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On the web, some articles boast solid yet somewhat unrealistic workouts in an attempt to promote fat loss and developing the posterior chain.
As a former university level sprinter and long jumper, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about sprinting technique, especially when recommending it to a population that's comprised of non-track athletes. For starters, do yourself a favor and avoid what’s probably the biggest sprinting mistake in the game. It’s a refined gauge to familiarize yourself with, but once you gain experience practicing sprints, you’ll be able to feel how fast you’re going, relative to your max effort.
You should be putting plenty of effort into your start at this intensity, and transitioning into a smooth, relaxed sprint that requires no effort whatsoever. This is what I liked to call the "practice max effort." Nine times out of 10, we wouldn’t run faster than this in any given training workout. But, and this is why most people discount sprinting, you don’t have to compare how fast you are to the fastest people in the world.
When you compare the amount of calories that are burned during the duration of a 1-hour jog at a slow pace to the calories burned during the less than 5 minutes of real work done during the typical sprint session the 1-hour jog far out does the sprint. So it’s run for an hour and only raise energy consumption during that hour, or sprint your ass off for ~5 minutes of total work and reap the benefits for up to three days later. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the prototypical Alpha Male, I think strong, powerful, and explosive.
Guess one way (besides heavy weight training) that will make you strong, powerful, and explosive? Anyway, your body has three main energy systems…the ATP-Creatine Phosphate System (ATP-CP), the Anaerobic System (aka Lactic Acid System) and the Aerobic system (aka the Oxidative System).
You create are more efficient neural pathway from the brain to the muscle, allowing you to put more energy into explosively pushing off the ground. By taxing these energy systems, and this is the important part, then giving them the time the need to full replenish, you can extend the amount of time they give energy to the muscles. The ability to reach top speed as fast as possible and then the strength to support that speed for as long as possible is what competitive sprinting boils down to.

The third energy system, the Aerobic or Oxidative System isn’t directly involved with sprinting.
These athletes are the ones who show you that it’s not all genetics and that training can get you there. Assisted and Resisted Sprint Training are both methods reported to increase sprint speed and acceleration.
Assisted and resisted sprint training can be understood basically by looking at the following pictures. As you can see in the pictures, both resistance and assistance is applied at the waist, your center of gravity.
This study compared assisted, resisted and regular sprint training over 12 training sessions in 4 weeks.[1] The results were that assisted and resisted training both improved maximum speed, while regular training did not.
We already saw that both resisted and assisted sprint training are effective for improving speed and acceleration, and in fact both combined are more effective than either done separately.[2] That is to be expected when they improve your body in different ways.
This is the difference between a good runner and a great one: doing some of the effective training methods, or doing all of them.
References:The effect of assisted and resisted sprint training on acceleration and velocity in Division IA female soccer athletes. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. The problem is that if you’re not able to move well, you’re already losing half the benefits right off the mark. This system can only sustain activity for up to 10s, so by the time you reach top speed you’re already about to lose it.
This one still allows you to move quick and explosively, just not to the same degree as the ATP-CP system. Essentially by definition, a sprint is over well before the Oxidative System has time to kick into full gear. Not only do these athletes have a hiney that is absolutely breathtaking, but they are in fantastic shape in general.

But, you can go to any high school or college track meet and look at the people who come in at the back of the pack and you will STILL see impressive physiques.
Until then, drop a comment about what you’re experiences with sprinting are, or ask any random question you have.
Although you know you have a tangible one-rep max, intuition and common sense will let you know if you could have squeezed out an extra rep with 80 or 90 percent of your max. You should notice yourself slightly exhausted at the end of a 100 meter dash with 80 percent speed. A 315 pound bench press is pretty damn good, until you realize that it’s only 30% of the current world record (1075 pounds). But, this system can sustain quick movement for up to three minutes depending on the person and just how quick the movement is. Go google Allyson Felix, Lolo Jones, Sanya Richards-Ross, Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, or Usafa Powell.
Your body will tell you when there's 'juice left in the tank,' and what feels comfortable and what doesn't. If you need an idea of what percentages of your max speed should feel like, look no further.
The peak moments of a workout count far more than the amount of time you spend working out. This is why a series of 40-yard sprints at full speed benefits you more than half an hour of jogging.
It’s also the reason why lifting a weight heavy enough to make your heart pound and your muscles burn counts more than spending hours at the gym always in your comfort zone, never truly challenging your body.
Jogging is an okay exercise, but it doesn’t, by itself, get guys the results which they originally set out for.

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