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Sign Up for PregPrep Newsletters and receive amazing tips on conception, pregnancy and special offers. When a pregnant woman shares the good news with her doctor, most likely she will leave the office with a prescription for prenatal vitamins. But most doctors agree that taking the right vitamins before conception can have far reaching effects on the ultimate health of the fetus, as well as promote ideal fertility and reproductive health. Folic acid also has fertility benefits for men and has been shown to increase the quality and amount of sperm. Vitamin C is easy to obtain through certain foods but can also be found in many supplements. It turns out that Vitamin D, the well-regarded “sunshine vitamin”, is needed to help the body create the sex hormones which regulate ovulation and hormonal balance. There are an overwhelming number of vitamin options available today with the majority containing a long list of nutrients intended to support a woman throughout her entire pregnancy.
While opinions differ among experts on which prenatal vitamin formula is best for preconception, all seem to agree that women trying to become pregnant should choose a high-quality supplement that includes folic acid. Women trying to conceive don’t have to choose traditional vitamins made for the entire pregnancy ride.
I’m going to start with the one vitamin supplement that EVERYONE should be taking if they live in Canada.
I have just started taking iron supplements regularly so I can’t speak to current experience but from past experience I KNOW it works to take iron regularly. Start with healthy, whole, unprocessed foods, and then figure out how to tailor your diet to fit YOUR needs. Disclaimer: These are educated personal opinions but do not reflect what every person should be doing. Balanced diet naturally helps the construction and repairing of muscle fibers, includes proteins and amino acids, but essential vitamins as well.
Phosphorus enables fast and strong muscle contraction during training, especially in exercises where weights are used.
Another important fact that cannot be emphasized enough is the poor regulation of dietary supplements. Keep the key points listed below in mind when deciding whether or not to take a dietary supplement. Vitamin D is the only vitamin supplement that I fully support, especially for people who do not spend much time outside in the sun (without sunscreen) or people who live in northern areas – especially during winter. A vitamin B12 supplement may be necessary if you are a vegan or eat very little animal products. Use caution when taking supplements that contain high doses of vitamin A, beta-carotene, and folic acid. Iron supplements should only be taken when there is a definite iron deficiency because of concern about relationships between iron and heart disease & cancer. Looking to improve your diet while you’re at work without taking a bunch of supplements? Folic acid has been shown to reduce a woman’s chances of having a baby with neural tube defects by up to 70%. A recent study from Harvard Medical School involving 18,000 women indicates that taking multi-vitamins, particularly ones containing folic acid, can improve chances for pregnancy by promoting ovulation.

One study published in Fertility and Sterility in 2003 showed that a moderate amount of supplemental Vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility in women with Luteal Phase Defect, an ovulation disorder that can lead to early miscarriage. Yale University School of Medicine conducted a study of 67 infertile women and discovered that a mere 7% had normal Vitamin D levels. It also may help boost the endometrium lining in egg fertilization, decreasing the chances of miscarriage. They range from traditional tablets and capsules, to chewable and liquid options in a variety of flavors. I am not one to pop a pill very quickly and truly believe that getting the proper nutrition with enough of all vitamins and minerals IS possible through diet; but there are certain cases where supplementation is really helpful. It is such a tiny little OH SO IMPORTANT vitamin that is really important for metabolism, formation of red blood cells, and maintenance of the central nervous system.
I look for fortified cereals, I eat a lot of eggs, and I get more than enough fruits and vegetables, but I still can’t seem to get enough iron. It might include a calcium supplement, it might not, it might mean a daily multivitamin, it might not!
After water, proteins are the most common compound of the body and the main source of energy. Vitamin C helps the body create protein collagen, which is found in muscle tissue and is considered to be essential for wound healing. This vitamin plays an important role in our body, but its most important role is regulating the absorption of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. Milk, dairy products, cereals and fish are some of the food products rich in vitamin D.  Drink at least one glass of low fat milk every day and try to make this a long-term rutine. With revenue like this, it’s no surprise that the variety of vitamins and minerals available is soaring, as are the claims for better health.
By law, dietary supplements do not need to be tested for safety or effectiveness prior to marketing. While I’d like to say no, the correct answer is “it depends.” A balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables should provide sufficient amounts of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Not only are nutrients better absorbed from food, but food also contains various phytochemicals that have important roles in maintaining good health and preventing disease. Do not take more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of any one vitamin or mineral on a regular basis. Too much of these nutrients from supplements (not from food) may significantly increase cancer risk.
There is solid evidence to support that intake of omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) has anti-inflammatory effects (through a very complex mechanism involving gene expression, which I won’t bore you with). And the best way to ensure there are no gaps in nutritional intake is through vitamin supplements.
Some foods also contain folic acid such as leafy, dark green vegetables, dried beans, peas, most berries, whole grains, and certain fortified cereals. Some studies have found that a deficiency of B12 may increase the chances of irregular ovulation and, in severe cases, stop ovulation altogether.
Most people don’t realize how much protein they are actually taking in and often it is more than enough! The one caution with supplementation: while there have been zero cases of harmful vitamin or mineral overdose through natural (food) intake, it IS possible to cause toxicity with excess supplementation.

B12 is found in organ meats, shellfish, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products (as well as some fortified foods), thus vegetarians pay attention to this little guy!
Both of these are important for bone health and often work in tandem (Vitamin D helps regulate calcium in bones) so they are combined in a supplement. When you can’t quite make 100% daily intake for each vitamin and mineral with a healthy diet, consider talking to your doctor about supplements. Some vitamins also help faster muscle recovery after some strenuous exercise and other physical activities. These vitamins can be found in red meat, beef, chicken, eggs, milk and in citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables as well. Standardization is also not required of dietary supplements, which would help ensure that each batch of the same product contains the same amount of each ingredient. Unfortunately, the average American’s diet is far from perfect.  Furthermore, in some areas where the only produce available comes from large factory farms, the soil is often depleted, which alters the nutrient content of the food grown in it.
Deficiency of vitamin D may contribute to osteoporosis and has been associated with increased rates of some cancers and autoimmune diseases. Doing so may impair absorption (and possibly induce deficiency) of other vitamins or minerals.
You can find plenty of vitamins and minerals in the variety of fresh vegetables, fiber in whole grains, and healthy protein in our lean meats and vegetarian dishes. If you are concerned that you may have a deficiency or need a specific supplement, check with your doctor and speak with a dietitian to see how you may be able to adapt your diet to fill in any gaps. But since this nutrient is so crucial to fetal health, a supplement containing a minimum of 400mg is recommended as soon as a woman begins trying to conceive. All the products in the kit are designed to deliver essential, comprehensive support for fertility and help maximize a woman’s chances for pregnancy. Even before I stopped eating meat entirely I was always on the border of low iron because I never ate enough red meat to push me into the free and clear. B-complex vitamins include B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cobalamin), pantothenic acid and biotin. Lately I have noticed myself getting tired when I shouldn’t be tired and not having the best focus possible.
Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, melon, red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and potatoes. Vitamin E can be found in grain food products, green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils such as sunflower and olive oil. It’s such an important vitamin for bone health, prevention of osteoporosis, and cell maintenance, so if you don’t eat a lot of vitamin D fortified foods, talk to your doctor about a supplement! My workouts have felt harder than they should and that can only mean one thing… I NEED IRON.
There are risks to taking excessive doses, and, for most people, the evidence for benefits are lacking. Supplements that have a “USP” seal on their label have passed tests for purity and potency of ingredients.

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