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Blogging and social media have been an important component to my weight loss success since gastric bypass surgery. When I decided to have bariatric surgery, I was already a well-established blogger, with a blog focused on pop culture, travel, family, and personal memoir. While a Facebook fan page isn’t a good fit for every weight loss surgery patient, it can be a great way to connect with other WLS patients (and people who have an interest in bariatric surgery in general). Learn priceless tips on how to amplify the use of social media to help you make lasting connections during and after your conference experience. I tried to connect with the other BBGC ladies throughout my travels, but I couldn’t find anyone who had an empty bed in their room. When we got back to the hotel, we went to the clothing exchange in one of the conference rooms. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful group of ladies (and a few token gents). In this presentation, I reviewed my history in blogging and social media, and why I chose to start a new blog to document my weight loss surgery experience at Beauty and the Bypass. Although I did talk about my health, I didn’t feel like my whole gastric bypass experience was a good fit for Cute Culture Chick. Last year, I attended the ObesityHelp event in Atlanta, and I feel honored that I was selected to speak at this year’s event. Nicole will talk about Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and food and fitness tracking systems. Even though I’m not active in the Obesity Help support forums, I was happy that they were hosting an event. I had my hotel room at the Hilton booked for Friday and Saturday night, but I ended up getting out on Thursday.
I found an inexpensive (aka ghetto) hotel that was a few blocks from the Hilton, which was convenient for our breakfast plans in the morning. Some were panel discussions, others were intensive courses about everything from plastic surgery to diet plans. We sat with each other in classes, ate our meals together, chatted over drinks, and bonded like sisters. It was so fun to see the men and women in the fashion show who have had success and have gained confidence. There were some great vitamin, protein, and weight loss surgery-friendly products for sale. My presentation was on how I’ve used my blog and social media for weight loss support, outreach and accountability.

So I decided to make a new blog to document my surgery, and that is how Beauty and the Bypass was born.
Discover strategies that will help you connect with others on your journey for support, outreach and accountability.
Tickets are very affordable at $75, and include two days of education, entertainment, food, and fun.
A lot of my friends from Bariatric Bad Girls Club were attending, which was enough motivation I needed to buy a ticket. Between what I got in the exchange, and from Robin from BBGC, my suitcase was totally full when I came home. Beth (aka Melting Mama) is the fearless leader of the BBGC, and was on the best panel discussion that I attended. Although I connected with almost all of the BBGC’s in Atlanta, the Fab Four is the best thing that came out of the conference for me. I skipped on the fizzy tablet that turns into vitamin jello, but I did buy my first Slimpressions.
But when you're working with an obese individual, normal routines that you prescribe might not work. I’ve been asked by several people to give an overview of my session for those who were not able to attend, and for those who want additional information and resources. It was a lot easier to come up with content back when I was in the rapid weight loss phase, but I still find topics that are relevant to the WLS community, as well as my personal journey. You’ll walk away with a list of actionable tips that you can put to work right away at the Conference and for the long haul of your journey. The support and outreach I felt so confident with in the first year of my weight loss experience has waned in the last 6 months (due to some health problems I plan to address in a post in the near future). I missed the direct flight to Atlanta by about 5 minutes because the stupid security line at SLC was longer than I’d ever seen it. I was flagged down by a bunch of friendly people thinking I was mistakenly trying to walk to the Atlanta airport (which is close, but not within walking distance). She is excellent at bringing up difficult topics and discussing the hard realities of life after weight loss surgery. We talk daily over a group instant messenger, and discuss food, clothes, relationships, non-scale victories, and our inappropriate senses of humor. For example, your client might not verbally say they don't like an exercise, or that it's creating pain in a bad way, so pay attention to their facial responses, how they perform the exercise, and if they maintain proper form throughout the exercise.
I am more active on my Cute Culture Chick blog and social media accounts, but I find ways to balance both personas.

Rather than waiting 5 hours for the next direct flight, I connected in Tulsa, and got to Atlanta Thursday evening.
A lot of people don’t realize that weight loss surgery makes you more prone to alcoholism. Because it was in October, some people went with pretty dresses and masks, others went in Halloween costumes. We rely on each other when times are tough, answer questions that we may have been misinformed on, and get our daily vitamin reminders from Toni. Paying extra close attention to body language is important, especially with clients who choose to communicate less vocally. Connecting over social media has given me an important link to the weight loss world while I had to take a break from blogging. I met quite a few of the BBGCs briefly in May when I stopped by the WLSFA meet and greet on my way down to Cali for a wedding, but I didn’t get to bond with many people. The discussions that happened about transfer addictions at the conference were very enlightening. After spending adequate time with my ladies in Atlanta, I can’t imagine my daily life without their support and humor. To find out what appropriate incentives will work for your client, make a note of what exercises they enjoy, their barriers to exercise or fitness, and a list of their personal goals. There is a lot of love in BBGC…just ask Carla who gave the most epic kiss of the weekend. For example, if one of their desires is to work out with their family, consider allowing your client to invite a family member to join a training session (free of charge), after the client reaches a specific weight goal. Another example of an incentive tied to a specific goal is allowing them to choose an exercise to eliminate from the workout routine and substitute it with an exercise move of their choice. By using this incentive for a future workout, you'll also keep your client looking forward to achieving their goal. Teach them about different muscles they are working out, and how to combine muscle groups in one exercise session to achieve a more rounded workout. Teach them about utilizing different types of cardio routines or different ways to workout.

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