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Terry signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2007 and was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling. On the April 30, 2009 edition of TNA Impact!, Terry made his Total Nonstop Action Wrestling debut as a member of the newly formed stable known as The British Invasion alongside Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus. Terry faced Hernandez at Hard Justice for the "Feast or Fired" briefcase, but lost in nine seconds.[13] This initiated a story in which Terry fell out of favour with his allies. On October 18, 2009, at Bound for Glory Magnus and Williams took part in a four way Full Metal Mayhem match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship and the IWGP Tag Team Championship.
At Final Resolution Terry and the rest of World Elite, with the exception of Magnus and Williams, took part in the "Feast or Fired" match.
On January 27, 2010, Terry defeated Eric Young at a house show in Cardiff, Wales, to win the TNA Global Championship.[7][18] Terry's win also made him the first Welshman to hold a championship in a major wrestling organization.[7] On the following night's edition of Impact!
On December 6, 2011, it was reported that Terry had been sent to TNA's new developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.[66] On January 18, 2012, Terry made his debut in OVW as a member of the heel stable The Mascagni Family by attacking Jason Wayne during his OVW Heavyweight Championship match with Rudy Switchblade, thereby disqualifying Switchblade and letting him retain his title. On 09 August 2014, Terry made his debut for Britannia Wrestling Promotions where Terry defeated Babyfaced Pitbull to win the PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship in Prestatyn, Wales, UK. The only Hercules I remember are:- Steve Reeves- Lou Ferrigno- Arnold SchwarzeneggerOh yeah, and that Kevin Sorbo guy. As you all know, I'm a terribly racist and prejudice person so all my Hercules-wanna-bes were white.But the old movie fans know that Hercules often had a really built black hottie as his nemesis.
Man I used to use up towels, dirty t-shirts, paper towels in my dorm room after watching Kevin Sorbo when he was in the TV version and taking care of my own business as the result of his hotness. He is best known for working in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the ring names Rob Terry and The Freak.[4][8] He also worked TNA's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he is a former two-time Heavyweight Champion and a one-time Southern Tag Team and Television Champion. On November 10, Terry, under the ring name Big Rob, debuted as Nick Nemeth's bodyguard and accompanied Nemeth to the ring for his matches.
Their first act was to attack Hernandez, thus writing him out of storylines until he recovered from a legitimate injury.[11] They claimed Hernandez' "Feast or Fired" briefcase, awarding it to Terry.

Terry would make a series of mistakes, or would fall victim to a team mates' mistake, and cost the Main Event Mafia or World Elite a match. While the British Invasion lost the IWGP titles to Team 3D, they won the TNA titles from the Main Event Mafia (represented by Scott Steiner and Booker T), when Terry interfered in the match.[14] As a result of this match, a feud between Beer Money, Inc. Young claimed that their aim was to prevent Beer Money from earning another match for British Invasion's TNA World Tag Team Championship. On January 12, 2013, Terry took part in Joker's Wild (which aired May 3, 2013), teaming with Matt Morgan in a first round victory over Joey Ryan and Al Snow.
After the match ended, an irate and spent Jason Wayne reentered the ring and called out Terry for interfering in his match. Before signing with TNA, he was under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and competed in the company's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. This implied that Terry could demand a match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at any time within the remainder of the calendar year, but no formal announcement was made. Initially, World Elite defended their team member and broke their alliance with Main Event Mafia, which dissolved soon thereafter. Terry, Williams and Magnus faced Chris Sabin in a handicap match, but still lost very quickly, when Sabin pinned Terry.
Terry finally grew tired of Magnus' abuse and attacked him, thus ending his alliance with the British Invasion and turning face.[20] On the February 25 edition of Impact! Later in the night during the main event $100,000 dollar battle royal, Terry entered 11 of 12 but was eliminated by Matt Morgan 8th of 11.
What people remember most is the child like wonder Hercules had while slaughtering his own children. Since I came over and when I started with the WWE and I was in the development system with those guys. Since then, Terry had played a minor role, usually performing run-ins on behalf of his team mates.

Terry assumed that if World Elite claimed all four briefcases, then it would be impossible for James Storm and Robert Roode to win a title match.
Eric Young mistakenly hit Terry with a title belt on the November 5, 2009 episode of TNA Impact!.
But when Terry grabbed a briefcase, Young, Kiyoshi and Homicide reacted as if Terry had betrayed the team.
One week later, Terry tried to interfere in a match, but accidentally caused World Elite to lose. At Impact Wrestling, they were great, they did my Visa all the time but never the green card and residency and citizenship and so on and so forth. Terry joined Team Hogan and teamed with Abyss, Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe to defeat Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe, Robert Roode and James Storm) in an eight man tag team match.[26] During this time, Terry was being billed as a unstoppable monster and was asked to take a unprotected chair shot to the head during a match with Homicide.
Several wrestling news outlets reported on the shot, which caused Terry to legitimately bleed heavily.
The wrestling observer online called the shot "Completely disgusting and unnecessary." Later, he start a feud with the newcomer Orlando Jordan. After weeks of stalking Terry, Jordan debuted his new interview segment, O-Zone, on the May 3 edition of Impact!, during which he attacked Terry.[27] On the next edition of Impact!
On July 13 at the tapings of the July 22 edition of Impact!, Terry lost the Global Championship to A.J. Maybe they don’t know wrestling or professional wrestling like we would but one of the names that they would know would obviously be Hulk Hogan.

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