasta!) be sure to check out our low carb pasta section. SlimPasta is a great substitue for noodles in Asian style dishes, similar to Miracle Noodles.

The low carb pasta was more popular than we ever thought (must be because it tastes so good). That shipment includes a new flavour of mashers, some batter mix, a roll and bun mix, a new vanilla pudding, some great low carb soups for cooking and some old favourites we already love.
This order contains some of the great low carb savory products we have ordered, including the Pasta Sauce mixes, Low carb bread mix, low carb mashed potato substitute and the bakesquick mix which works as a flour replacement.
We now have the Chocolate Mousse which has received rave reviews from not only the folks at Low Carb Central but also from friends and family who have had the pleasure of trying it. My life changed when I realized that healthy living is truly a lifelong journey, mainly won by having a well-balanced diet and enjoying adequate exercise. It’s taking our individual success stories and fitness and nutrition philosophies and sharing those ideas with the each other to grow and improve together. The shape and area under a blood glucose response curve is used to determine the level of digestible carbohydrate in a food and if the body is properly processing digested carbohydrates appropriately.
So you get the authentic taste and texture you expect from pasta, but with only 5 grams of digestible carbs.
Inulin naturally occurs in cereal grains, onions, asparagus, tomatoes, bananas, raisins, garlic and many other commonly consumed plants. I don't know why it would change the digestible carb value to have the pasta sit overnight; can you tell us more? This recipe is quickly becoming one of our favorites -- though every time I make it, I throw in a few more chile peppers! Contact me for permission to reproduce photos for commercial uses; bloggers may use photos only, with credit to The Perfect Pantry and links to the original posts on this blog. I ummed and ahhed and thought about just what kind of low carb pasta I wanted to make, and I ended up deciding on lasagna sheets. Sauces with a cream base are low carb to start with and we can make some amazing low carb dishes with this. And no I don’t mean the mealy, barely edible bread you think of when you think of low carb bread. By experimenting in the kitchen and openly sharing my meals, I learned that healthy eating is hardly boring and that by making a few adjustments, I could design a diet that could help me achieve my personal fitness goals.
It’s all about everyday people—no matter the fitness level or athletic ability—aiming to live the best life possible through fitness and healthy eating. Dreamfields clinical testing is conducted at an independent laboratory that complies with FDA guidelines.
Dreamfields also contains twice the fiber of regular pasta, including a special fiber called Inulin that has been shown scientifically to promote digestive health and support a healthy immune system, while enhancing calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth.
Unlike normal starch, Inulin is not digested by the body, but is used as preferred food (dietary fiber) by a select group of health-promoting bacteria called lactic-acid producing bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli); the same bacteria as those found as active cultures in many yogurts and fermented dairy products. And this recipe--aside from the fact that I'm a pasta nut--sounds perfectly suited for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations. However if you are looking for a very quick and easy low carb sauce, the Dixie Carb Counters Carbonara Sauce Mix and the Dixie Carb Counters Cheddar n Cheese Sauce Mix provide a solution for this. These bacteria grow and produce fermentation products to help support a healthy immune system, modulate glucose and lipid metabolism in the liver, help improve calcium absorption, and help keep the colon functioning properly for recycling of water and electrolytes. It rises, it smells like bread, it has crust like bread and of course, it has the taste of yeasty fluffy bread.
Cook, uncovered, until mixture has reduced to desired consistency, approximately 20-25 minutes. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring frequently.Remove from the heat and, using an immersion blender, blend the sauce until it issmooth. In 2010 she was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, which led her to follow a Paleo diet that is higher in fat and lower in carbs.

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