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If you are serious about learning to play the guitar you need to learn chord theory in order to improve your skill level.
You should be able to hear a chord and quickly recognize whether it’s a minor, major, or dominant chord.
To find the second note of a major chord which is the the third, you just go up 4 half steps from the root. To find the root in a minor chord is the same as in a major chord, it’s always the chords name.
Listen to tones and learn to recognize chords by their sound, then practice with songs you hear and like. A chord is known as a group of 3 or more notes and all music is composed using chords and scales.

If you aren’t familiar with major scales yet keep the following in mind to find your chords notes. Next, you’ll need to go up 3 half steps from the root to arrive at the 2nd note the minor third.
Our band leads the congregation in singing modern praise and Scripture songs, hymns recast to new music and traditional hymns. Although there are a number of different chords there are four main categories of chords you need to know.
Each of these 4 chords have a different sound so you’ll need to be able to tell the difference between these 4 basic chords just by listening to them.
It’s important to get familiar with major chords because just about every song ever written on an acoustic or electric guitar contains major chords.

Now to find the final note the perfect fifth, you’ll just go up 4 half steps from the minor third. Instead your minor chord will have a root, minor third, and a perfect fifth, which is also known as a minor triad. If you like classical music, get a classical guitar which is an acoustic guitar but with nylon strings. Ruling Elder Dan Hudson is our worship leader and Bekah Tuggy is the assistant worship leader.

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