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That’s why this recipe calls for two parts, slow cooking the beans and then finishing the dish with a conventional cooking to add more layers of flavor. Slow cooking the beans is really the best way to go, wether it be on your stove top, or in one of these slow cooking machines I have yet to fall in love with.
Ingredients1 lb small red beans (or red kidney beans) dry 24 ounces stout or porter 4 cups chicken broth 1 hickory smoked ham hock 1 red onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 tsp sriracha 1 tbs olive oil 1 lb raw chicken bratwurst, sliced 1 green pepper, chopped 4 strips bacon, sliced salt and pepper to taste Cooked rice for serving.
I don’t love a lot of slow cooker recipes either, but this one is definitely a keeper, it has LOADS of flavor and everyone that tries it loves it!
Add the smoked sausage, stir well, and continue to cook until sausage is browned and vegetables are tender, about 5-7 minutes. Add the water and red beans along with garlic powder, onion powder, bay leaves, and dried thyme. Before serving, stir in thinly sliced green onions and the desired amounts of salt and black pepper.
If you cannot find pre-chopped trinity in your local grocery store, substitute 2 cups of chopped onions, 1 cup of chopped celery, and 1 cup of chopped bell pepper.
Depending on your beans and your slow cooker, the beans may have more water than you’re used to on the stove. I resisted getting one for years, and then, like the culinary lemming that I can often be, I caved and asked for one for Christmas.

I saw it only as that thing that ruined spare ribs that should rightfully be cooked on the grill.
Much better final result than with canned beans, and I’ll admit, the slow cooker does a great job of babysitting during the long process so you can go about your life.
There’s nothing that makes a cold winter night better than roast over fresh mashed potatoes. I agree so many recipes out there loose their flavor after cooking to nothing for hours on end. My mom made her own slow cooker version with canned large red kidney beans and tomatoes, which had whole beans and a thin broth. Store the cooked vegetable and sausage mixture in an air tight container in the refrigerator then just pick up on Step 4 when you’re ready to add everything to the slow cooker. Sauteing the trinity and the sausage will add a depth of flavor, but it’s not a requirement.
Also, you can make big batches of dried beans in your slow cooker and freeze them to use in the future.
At Southern restaurants and the good ol’ Mississippi State cafeteria (loved that place), I had the thick, creamy version with mostly mashed beans. If you skip over to Step 5, add the raw vegetables and sausage to the slow cooker with everything else.

Mash some of the beans on the side of the slow cooker crock if you prefer a creamier style of beans. Which pretty much rules out entire massive food groups that are known for being cooked in them…I want to get on board, because I love the concept, but mine just takes up space. That recipe is spot on for the cafeteria-style dish I remember, but I wondered if I could make creamy red beans in the slow cooker.As it turns out, you can cook dry beans in the slow cooker without even soaking them, which you can read all about at The Kitchn.
In an effort to make this recipe as simple as possible, I decided to go for it without soaking the beans, which actually worked!I opted to use small red beans, and as wrong as it seemed, I poured the unsoaked guys right into the slow cooker with all the other ingredients. The Kitchn said unsoaked beans would be ready in 5-6 hours on low, but when I checked mine after three hours, they still had a ways to go. I turned the heat up to high for three more hours, and next time I’ll go with eight hours on high or ten hours on low, as is written here. I think the shorter cooking time might be good if you want your beans to be just tender, but I was looking for soft, mashable beans for these slow cooker red beans and rice.Once the beans were soft, I got busy with my potato masher, mashing about half or more. About an hour before serving, use a potato masher to mash at least half of the beans, stir, and cook on high an hour longer.

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