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This quote was a first clue, but I couldn't understand it at the time, and even if I had, my shoulder blades seemed impossible to control, like wiggling one's ears. It was later that I realized why a couple months of working hard at this exercise had stopped my neck from spasming every time I used my arms. If very tight and short, the pectoralis minor may need to be stretched first to allow the shoulder blades to tilt back up. At first, maintaining good posture is difficult because muscles that have been weakened by years of poor posture will fatigue easily, especially when antagonistic muscles are too tight. An exception to use of part one of Fix the Shoulder Blades Exercise is a condition called Depressed or Droopy Shoulders Syndrome that is often present in women with low set, steeply sloping shoulders and long necks. A more detailed look at Fix the Shoulder Blades Exercise: It helps to think of the shoulder blades as two rigid, triangular, curved plates lying on and fitting the contour of the posterior rib cage. And #2—to pull the shoulder blades closer together (only needed if they are usually held more than 4 inches apart in one's usual posture). Shoulder is the area that has the most number of unstable joints and there are countless factors that cause pain between shoulder blades.
Cervical pain is the pain radiating between the shoulder blades can occur due to many reasons. If there is intense pain on the posterior side of the shoulder blades, it can be due to underlying health problems in the organs.
If there is intense pain in the left shoulder blade, then it may be due to scapula fracture.
If any joint connecting the spine to the ribs become non-functional, it can cause serious upper back pain. In case the bones of upper back or lower back get enlarged due to some reason, it causes skeletal irregularity.
Quite often a patient would come into the Chiropractic clinic and tell me they have an upper back discomfort that is causing a pain between their shoulder blades. The patient will then usually want to show me the area where their dull ache or stabbing pain is by touching my own thoracic spine. This type of patient will usually say that what they are experiencing in their upper back region can be described as: a burning ache, stabbing or a sharp pain between shoulder blades. Today you are going to learn a lot about the symptoms of middle to upper back pain, common and serious causes for pain between shoulder blades and treatment tips for getting relief from aches and pain in-between the shoulder blades in your back today. The area of the upper back (spine) between the two shoulder blades is called the thoracic spine. Looking at the picture on the right you will see from Gray’s Anatomy a drawing of the mid-back, upper-back and the surrounding back muscles. I hope this anatomical picture helps you visualise your mid-back and upper-back structure better. As I mentioned earlier there are many times a person will come into see a chiropractor for treatment because of this pain in-between the shoulder blades and spine that they cannot get rid of.
Do some of these symptoms sound familiar to you at all? These are just some of the typical things I might hear people say about a problem in their muscles, joints or nerves of the thoracic spine.
Of course once your told your chiropractor your symptoms you’ll want to know what causes this shoulder blade pain. Below are some of the normal mechanical causes and then the more serious causes of thoracic pain.
The spinal joints (facets) can, like the ribs, move abnormally causing a pain in the middle of the spine. You can watch the video below of a chiropractor performing a basic mechanical assessment of the middle and upper thoracic spine. As you may have read above there are times severe back pain can be coming from a more serious cause. You could try using a chair or hand-held massager machine to try relax any muscular tension between the shoulders. The cat stretch is when you slowly try round your shoulders as much as you can whilst pushing your spine backwards to get a stretch between the shoulder blade muscles.
Sometimes having poor posture for too long causes our muscle knots and irritated rib or spinal joints. Hey Maggie, there are lots of people reading this who could probably relate to what you are going through.
All of the things mentioned in the Symptoms is stuff I have but I have suffered for years even after visits to the chiropractor and heat therapy, stretching and massage There must be a more permanent cure. Hi, ive suffered with left side chest, umder arm and shoulder blade pain for about 3 years its that bad i cry at nite at times doctor’s said frozen shoulder, costercondritis, muscle strain etc. Woke up on Sunday fine, it since then am struggling to move, pain seems to only be there when I move, feels like whole half of my middle back is falling into my bottom, what could be problem . Hi Medo, if I were you I would first be considering a peptic or duodenal ulcer being a cause of the symptoms. Now I am having another problem, that my chest is killing me when too, I wake up with pain like my ribs are squeezing my chest and the muscles around them are so stiff and tight. A simple answer might be with an upset stomach episode if you were vomiting lots you could be sore from that, but it shouldn’t last long if that is the case.
It just feels like there is some kind of spinal cord irratation, that gets sorer the longer it goes on. On average, i get asked that around 5 times a day, now, I can refer this article to them beforehand, perhaps on the phone.
A correction strategy is to have the patient move the coracoid upward and the acromion backwards [which simply means to rotate or tilt the shoulder blade upward so it's more vertical and lies flat on the back.
It strengthened the muscles that anchor the shoulder blades to the thoracic spine, thus insuring that the weight of the arms and the forces generated by the arms in weight-bearing exercise would be transferred to the sturdier spinal column of the back, rather than hanging off the more delicate cervical spine of the neck.

Do not do part one, the pull down, of Fix the Shoulder Blades exercise because pain and nerve impingement may result. Similarly, those of us with poor shoulder blade position and function need to be able to see our backs to figure out how to correct the problem. Check slope of collarbones - depressed or horizontal collarbones indicate that the shoulder blades are already set too low in back. The effort should be felt in the mid to lower back, where muscles from below — the lower trapezius and perhaps lower fibers of serratus anterior (see last illustration below) contract and pull down on the shoulder blades. Evan Osar recommends the following: Stand in front of a door or wall, place forearms against the surface (a wall plank position) thereby stabilizing scapula in a slight upwardly rotated position (more vertical).
Effort should come from between the shoulder blades, not from moving or twisting arms or hands. When I first started, I'd do one set of 5 or 6 repetitions in the morning and one set at night both times in front of the mirror; I'd hold each rep about 5 seconds.
An over-stretched upper trapezius causes depressed shoulders, which is a potential source of neck pain. It takes weeks or months to add sarcomere units to lengthen a short, tight muscle that's been that way for years.
Posture correction, in itself, is legitimate exercise that pays off by toning and strengthening postural stabilizing muscles, and in time, posture correction will feel more natural and becomes progressively easier. Pain may develop on the facet joint area of the cervical spine, involving the muscles also. Initially it is the muscle that triggers the pain and it can be one of the back muscles or front muscles. This is termed as visceral pain and any abnormality in your heart, lungs, liver, spleen, stomach and gall bladder may induce pain here. Motor vehicle accident and sudden fall may cause fracture in scapula along with rib fracture and concussions. Here the pain will originate in the left shoulder spreading to the tissues and surrounding ribs. The main cause is frequent change in posture may tighten the muscles causing irritation and swelling. It may cause sharp deep pain in the left shoulder followed by other signs like breathlessness, fatigue, cold sweat, nausea and dizziness. Most people can’t reach the painful area on their own backs so they need to help me to know exactly where it is hurting.
I easily find a common problem in these thoracic muscle trigger points in one of the upper back muscles, especially the levator scapulae.
Mechanical neck pain can also be a cause of pain near the shoulder blade and top of the shoulders. If you are stressed out and immune system run down the typically dormant, herpes zoster virus, can become active.
Using a microwaveable wheat bag, hot water bottle or a warm moist towel apply the heat to the painful muscle to try relax the muscle knot.
If you have been doing lots of sitting with desk work or computer work then try go do some gentle exercise to see if it can help stimulate your spinal posture.
The above self-treatment list for upper back pain is not meant to be exhaustive, but it is something very simple for you to try if you wish. Thoracic spine pain in the general population: prevalence, incidence and associated factors in children, adolescents and adults. There can be lots of different inflammatory markers in the blood which means maybe the common ones show up as normal in you, but there might be others that aren’t. I feel like I’ve gone from a woman who was pretty well healthy all the time to feeling like an old woman. The pain is down the right side of my neck under right shoulder blade and under right arm across my right side of my chest. It could be postural fatigue syndrome like upper crossed syndrome originally discussed by Dr Janda. Perhaps, a bit off topic but what’s your viewpoint on the relationship between rest and weight loss?
This is a highly informative article Gary and will help a huge amount of people and save chiropractors a lot of time. The weight of the arms transfers entirely to the shoulder blade, which houses the shoulder joint.
Most of us, in our whole lives, have rarely see our backs and have no mind map of what the structures look like or how they move. The pinching together of shoulder blades helps strengthen the rhomboids, while lifting the shoulders activates and shortens the upper trapezius. During the day, I'd do the exercise without mirrors, and whenever correcting whole body posture. It is responsible for pulling on and tilting the top of the shoulder blade down, toward the front of the body. The Unilateral Corner Stretch is reported to yield the best pec minor stretch, but there is a risk that the anterior shoulder capsule will be over-stretched. Ultimately the goal in postural correction is to increase muscle tone in the muscles needed to maintain that correction and decrease muscle tone in muscles that oppose it.
Shoulder pain should be approached carefully along with symptoms and underlying medical condition.
Pancoast tumor will be often malignant (non cancerous) growing into a big mass disturbing the chest wall and shoulder nerves.

This is the time when you want people to rub your shoulders or you try to get something hard like a golf ball or tennis ball to push into your back. A cervical spinal nerve refers pain away from the neck commonly down the inside of the shoulder blade and outer arm. The herpes zoster virus lays dormant in our spinal nerves near the ribs waiting to attack when we are down. Heart attack symptoms are of suddenly break out into a sweat, go pale, feel nausea, pain down the left arm and around the shoulder blade and a tight closing in chest pain.
You could also see a massage therapist for a deep tissue massage for chronic tension in the upper back and neck. I love these exercises as you can do it now at home to reset your thoracic kyphosis spinal curve. Emotional or mental stress can increase our muscle tone leaving us with tight tense muscles running into the neck,top of the shoulders and upper back. If you are feeling like you are getting nowhere with your GP as to what the cause is you can either try another GP for a second opinion or see a local chiropractor to have your daughter assessed to get a plan of action in place. So best to speak with a GP about your stomach referring the pain between your shoulders and let them do a physical exam on you to get it sorted.
I’ve tried many things, changed my bed and slept on the ground, stretched my back etc. Your doctor can review your personal health situation to see should you be on medication, if you are are you on the best ones at the correct dosage needed, could you try lifestyle changes to change inflammation in your blood tests maybe as a natural anti-inflammatory etc… I hope you get help managing your health soon to give you relief.
At the shoulder joint, the upper arm bone (the humerus) inserts into the glenoid cavity of the shoulder blade. Both the rhomboids and upper trapezius are over-stretched when shoulder blades are depressed, and the lower trapezius is too short and tight. The results should be that the kephotic curve of the thoracic spine flattens (if flexible), and the neck and head come back into line with the spinal column.) Very importantly, the movement takes place in back and not directly on top of the shoulders.
And by doing so, develop balanced posture that we don't have to continually think about to maintain. Shoulder is the site for many types of problems in human beings since they are subjected to stress at the most.
If the pain can be managed through over the counter pain killers, then you need not visit your doctor. I think this is because of our seated posture when we tend to slump our shoulders through this area.
These are involved with the widespread body pain which might be one avenue to consider if you haven’t already. Especially my back but shoulders neck and muscles when I stand up I hobble and limo around and feel like i have to unfold myself to get moving. A good blood test to consider with stomach ulcers is to test for something called Helicobacter pylori. The pain hurts my stomach gives me IBS and bladder problems, hip buttock arm chest pain etc. Time for a hot bath, some gentle streches, then i’ll show the misses the video and she can give me a back rub for a change. There are people who may be able to learn this exercise without mirrors but for those of us with poor body awareness, mirrors are necessary. Doing a high shrug with shoulders up as high as they will go, also stretches the lower trapezius and helps the shoulder blades rise higher.
Currently, with my neck pain resolved, I may do one rep a day in the course of correcting my posture, especially when sitting. But if there are other symptoms accompanied with shoulder pain, then you should not delay to visit the clinic. Here is a picture of some thoracic trigger points in the neck,scapula and thoracic muscles. From a manual medicine point of view I would be looking at the dynamic neuromuscular stabilization exercises (DNS) and maybe even Vojta therapy. I absolutely needed them; the touch of the physical therapist guiding me through the shoulder blade pull-down exercise was not enough, neither was someone telling me what my shoulder blades were doing. But now although I have had the physical therapy, exersice massage etc… the pain seems always present although it is a bearable pain but it really affects my everyday activities. It really worsen when I sleep, after 5-6 I will wake up in total pain that I can’t move and have to sit for a while so the pain ease and I can get back to sleep again, then the same thing happens. There are UK chiro’s trained in DNS which also uses the Vojta reflex locomotion points.
Best i can describe it is i feel like the day after some heavy physical activity all the time now. Part 2, Pinch the Shoulder Blades is still useful for depressed shoulders if the shoulder blades with arms at sides are held more than 5 inches apart. However, if you have the common problem of *Upper Trapezius Dominant with weak lower trapezius, upward sloping collar bones, and shoulder blades that ride too high on the back and tilt forward to to the front of body, then Olderman's book won't help as much.

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