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Shoulder tendinitis, if left untreated can lead to a variety of progressively worse conditions such as frozen shoulder or calcified tendinitis. The absolute worse thing about tendinitis (besides the ongoing pain) is the progressively worse state your injury becomes. This condition becomes progressively worse over time and if left untreated can lead to a frozen shoulder (s), calcified tendons, and eventually an outright tear. After awhile it seems like the pain becomes a way of life and you just have to live with it. The important thing to remember about tendinitis is that it’s not the actual injury or the inflammation that causes the pain but the bodies actual response to the injury. Over time, it gets easier and easier to aggravate the injury and each time you injure yourself, the body sends in fluid and chemicals (the ones that cause pain) to the tendon and surrounding structures. Tendinitis is a nasty cycle that repeats itself over and over until the tendon shrinks to such a point that it either calcifies, freezes up, or tears. My injury stems from my scapula (shoulder blade) but the symptoms show up on the front of my shoulder. The second therapist actually performed a full diagnosis and came to the root cause of the problem.
This is the usual course of treatment for tendinitis and works some of the time but there is one big problem. A doctor may also prescribe a cortisone shot, steroid shot or other anti inflammation medications.
I have to admit, that I’ve done most of these treatments and it was a big hit and miss. If fact, I found one website that actually recommended you apply heat or take a hot shower to improve blood flow to the area to speed up healing.
Most times, the source of the injury isn’t where you think it is because tendons attach to muscles and these muscle connect somewhere else on the body. Massage is a very effective treatment and if done properly can reduce the amount of inflammation and scar tissue associated with tendinitis.
It is critical to use the right information and start addressing the root causes of your injury.
Beware of using web sites as your number one information source because a lot of them have it all wrong when it comes to tendinitis.
I will give you the name and web site of the guy I was talking to and how he changed the way I looked at tendinitis. I know alot of you don't want to hear this, but you have to stop weight training - Immediately. 2) Once you find the root cause of the problem, start applying different methods to reduce the amount of scar tissue and unwanted chemicals in your tendons. Since I make my living working on the computer, I have to find ways to help support my shoulder and improve my posture while working at the computer. Every 20 minutes, I do a simple stretch for my back muscles and every hour I do a simple massage. I will do special rotator cuff strengthening exercises and stretches to help increase mobility.
4) Find those activities that contribute to the problem and avoid or improve on how you perform them. If you know someone who is currently suffering from tendinitis, please send them this page using the button below.
But more likely, I vaguely recall a flying dream last night in which I was trying to catch up to the Flying Nun because she couldn't start her chainsaw.
On a more serious note if your shoulder locks up you could be in for about six weeks of therapy.
What ever you do, don't let it lock up on you or you'll be in a world of pain and a whole lot of stretching exercises. But this experience made me understand that my dreams of becoming a major league pitcher will probably never be fulfilled. Banjo playing is not important - BLOGGING is - we only have 593 days of this production halting stuff to go. Elisabeth had a lumpectomy in her breast and I spent a lot of time being inactive and waiting to wait on her, just sitting around and whoring on the net and taking her to her radiation treatments.
Frozen shoulder is just that, a shoulder with very limited mobility due to hardening and shrinking of the tendons. With a lot of injuries (Non life threatening), you can ice the injured body part, give it some rest and over time, it eventually heals. Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of having tendinitis can understand because at times, it seems like there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it, including doctors and other health professionals. Well, if you’re suffering from this injury or know someone who is, there is hope and a way to get rid of the pain and get on with living a normal life.
The injury is the main culprit but the pain associated with tendinitis isn’t the actual injury but rather the bodies signalling response to send in fluids and chemicals to help heal and protect the injury. My injury stems from years of heavy shoulder pressing, bench pressing, and incline pressing. With tendinitis, the injury can stem from the wear and tear of a tendon or a one time injury such as a fall. This relief would last about 10 minutes but the tightness would always return and always worse than before. Yep, I know, it sucks and if you're unlucky enough to sustain such an injury, I certainly feel for you. The pain is caused by the symptoms (front shoulder) but the real injury is to my teres minor and major attachments located on my scapula.
At that point, my tendons had all this old, nasty fluid trapped inside which caused them to harden and to become a lot more dense.

In fact, off all the places I’ve checked, including medical sites, not one mentioned this phenomenon.
Once pain has been identified, the body has started it’s own healing process and is now hardening the tendon and protecting it from further damage. Sure, this may work in the short term but trust me, if you do anything that aggravates the injury, it will return. For example, the source of my injury stems from the scapula (Shoulder blade located near the mid back) but the symptoms appear on the front of the shoulder.
Deep massage can help kick start the healing process and eliminate the chemical build up in your tendons. First, you have to understand the injury and work with someone who has EXTENSIVE experience with this type injury. In fact, I purchased an e-book for 40 bucks on how to heal my tendinitis and it did nothing but aggravate my injury. This can be a little tricky and as I mentioned before, tendinitis can be difficult to locate but if you can work with an experienced health professional you should be able to locate the root problem. This will reduce inflammation and help reverse the pain process and get your tendons back to a healthy state. To do this, I will straighten my back and move my shoulder blades back and puff out my chest.
I’ve also increased my intake of magnesium as this has been shows to greatly help reduce tendinitis inflammation. Using a 5 pound dumbbell and keeping my arm straight at my side, I will raise the dumbbell slightly to my side (not the front) until the dumbbell is about 6 inches away from my body. Afterwards, I will do a light ice massage for the front of my shoulder and apply an anti inflammatory such as Voltren. If you feel you have injured tendons, I strongly suggest you see a qualified, and experienced health professional immediately. The owner, Joshua has extensive experience with tendinitis and will explain everything you need to know about this injury. It's written by Joe Brent who had also suffered from shoulder tendinitis but overcame the injury. I haven't done any serious pitching in about 50 years, but maybe it's a delayed response to my killer fastball. If you have to go to the doctor for ita€”or even if you don'ta€”look into the mysterious "frozen shoulder" syndrome. Quite often I tell people other stuff I've had experience with, in hopes that they will believe after me.
An injury that puts a halt to all fitness and exercise efforts and makes even walking a painful and awkward task. Calcified tendinitis is a condition in which the body responds to a tendon injury (over time) by feeding it additional nutrients, such as calcium. This healing process allows a person to eventually resume physical activities such as weight training or other favoured pass times. The bodies response is to send in a bunch of fluids to the injured site to help start the healing process. The cracking relieved some of the tension but it eventually returned because my tendons have hardened and the actual muscle size has shrunk.
There is hope and I’ll let you in on some very important information shortly but first, let me explain what the biggest problem with an injury such as tendinitis is.
The treatment plan involved painful, deep tissue massage, stretching and ultra sound therapy on the front of my shoulder in order to alleviate the pain and eliminate scar tissue. If the injury is caught early enough and the main source of the pain is identified, regular treatment can work. The fact of the matter is that your body has now turned it’s pain response into a normal thing.
Remember, once these exercises have been completed, it is very important to apply ice treatment.
Rest does nothing to remedy the actual problem, regardless of what most experts will tell you. My therapists spent two years trying to fix the front of the shoulder when the problem originated on the back.
The fact is, you now have a dry, hard tendon that is building up and shrinking the entire muscle structure.
The one person I talked too who actually knew what he was talking about explained it to me this way.
I paid 50 bucks for a 60 minute phone consultation and it was the best 50 bucks I ever spent.
However, this can take some time and trial and error but over time, you should be able to find the problem.
I’ll use a different keyboard, mouse positions (left hand instead of right), and sitting position (adjust seat height and angle).
I now stay away from those exercises that aggravate the injury and keep the weight moderate. To remedy this, I will now straighten my body, put a small pillow on the small of my back and push my shoulder blades back every 5 minutes. He details exactly what you need to do, in 3 in depth phases to become pain free in the shortest time possible. It can be the difference between someone living in constant pain and someone who is able to start living a normal life again. I'm kind of sore, too, but but it's been about 17 months now so it's kind of par for the course.
I thought I had a rotator cuff injury, but when I described the symptoms to my brother and how it came on (rather suddenly, with no traumatic injury preceding), he told me about it.

That, my friends, is the nature of shoulder tendinitis and something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. This response is to help strengthen the tendon from further injury but it shrinks, hardens, and reduces a persons range of motion. These fluids contain chemicals that act as pain signals (hurts to the touch) and it’s these chemicals that are the actual culprit for the pain.
Each time you aggravate the injury the bodies response is to send in a bunch of fluids to help heal the injury. Unbeknownst to me, this actually contributes to the problem and over time, deteriorates the condition of your tendons. In theory, this would loosen up the tendons and take all the tension off the front of my shoulder. However, tendinitis is tricky because you may think you’re treating the source of the pain, but you're actually treating the symptoms. Any type of inflammation and the body sends more fluid (And pain signalling chemicals) into the tendon and surrounding areas.
Remember there are no magic potions that will help reverse the process or help heal tendinitis.
Without meeting me in person, he identified the source of my problems, helped diagnose causes, and identified proven treatment options. Treat it now and get the healing process underway and slowly get back into weight training. Ice therapy and massage should be included as well as stretching and strengthening exercises.
I also use a shoulder brace that provides stable support for my scapula and teres minor and major muscles. I do this for about 5 minutes and it takes away the pain while at the same time, it helps to reduce scar tissue and promote healing. You basically have to keep up with your physical therapy and start with those puny 3 to 5 pound dumbbells again. The problem is that a lot of this fluid, along with chemicals that signals pain, gets trapped in the tendons and starts to harden (scare tissue) and over time, the tendon gets harder and thicker and the associated muscles starts to shrink in size. This therapist concentrated all her efforts on the front of my shoulder while ignoring the root cause of the problem. A tendon that has been inflamed and afflicted with tendinitis for any length of time will be hard and inflexible kind of like a piece of bark.
You can spend months treating the wrong area and in that time, the injury simply gets worse and starts the painful tendinitis cycle. This in turn, hardens the tendon and shrinks the associated muscle which causes more tightness.
Yes, it does but it also invites more fluid (And chemical signalling agents) into the area which you don’t want. You want to fill these sponges with new blood, oxygen and nutrients and expel the waste products that are stuck in the tendons. For example, you may think the problem is in the front of your shoulder but a deeper prognosis may reveals that it is only a symptom. You have to be diligent about what web sites you visit and what information you want to trust. It’s important to also locate those daily activities that contribute to the irritation and find solutions to help support the injured tendons during the activities. I now do 12 to 15 repetitions using moderate weight and keeping the range of motion restricted. My shoulder was in complete agony and no matter how much rest I got, it didn’t get any better.
Any type of aggravation such as cracking the tendons or something as simple as working on the computer will send signals to your bodies response system which in turn sends fluids that actually cause the pain. Yes, you can reverse the symptoms and start living pain free but it’s important to identify the problem, treat it, and start the reversal process. If you use heat, always make sure you follow it up with cold treatments as this will impede the inflammation process and help kick out the extra fluid. The problem may stem from your shoulder blade (scapula) and it’s pulling the tendons down causing friction at the top of your shoulder.
If possible ask for a referral to an experienced therapist who has extensive knowledge with this type of injury and proven track record.
In my experience, there are more incorrect web sites about tendinitis than there are correct ones. With the right hand, I’ll grip the other end of the tubing (The tubing is behind my lower back) and straighten my arm at a 45 degree angle (shoulder level). Massage can help the healing by eliminating chemical waste and invite more nutrient rich blood into the affected area. Here's some pretty good musician's advice from steel guitarist Buddy Emmons, though: If it hurts when you do something a certain way, don't do it that way.
It can take 2 days, a week, a month, or several months depending on how quickly your find the source of the injury and treat it. I also use more machines because they tend to help stabilize my shoulder structure more so than free weights. These exercises include upright rows, heavy press behind the necks, bench press, jump rope (yes, jump rope aggravates my shoulder injury), and other awkward movements.

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