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This has arguably been the best season of The Walking Dead -- really, there hasn't been a year of the AMC show with so much movement and action. Counting down to this week's 90-minute finale of The Walking Dead will be filled with anxious anticipation.
Also, Norman Reedus is the scheduled guest on The Talking Dead, which is a dead giveaway that he's zombie bait.
Carol seemed comfortable in Alexandria meaning she knew how to -- like she said -- "make herself invisible." She should be safe into Season 6, although, in the preview for the finale she makes herself more visible by threatening Jessie's wife-beating doctor husband Pete, PLUS, Melissa McBride was just announced as a guest on The Talking Dead. After losing her father and her sister, and with Glenn still around, I think Maggie has a bright future, and it's no coincidence Deanna is grooming her to be a politico.
New York, NY, October 2, 2013 – As Spike TV furthers its mission to target a broader audience, the network has greenlit its first-ever food-related series.  America is hungry for the next great food sensation and superstar executive chef Josh Capon eats his way across the country to find the best “Frankenfood,” revolutionary creations that mix outrageous and unexpected ingredients in delicious and unique flavors. Each episode of “Frankenfood” features local amateur food innovators competing head-to-head in order to get their unexpected food concoctions onto the menu of a popular local restaurant, win a $10,000 cash grand prize and possibly create the next big food craze.  Viewers will be taken back into the kitchen with these budding culinary artists to see how they whip up their inventive food combinations and find out the inspiration behind these dishes. Spike TV has ordered 10 half-hour episodes of “Frankenfood.”  The series is produced by Sharp Entertainment  with Bob Larson and Matt Sharp serving as executive producers and goes into production Fall 2013 and will premiere in Spring 2014. Josh Capon is the seasoned executive chef and partner behind Lure Fishbar, B&B Winepub and El Toro Blanco in New York City. Sharon Levy is Spike TV’s Executive Vice President, Original Series, Chris Rantamaki is Spike TV’s Senior Vice President, Original Series and Jeff Savaiano serves as the network’s Executive in Charge of Production.
In a reunion of sorts, the plot-packed 90-minute Season 5 ender of the series based on the comics from EP Robert Kirkman also had the hovering Morgan finally meeting face to face with the survivors and his old pal Grimes. DEADLINE: In a letter read out on aftershow The Talking Dead last night, showrunner Scott Gimple teased Season 6 a bit.
DEADLINE: That short promo for Fear The Walking Dead that played last night during the Season 5 finale showed a seemingly unaware Los Angeles in the opening stages of a virus that we know will become the zombie apocalypse. DEADLINE: Last year at Comic-Con, you said Season 5 would find the survivors in a more suburban environment that usual. DEADLINE: The return of Morgan has been a building theme all season since he was introduced after the credits in Episode 1 back in October.
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Just to have our "crew" finally out of Georgia and in the Alexandria safe zone has been a joy to watch.
It will also be filled with one other unfortunate thing: death, and most likely the death of a major character.
Sure, he's getting dark, and on edge, and he's in trouble and may face exile from Alexandria. It's hard to imagine that either Carol or Daryl doesn't die in the finale with both of them on the talk show after -- at least one of them will bite the dust. Ranging from old family recipes to hangover remedies, “Frankenfood” will bring to light some of the most mouth-watering and sometimes stomach churning combinations ever conceived.    It’s up to Capon, series judge and Cheesesteak impresario Tony Luke Jr. The Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead saw Rick Grimes taking firm control of the suburban Alexandria Safe Zone after the Andrew Lincoln-played character was almost sent into exile.

Still, the busy and always circumspect executive producer of both shows today gave me a couple of glimpses into what TWD fans can perhaps expect next season and Fear‘s impact on her hometown of Los Angeles.
As an LA native and a Hollywood veteran, is the Fear spinoff a bit of revenge on your town?HURD: (Laughs) As a fourth-generation Angeleno, I certainly like to see it depicted how my friends, family and colleagues would survive. We also saw the introduction of the first openly gay male character with the Safe Zone’s Aaron.
They also seem to be another one of those occasions when the comic series and the TV series are different. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
Supernatural was by no means a huge hit during its inaugural season, and it remains a minor miracle that the show even survived the initial mass blood-letting that took place when UPN and The WB merged into The CW in 2006.
It's 634 miles from Atlanta to Alexandria, or a 10-hour drive, and that's with no zombie herd traffic.
Rick will probably kill in the finale, but as far as him getting axed: It would be a real surprise.
Of course a lot of the Alexandria characters are extremely vulnerable also and some of them we care about: Aaron and Jesssie and Deanna and her husband.
After graduating in 1994, Capon accepted an offer from Palmer to assist in the opening of The Lenox Room. Tony Luke’s has been praised by Gourmet magazine, The New York Times, GQ and is included in Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly” Hall of Fame. Dispensing with the niceties in a record-breaking ratings season that saw a number of the core group meet their final fates, Grimes also shot dead the abusive surgeon Pete, who had just killed ex-Safe Zone leader Deanna’s architect husband Reg. Now we get an opportunity to see with a very different type of group than the type we encountered in Atlanta on The Walking Dead. Wilma Mankiller such an important figure not only in her own Cherokee community but she was also a recipient of the Presidential Media of Freedom by President Clinton.
Still, survive Supernatural did, amassing an ever-devoted tribe of followers that seems to grow every single year.With Supernatural preparing to cross the monumental 200th episode mark this fall, the series’ cast and crew recently sat down to take questions about the upcoming tenth season during a TCA press event.
Remember, this season started at Terminus and then moved for a few episodes to the hospital in Atlanta (where we lost Beth).
His character arc hasn't reached a proper ending, which as the star of the show, he deserves. Hopefully someone will save her -- hopefully the girls in the show: Sasha needs some girl power love right now or she's dead-meat. From there, he went on to work for David Burke at the Park Avenue Cafe, where he was offered an exchange opportunity to work in Europe.
Oh, and there was a sneak peek at the upcoming and newly entitled Fear The Walking Dead series, coming this summer. Here are some of the highlights.–Episode 200First off, showrunner Jeremy Carver made the announcement that the aforementioned 200th episode of Supernatural will be a musical.
No matter what, congratulations to the entire cast and crew of The Walking Dead for another amazing season.

He spent the next year honing his cooking skills in several different restaurants throughout France, Italy, Germany and Spain before returning to the US and building his own culinary empire. And of course a huge thank you to all the fans who have embraced the show and convinced their friends and family to give it a try. Now that these characters know that they have what it takes to survive, what are they going to do with that power? Although that dude Nicholas has the mystery gun, and in his mind if anyone's name has a bullet on it, it's Glenn's.
We’ve also seen how some things stay the same, in terms of the love between Glenn and Maggie. Carver says the episode will not be entirely music-based, and stopped short of confirming whether Sam and Dean will actually sing.
Secondly, has their arrival in Alexandria changed things forever within Alexandria in both a positive sense in terms of Rick saving them from the walkers that have now entered, as well as ending in bloodshed.
Beyond answering those questions, we are currently putting into motion some of our most ambitious stuff yet and things are going to get very big loud and scary.” OK, what can we expect?
However, he did confirm that multiple musical numbers will take place during the episode, including both cover songs and original material.
The actual plot is still being kept under wraps, but Carver insists that the episode will be one of their most meta comedies yet, and will serve as a love letter to the fans. It’s hard to imagine how one gets more meta than season six’s The French Mistake, but if any show can do it, it’s Supernatural.Demon DeanOn more serious topics, Carver confirmed that Dean’s big metamorphosis into a demon at the end of season nine will not be a storyline that gets wrapped up quickly. We are facing a world that is overrun with Walkers, we’ve seen that Alexandria can be breached, it is not longer the safe zone it was.
A good chunk of episodes will feature “demon Dean”, and a new character will be introduced that takes a vested interest in Dean’s future.
All of that will come to bear on our core characters but now the citizens of Alexandria as well.
Sam will spend the early part of the season searching for his brother (who presumably takes off with Crowley), while Castiel will have his hands full picking up the pieces left behind by Metatron’s aborted plot to take over heaven. The latter task won’t be easy, as Cas’ supply of angelic grace continues to dwindle.SpinoffsOne of the most widely disliked aspects of season nine was the ill-conceived spin-off episode Bloodlines, which seemed a lot more like Twilight in Chicago than anything related to the Supernatural universe we’ve come to know. Sadly (or happily, if you’re one of the few who like the idea), CW president Mark Pedowitz is still set on making a Supernatural spin-off work, despite his decision to not pick up Bloodlines to series. Pedowitz says that the impetus is now on Supernatural’s producers to come up with another idea good enough to be worth taking a shot at.Series FinaleFinally, the questioning arrived at the all-important issue of just when Supernatural will end, and whether the endgame is already planned out. Carver made mention of the well-known fact that Eric Kripke had an ending in mind for around the five season mark, which was obviously changed when the series ended up continuing.

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