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This page will focus mainly on the GH joint, but just keep in mind that when you move your shoulder, all four joints move in conjunction with one another. The humerus fits loosely into an area of the scapula (shoulder blade) called the glenoid cavity. Flexion (think arm straight out in front of you): anterior deltoid, biceps and serratus anterior. Extension (think arm straight out behind you): posterior deltoid, triceps and lattissimus dorsi.
Adduction (think arm moving straight in to your side): latissimus dorsi, subscapularis and teres major. External rotation (think palm rotating in so thumb faces your thigh): infraspinatus and teres minor.
Internal rotation (think palm rotating out so thumb faces out): subscapularis, lattissimus dorsi and teres major.

Note: Shoulder internal and external rotation can also be performed with the elbow at 90 degress of flexion and with the upper arm either against the body or abducted away at 90 degrees. This is, in fact, the portal to godhood, through the woman, which the angels saught after in Genesis 6.
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This one man three women theme reminds me of the vision of Mohammed in which he saw Allah, with three daughter gods. The commercial slows again, showing us the last moments of the battle between good and evil. The glenoid  cavity is lined with soft tissue called the labrum, which helps to support and protect the joint. Take note that a lot of the muscles that help move the shoulder also connect to the neck as well.

Internal rotation would be demonstrated by moving the palm in towards the body (arm at side) or by moving palm down towards the ground (arm abducted to 90 degrees). The glenoid cavity is relatively small when compared to the head of the humerus, which is another reason why the joint can be so mobile.
So if you find yourself having neck pain, it could be tied to tightness in the shoulders, and vice versa.
Remember, the body is a system of systems where problems frequently manifest themselves away from the real source of trouble.

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