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Free 7 days Course Teaching you the True Fundamentals to become insanely strong, lean and freakishly mobile for life! Shoulder workout is very important nowadays with a lot of people doing it regularly and also putting a lot of effort in it. Standing dumbbell fly is a good exercise of a shoulder workout routine in which you have to stand straight and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands and then move them up till some distance in such a way that your body forms the shape of an upside down V.
Face pull is also another good workout for the shoulders in which you have to attach a rope handle from the top pulley of the cable station and then pull each end of it in such a way that your palms are facing each other and then slowly move back to put more pressure on the cables.
High pull is also very useful shoulder workout routine in which the bar is held at double shoulder level just above the knees on the thigh.
Band lateral raise can be done by stepping on one end of the bands and by pulling the bands associated with the opposite legs such that they form an X shape. Band front raise is same as band lateral raise but here the arms will rise in front of the body and the bands will be of same foot.

Suspension trainer pike pushup is a shoulder workout routine in which the feet are suspended to the suspension trainer attached above at knee height. In the suspension trainer Y-raise, you have to lean back 45-60degrees by holding the trainer and then raise yourself back to vertical position.
Pushup is an excellent workout which can be done to strengthen the shoulders and they are very simple also.
I am also including a video (please don’t judge my awkward self) of my at-home, low-intensity shoulder workout.
So, the shoulder workout routine is very important and as shoulders are a very important part of our body, they are very important. Now extend the hips and then pull the bar up to level of shoulders to let the stress act on them.
You have to sit down on a lower inclined plane with your chest down and with two dumbbells, one in each hand.

Now, let us take a look at the workouts to be performed for a muscular and strong shoulder. Then raise the arms until they are parallel to the ground level and put them such that there is strain on the shoulders.
Then once it passes the knee height you have to jump with momentum and shrug the bar and then catch it at shoulder height.

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