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I've been doing stomach vaccuums for last few weeks because i read that they help define your adonis belt (v-shape around the hips) by working your transverse abdominals.
Yes, that's right, a simple "vacuum" will actually help you shed pounds and firm up your abs - but it won't happen overnight.
From my perspective, it seemed only reasonable that the more effort I could exert on a daily basis, even when sitting and doing mundane tasks in front of my computer, the more weight I could lose.
Put simply, you know that "move" you see guys do when they want to look more fit than they really are? The image above is a simple sketch to show you how it's done, although you don't have to have your body on all fours to do it. Although I have been doing other high intensity workouts, one thing that I've been doing is to hold a "stomach vacuum" for multiple minutes at various times throughout the day - while I'm sitting at my computer, while I'm out and about walking through the store, driving in the car, etc. Obviously, the immediate effect is that it makes me look more fit, and, I suppose it is "cheating" just a bit.
At various times throughout the day I'll become aware that my stomach is in this "vacuum" position all on it's own. At the very least, you WILL look better when you keep your stomach in this tightened position.

Now slowly inhale as much air as possible and then start to exhale as much as possible while bringing your stomach in as much as possible and hold this position. Once you have practiced this exercise, try to perform this exercise for longer than 20 seconds.
I would say a mandatory exercise that can be applied on most parts of the day let alone on GYM. I watched a few videos on them that told me to do them differently, with my hands around my pelvis area, one in front and one in back. The "Truth About Abs" book I've been telling you about actually had a great little tip about "stomach vacuums", that was quite interesting to me since I've been doing them for a few months now, since before I bought the book. Moreover, it also seemed to me that, if that extra effort was exerted in my abdominal area, all the better, since that could only end up strengthening my core and moving me that much closer to improving the look of my waistline. You know the one - where they try to suck their stomach up into their chest to shrink their waistline and increase the circumference of their chest?
It can be done in many different positions, but, this was the simplest sketch I could come up with that seemed to clearly show what to do. Moreover, since you are actually exerting yourself more than you might otherwise, it is only natural that your body will burn more calories than it would have otherwise.

It really is a tremendous resource, and this "stomach vacuum" trick is only a VERY small part of what the author teaches in this book. Well, that's what the author calls a "stomach vacuum", and, believe it or not, it's actually quite effective. And, lastly, you might just find that your abs begin to "tighten up" all on their own as they are strengthened through this simple "exercise". I was just happy to see my little "trick" validated by someone who knows something about creating a flat stomach and a trim body. Stretches are movements that lengthen the muscles, not compress them, and can only be done when the particular muscle group is relaxed.
Moreover, what I'm finding is that more and more often, I find my abs naturally in this tightened position, even without thinking about it.
Those muscles are becoming stronger and more naturally remain in this "tight" position, improving the look of my stomach even while I'm still in the process of reducing my waistline.

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