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The cervical vertebrae are irritated when the muscles in the neck become tightened and strained.
Both the shoulders and neck work together and use the same muscles and so any tension occurring in the shoulders will be tied to the pain and tension in the neck.
Neck pain can occur during sleep especially when we are positioned improperly for extended periods of time. The cervical vertebrae can become twisted or compressed which in turn places strain and irritation on the nerve roots causing a radiating pain that runs down the arm, up to the head or moves up to the upper back.

The following massage points have proven highly effective in relieving shoulder and associated neck tension. They have the ability to release tension from the upper region of the shoulder into the neck when massaged. These points include the scaleness muscle which connects to the splenius cervicis and cervical vertebrae. Once this is accomplished the muscle can reform, laying down healthy parallel fibers, correcting the problem, relieving the pain and muscle tension.

Shasta, Northern California,  you will receive ART to address your muscle pain and tension and learn how to help yourself at home with some easy Active Isolated Stretching techniques.

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