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These reports claim to have improving symptoms with injections of a specific form of Vitamin B12 called Methylcobalamin B12. However, these reports are fueling more and more people to take Vitamin B12 shots, perhaps unnecessarily, and Side Effects of Vitamin B12 shots are becoming more frequent.
I have written at length on how important B12 is as well as provided links and info to sources that discuss how prevalent a B12 deficiency may be. First, we choose to become vegans for a variety of reasons, among them ethical, emotional attachment to animals and health issues.
Research tells us potatoes contain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals such as carotenoids, which are antioxidants—beta carotene is one—which can provide for a lower mortality rate from chronic illnesses.
Succinctly put, methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin, both B12 vitamins, are two of a group of cobalt-containing vitamer compounds.
For those born of a certain generation (Boomers ‘r Us), or latter-borns who are card-carrying TV “golden oldie” addicts, The Beverly Hillbillies may ring a countrified bell. Vitamin B12 (aka cobalamin) is a water soluble vitamin naturally produced by a gut bacteria that feeds on the cobalt of the soil (hence the name ‘cobalamin’). If deficiency symptoms show up, check out for parasites that might be competing for your B12 in your body, and for toxins that might be destroying it, such as cyanide in cigarettes. This vitamin is involved in the conversion of fats and carbs into energy units and is known for it’s near-magic effects of boosting our metabolism. I really hate to be the one to scare you but a long-enough B12 deficiency left untreated can cause some serious permanent damage to your nerve cells. Vitamin B12 is required for the synthesis and repair of Myelin, a protective layer wrapped around every nerve fibre in our human body. As i’ve said before, B12 speeds up your metabolism and besides giving you more energy and making you more likely to work out, faster metabolism means more calories spent even during sleep! If you want to lose weight, ignore the tendency to look for quick and easy solutions, but rather adopt yourself a healthier diet and some exercising habits.
Update 2016: Due to regulations, It is no longer possible to buy B12 shots directly online.
If you’re looking to buy vitamin b12 shots for sale, look no further than TrimNutrition. I did eventually get a kit of injections from them, and I must say – their product screams quality. You should have some peace of mind knowing that their products are made in the USA and follow stringent pharmacy regulations. I’ve researched a little bit and found out that all their products and formulas are doctor formulated and tested prior to production.
I was strolling the internet trying to look for more reviews and testimonials about TrimNutrition’s shots to see what other people who have used the product are writing about it.
I was worried about it too but every sold kit of injections include very clear instructions that make the whole procedure fairly easy for everyone to perform.
The vitamin B12 injections dosage differs from person to person, and is a function of the person’s age and mainly the deficiency levels, but will usually start with a daily dosage of a very few thousand MICROgrams, and will be reduced to weekly and then monthly as the B12 levels go up back to normal. If you buy the recommended TrimNutrition methylcobalamin kit, you don’t have to worry about it. Like me, you might be tempted to buy the cheaper Cyanocobalamin shots, but as I mentioned – they are not nearly as effective as Methylcobalamin. When I started thinking about it rationally, it makes sense that the time and money saved from buying these injections actually make Methylcobalamin a no-brainer. Besides, Trim sells it for a really good price if you buy the big Trim B12 MAX 10,000mcg version.
Contrary to other supplements, Methylcobalamin shots deliver results and is as reliable as God’s sunrise Period. If your blood tests found you to be deficient in B12, do yourself a favor and don’t spend anymore time. To buy Methylcobalamin vitamin B12 injections from TrimNutrition, use the contact form to the right. I’d absolutely love to hear about your experiences with them and I want to create a vibrant discussion here, full of experiences and thoughts from different people, to all the people still not sure whether they should get them or not. Also, you state also of the effects you experienced before later stating you’ve never tried their product due to the lack of needing it.
My concerns are where is eve one accredited physician who publicly supports your statements? I did notice your quick response to the comment in which I’m replying to and wanted to know if it would be the better part if a year before your respond as it did this one. I was recently at the doctor and he said, among other things, that I am being manipulated, etc., and later when I asked him about the B12 he said that the tablets are not absorbed and it does not make sense of taking it. Did you check whether the reason for your deficiency is a lack of ability to absorb it properly? There are a few common possible reasons for a deficiency, which vary from parasites competing for your B12 stores, toxins that are actually destroying your stores, and an improper absorption of B12, which is actually the only real case where vitamin B12 injections makes more sense, since your body experiences a hard time absorbing any oral sources of this vitamin.
For example, if you have toxins inside your body that destroys some of your B12 or some parasites that compete with your body over it, then any B12 injection dosage would be merely treating the symptoms.

Now, regarding your concerns – upset tummy and shortness of breath are well known potential side effects of B12 injections. You can easily get plenty of vitamin B12 injections online (vials + needles) if you’re willing to do it at home.
My advice to you is to begin taking folate as well as B12 supplementation as soon as possible and continue it after that.
I did not include a specific number about the b-12 injection dose since in my experience – seems like it varies greatly in the thousands range. I have no idea what specific brands of b 12 shots are sold in India, but as I mentioned in the article itself, you can try TrimNutrition B12 injections.
Maily, I just went to my physician yesterday for ongoing numbness and tingling in my feet and among the several lab tests he ordered were my b-12 levels. I’m well aware of situations where diabetes medications interfere with B12 stores, and it iis a big problem today. Metformin is a medication used to treat Type 2 diabetes, or to prevent the disease from manifesting in those at high risk. If fatigue, weakness or lack of energy are the only things you’re feeling right now, you should be thankful.
Because of big greedy industries, doctors are left so shamefully uneducated about nutrition that I’m in both shock and disbelief whenever I get an email from a reader that got his deficiency only worse by his doctors. What they don’t know  is that a huge part of the population actually has absorption issues, especially in an older age. That’s why such a huge amount of people report feeling so energized after refilling their B12 stores. Lots of hollywood celebrities are known to use it for this specific particular purpose and report great energy levels.
That’s why I urge you to take care of your deficiency as quickly as possible, before this kind of damage appears.
Vitamin B12 has a stabilizing effect on your cell membranes and will prevent your hormones from just floating around in your bloodstream until excreted. You’ll age slower and lower your risk of Alzheimer and other mind-degenerative diseases. Vitamin B12 reacts with folate into a form that the body uses to create red blood cells, the tiny disc-shaped cells which carry oxygen to every little corner of your body. If you’re one of these “I don’t have time for that” kind of guys, ask yourself if you’d rather spend that time visiting your doctor, taking medicines, and doing surgeries when you get older. It can take quite a while for someone to develop a deficiency, even on a fully vegetarian (vegan) diet. This is not a joke, please take care of your childs carefully and check them periodically for any deficit. You know how expensive medical procedures can get, both in terms of time and especially money. They have the best price I’ve seen so far, and they get plenty of positive responses and reviews. They paid attention even to the little details like their syringes (they use non-toxic sterile Henry Schein syringes) and their instructions are very clear.
I was pretty surprised to find an insane amount of positive success stories and good words. If you experience anything unusual while taking injections, immediately consult your doctor of course.
I’ve used this exact kind of syringes before for other medical purposes and they never hurt too much, at least not for me. You get what you pay for – the production cost of natural Methylcobalamin is higher than synthetic Cyanocobalamin. Think about it – you could spend thousands of dollars later on doctors and complicated medical procedures if your deficiency gets worse, so solve it now for whatever these injections cost. Especially if your levels are very low – you need to act ASAP before your nerves get completely stripped off their myelin sheath and permanent irreversible damage occurs. Just as any vitamin supplement, they have countless companies producing a natural supplement under 3rd party testing to certify their quality level.
Then move back to how easy it is to shoot up and how their products pigment goes over well when admits interning to a child.
When you stated you respond to each and every comment it would be better if you did within a day if not a week from receiving it.
Your doctor is right about the tablets, as long as you experience difficulties absorbing the vitamin. Too many doctors ignore that part today and somewhat automatically prescribe a series of vitamin B12 shots to the patient. Remember that our body is a very complex system whose internal biochemical patterns are all dependent on each other. I have never experienced with any of these though, although it doesn’t seem like there are any harmful potential complications.

You have had chemotherapy which itself can makes you more prone to develop a deficiency of these vitamins as well as causing megaloblastic anaemia itself.
Other than absorption rate and these remedies thingie you mentioned, I can’t see a reason to go for injections when you can achieve the same results using whole B12 rich foods. The main group of people who b12 shot benefits apply to are those who have problems absorbing this vitamin. My interest in Vit B12 stems from the fact that I take Glucophage for my Diabetic condition. If you haven’t experienced the piercing effects of bursitis yourself, consider yourself fortunate. Either way, I’m here to help you refill your B12 stores as quickly and safely as possible.
If left untreated for a long time, a deficiency may stick you to a wheelchair and frustrate your whole family.
To get the maximum benefits of vitamin B12 injections – Methylcobalamin is the undisputed king. You’ll most definitely feel that energy boost almost instantly if your B12 levels are low and you start using injections. Children, unfortunately, don’t have that luxury and their symptoms will appear much sooner than they appear in adults.
Although I have not  experienced with them on my own, I’d definitely buy a kit from them had I needed one.
Methylcobalamin is the most active form of B12 and is present naturally in the human body, making it the most readily absorbable form of B12.
Trim has been in business for more than 10 years and have a very good reputation, they definitely know what they’re doing.
This is not some mass-produce from China and I guess the thousands of customer’s proven results and successes speak for themselves.
This is not to say that you can inject an unlimited amount of B12 into your blood, but to just calm you down as doctors usually do a decent job with them, and the difference in dose between doctors is meaningless in the long run. Are you talking about vitamin b12 injections side effects and the risks of taking b12 shots or..?
If you we’re advising to choose a supplier who does undergo these quality control test over the majority who do not I would applaud and understand your primary objective.
The pharmacy where I was have only one type of this vitamin and it is very expensive so I wonder if there is any point of buying. This is not always smart, as many of these times the cause of the deficiency does not have anything to do with something that requires injections.
It’s possible to experience the side effects of almost any medical treatment after a while with that treatment, as the beginning point was different that the current point, biochemically-wise.
Secondly, there’s no way that such a complicated analysis can be done over the internet, I strongly recommend you to get back to your doctor and tell him to CHECK the cause of the deficiency. I’m aware of the price in some countries, so check out TrimNutrition for some B12 Methylcobalamin shots. Given the fact that these injections go directly to the bloodstream, it is really the most effective way to fill these deficiencies. Tangney of the National Institute of Aging and observed 121 people from Chicago who were all 65 years old or older. Practically speaking, you’d have to eat 2,000 steaks to get the same amount of one shot!
She had some excellent opinions concerning supplements as well, so I wonder if you have an opinion. You’ll have to see a professional healthcare practitioner and make sure you test for a deficiency.
It’s the natural, bioavailable and most active form of B12 that is actually absorbed by the body. The researchers assesed their B12 levels and mental functions at the beginning of the study and at the end.
I am also short of breath when i exercise these days.Can you analyse this and answer.Do the side effects appear immediately or could appear after a week or later?
Some general advice includes the old but golden rules : Consume adequate amounts of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, etc. Just keep in mind that many people experience a deficiency even though their B12 levels show as completely normal.
Interestingly, 4.5 years later MRI scans of their brains were taken as well as B12 deficiency markers testing. Aqsa discusses that point in our new book, where she recommends healthcare systems to double the required minimum B12 blood-levels released to the public.

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