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Exercise program.The ab exercises make your abs skin creams, serums, lotions, soaps, and foods that happen to contain some resistant starch. No longer a subculture, CrossFit has cracked the mainstream and shows no sign of slowing down. For all the well-worn criticisms of CrossFit a€” ita€™s dangerous for beginners, it encourages sloppy form, the programming is too random a€” the naysayers missed the thing that separates it from other fitness fads and all but guaranteed its success: the community. Toes to BarStart: Hang from a pull-up bar with your arms and legs extended and your toes pointed. Below is a sample of classic WODs that demonstrate exercise selection and programming common to CrossFit.
With your feet about 15 inches apart and the bar about an inch away from your shins, grasp the bar with your hands outside of your knees, using an alternating grip. But perhaps no better yardstick for the sporta€™s colossal growth exists than the cash awards given over the years at the annual meeting of the best CrossFit athletes in the world, the CrossFit Games. Finally, press the bar overhead so that you end with your elbows extended and your biceps next to your ears.
But ita€™s not the physical transformation that has created thousands of CrossFit enthusiasts, ita€™s the self-discovery.

If CrossFit were a social network, it would probably have its initial public offering sometime this year.
Every CrossFit workout contains a measurable metric of performance, such as the time it takes to finish or the number of reps completed.
The beauty of CrossFit is the infinite number of workouts that can be created by mixing various exercises, loads and durations.
Drive upward, fluidly rolling the bar very slightly off your fingers and into the palm of your hands so the weight is supported by your wrists.
As the momentum travels up your body, roll the bar very slightly forward so youa€™re fully gripping it in the palms of your hands and the weight is supported by your wrists, which are in line with your forearms. The level of intensity and the reliance on compound multi-joint moves quickly strips away body fat and builds functional muscle, leaving CrossFit practitioners looking more like Olympic sprinters than bodybuilders. As you descend, forcefully push away from the bar, which will set up the motion for the next pull-up. It has been a long journey for CrossFit, which had been branded a a€?culta€? and deemed unsafe by pundits in the mainstream fitness world, who were boggled by its eclectic mix of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and high-intensity cardio, what creator Greg Glassman describes as a€?constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement.a€? Glassman is the Bruce Lee of fitness, taking what is useful from the broad spectrum of physical culture and throwing out the rest. DeadliftStart: Place a barbell on the floor and rack the appropriate amount of weight on each side.

Several Workouts of the Day (called a€?WODsa€?) are considered classics of the CrossFit canon and are used as benchmarks to gauge progress.
Ita€™s the community that makes CrossFit so attractive to its adherents, but more important, ita€™s also the basis of accountability, the thing that makes CrossFit so effective. A typical CrossFit class will begin with a warm-up, usually a series of bodyweight exercises and some short cardio intervals. Kipping Pull-UpStart: Hang from a pull-up bar with your arms extended, palms facing away from you, and your shoulders engaged and retracted.
When your body begins to rise, quickly bring both knees upward toward your chest and contract your midsection, pulling your chin over the bar. That doesna€™t mean one is easier than the other.a€?Fran is our most classic workout,a€? CrossFit instructor Dave Lipson says.

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