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I did not want to keep the fun all to myself… sharing is caring after all… so here you go! I’ve done some kickboxing videos before, and took a class that incorporated some boxing moves into and I loved it.
I would love to try a boxing class but, as you referred to, the cost has been a deal breaker right now.
It is not just simple “move weights quicker”, you need to approach it from different angles. Initial strength and conditioning practice should aim to improve strength and movement foundations, as well as improving muscle size and strength endurance. When this has been achieved, the boxer can manipulate training with various methods, such as Olympic lifting, speed lifts and kettlebell exercises to develop the ability to produce force quickly.
Footwork, and the importance of it, is often mentioned – outside of skipping, what drills are recommended to best improve agility of the feet? We use jumping and hopping exercises to promote speed, force production and eccentric control. What percent of training time is best spent on the speedball v double-ended-bag v heavy bag? There are many elements to developing a boxer, so to put a percentage on all of the activities in a training session or training program would be a tough task. How much time you spend on an activity is dependent on the needs of the athlete, whether it’s a strength or weakness and how close to a fight they are. Speed ball is best used for developing hand speed and co-ordination, a double ended bag is good for practising combinations, and the heavy bag is a great conditioning tool for developing endurance and punch force. The deadlift is the purest single exercise that is a test of “strength” because it is one of the few lifts of dead weight.
In terms of maintaining shoulder health, it’s all about making sure you are doing the techniques right, have a well-structured and balances strength and conditioning program, and performing mobility exercises for your shoulder.

There is no point in doing weightlifting with a rounded posture on the deadlift, have a lot of pressing exercises and being too sore for training.
We are a boxing gym that provides fitness training for our members who represent all fitness levels and walks of life.
The challenge of learning new skills (speedball, pad work etc.) in a unique, exciting and safe atmosphere is great for your health and confidence. Boxing will increase muscle tone, lower body fat, improve reflexes and upper body strength.
All company names, product names and logos included in this site may be registered trademarks or servicemarks of their respective owners. The membership to the gym I go to is not cheap so I am not going to renew it once it finishes.
I’ve always heard such great things about boxing, I’m always so scared to try it though, no idea why!
I don’t think my form is great so I look like I’m fighting my way out of a paper bag!!
Hand speed is very dependent on technique, but there are a lot of physical characteristics we can develop to improve it. First of all, we need to train the ability to produce force through maximal strength training. This provides a foundation for maximal or near-maximal strength training via lower reps and higher weight loads.
However we are careful with the term as the official definition of plyometric exercise is an utilisation of the stretch-shortening cycle in a ground contact time of under 200-250ms. Performing a deadlift with good technique requires the co-ordinated activation of the posterior chain muscles.
I used to love doing those Billy Blanks Tae Bo videos in college, bahaha, probably not the same thing at all.

However whilst on your blog I’ve just spied the most yummy looking brownies on your instagram feed! I’ve had plenty of friends do insanity only to come out with skinny shriveled looking bodies not muscular lean bodies. We have used a range of strength and conditioning training methods that improved pound-for-pound punching force by 13%. We overload punching patterns to improve the ability to send force generated at the foot all the way through to the fist. We incorporate sprint and acceleration drills as we found that 5m sprint speed highly correlated with punch force.
Results highlighted the importance of lower limb force production as jump height was strongly related to estimated punch force (medicine ball backhand punch throw distance). Compound moves such as the deadlift and squat activate the most muscles; therefore more weight can be lifted challenging the nervous system. My biggest concern is how to build strength and fortitude while maintaining shoulder health?
Anyways, I need a good workout like this to let off stress and work my upper body and basic strength! Other than my all time fav P90X, I love Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVDs for home workouts. The more force we can produce, the more impulse we can develop, the higher hand speed we perform.
This is a fun, high intensity, cardio and strength workout (and a total aggression reliever).

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