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A sport unique to Madden’s, trap shooting is available right here on our grounds and is a regularly scheduled activity during the summer. In addition to these products, owners and buyers for Army Navy stores should be aware of the many activities related to guns.
Distinguishing the differences between these two disciplines can help novice and expert firearms owners and operators pick the best methods of practicing and even competing.
Across the globe, there are several variations of trapshooting, including Olympic or International trap, Double trap, Down-the-line (DTL) and Nordic trap. As outlined by the ATA, a standard Trap field is laid out like spokes around from the hub of a wheel. Clay targets are launched slightly to the right, left or down the center at random, so the shooter never knows which direction the target will fly, unless of course they’re using a fixed launch source, such as a mechanical slinger or hand thrower.
Skeet shooting is a more specific shotgun game that allows for multiple participants to take aim at targets with each shooter positioned around a semi-circle with different positions and angles on the projected paths of the clay pigeons. Due to this problem, the skeet field layout was reformed to a semicircle and incorporated two traps across from each other.
There are usually a total of eight shooting stations, spanning around the radius of the semi-circle, with the final spot located at the midpoint of the circle’s center. With skeet and trapshooting, shooters can use a wide variety of methods for shooting: stance, follow-though, dexterity, tracking and other elements of the shot that can drastically improve accuracy. Even though most firearm facilities have strict rules, always wear hearing and eye protection when at the gun range, and consider wearing a hat to protect from falling pieces of clay shrapnel during trap or skeet shooting. For firearms enthusiasts, be sure to check out some of your local ranges and give trapshooting or skeet shooting a go.
Trapshooting is one of the three major sports of competitive clay target shooting sports with a shotgun.
Trapshooting is enjoyed throughout the world’s countries and has been a sport since the late 18th century when real birds were used. All League events occur at a shooting range (sometimes referred to as a “gun club”) that offers the proper trapshooting field that includes shooting stations and trap house. All student athletes are required to supply their own shotgun and must use factory ammunition. A practice or competition event will consist of shooting two 25 target rounds for a total of 50 targets from the 16-yard station.

Each shooter will have all the equipment and ammunition necessary to complete the round each time they occupy a shooting station.
About UsThe USA High School Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and operates the Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League as an independent provider of shooting sports as an extra curricular coed activity to students in grades six through twelve who have their Hunter Education Certification.
Whatever that reaction might be, it is a fact that there is a growing number of people interested in owning guns for protection and recreational activities. The focus of this article is two of the most popular clay pigeon activities: trapshooting and skeet shooting.
Another advantage to becoming familiar with these games is it can help business owners in adding new gun-inspired product lines and marketing them to gun owners. Shooters typically use a single-shot or double-barreled over-and-under 12-gauge shotgun (though this can vary depending on a number of factors).
Each variation has different sets of rules, regulations and competitive differences based on set standards like those placed in International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) events, and those recognized in the United States by the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) and the Pacific International Trapshooting Association (PITA). Trapshooting is very fast, with shooters in ready positions as soon as their turn comes up. Shooters then take aim at a number of targets launched in a defined order across the field, ranging from low to high, single to double.
Some of these products include: ammo pouches and belts, ear and eye protection, weapons cases, and tactical equipment like vests, gloves and boots. If you already have, be sure to tell new gun owners or those who haven’t had the chance to experience either game, how much fun they can be!
In the 2013 Summer Olympics, Kim Rhode became the first American ever to win Olympic medals in five consecutive Olympic Gams in an individual sport. All types of smooth-bore shotguns, including semi-automatics, may be used provided their caliber does not exceed 12 gauge. The trap machine located in the trap house oscillates left to right within a 54 degree arc (up to 27 degrees right and left of center), and at least a 34 degree arc (up to 17 degrees right and left of center) and the competitor does not know where in that arc the target will emerge when they call for a target.
All guns must be carried open and unloaded when moving to the athlete’s assigned starting station. Shooters will be notified of their scores, make their shotguns safe, and carry the gun in the approved manner and exit the station. These firearms owners are looking for quality and affordable products, giving the Army Navy surplus industry an opportunity to attain a viable source of profit.

While the styles, preferences and techniques differ greatly between shooters and game regulations, the concept is always the same…hit the target. Clays can be launched one at a time (singles) or two at a time (doubles) and shooters are allowed one shot per clay pigeon. The Grand American Trapshooting Championships are widely considered the ultimate trapshooting event, displaying the best shooters from around the country and even the world.
Each of the five shooting stations is placed behind the hub, between 16 and 27 feet away, set three yards apart.
For safety and courtesy, discretion between when the gun is loaded, aimed and fired is exercised, especially when other shooters are involved. Shooters move from station to station until the round is complete, ending in the middle of the field. Trapshooting and skeet shooting can be great marksmanship training and practice for those looking to hunt pheasant or duck during hunting season.
Make sure you follow the corresponding range shooting rules, from gauge size, shot size, and load speed.
Included in this target market are soldiers, veterans, military personnel, hobbyists and other individuals interested in buying tactical equipment, outdoor supplies, hunting gear and other gun-related products. It’s also important to ensure your gun fits you for the best shooting capabilities, but these can vary from person to person. At the end of each round, the scorekeeper announces the scores for that round in firing order. Athletes are also required to wear proper eye and ear protection while on any part of the shooting range. Each athlete will aslo promote a positive image by wearing appropriate attire during all shooting events.

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