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A versatile foam roller intended for use during and after workouts to massage or manipulate different muscle groups. The Grid, by Trigger Point Performance, is a versatile foam roller intended for use during and after workouts to massage or manipulate different muscle groups. For those of you who use a foam roller on a regular basis, you most likely understand that it is truly a love hate relationship lol. Foam rolling is sort of like a deep tissue massage, and works by returning your muscles and soft tissue to their native form.
Foam rolling did not negatively affect muscle activation, and contractile force properties.
As you can see from the image above, there are lots of options when it comes to foam rollers. Quadriceps: Lie on your stomach with a roller placed under the front of your thigh and slowly roll up and down from the bottom of your hip to the top of your knee. Quick Tip: I once learned from a Crossfit Trainer, that the best way to increase the effectiveness of foam rolling, is to foam roll a muscle then immediately stretch it (so that you are helping elongate the muscle).
This entry was posted in FAV Workouts and tagged fitness, foam roller, running, stretching on December 23, 2013 by surquidi. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Releasing these trigger points allows normal blood flow to return to the area and helps to bring back proper movement patterns and pain free movement, which will ultimately enhance performance.
Foam Rollers have become an essential element in the set of equipment required for complete functional training.
Pilate's instructors have also incorporated the foam rollerA to fill a range of exercises designed to enhance strength and flexibility.

One main feature is the so-called "Distrodensity Zones", which means that the surface material is of varying widths and densities so as to allow for a massage tailored to individuals' needs.
As you may or may not know, exercise, injury, and the rigors of life can cause knots in your muscle and soft tissue that restrict mobility and performance. By smashing those knots (with a foam roller) and allowing soft tissue to operate correctly again, foam rolling increases range of motion and improves workout performance (awesome!).
Foam rollers are an inexpensive, super-versatile piece of equipment that can help you with everything from working out the knots and trigger points in your muscles to becoming a part of your workout. If you find a tight or sore spot while you are using the foam roller, you can roll over it repeated times or add a little pressure and hold. Place the foam roller perpendicular to your body (like a T) under your hips with legs spread apart and roll from the hip down to your knees.
Place the foam roller under the front of your thighs, and roll from the top of the thigh down to the knees.
You should be able to rest your head on one end of the roller and your buttocks on the other end of the roller. This is intended to simulate the varying types of pressure that would be applied by a massage therapist. There are lots of things you can do to get the most out of that giant piece of foam that you love to hate and hate to love. You can use it to relieve muscle tension, correct muscle imbalances, increase range of motion and prevent injuries. This will move the foam roller over any neck muscles that get tight, especially the ones called the suboccipitals at the base of the skull. As an advanced move, and for specific segmental mobilization, keep buttocks on the floor and arch upper back twice toward the floor. Lie on the roller with your chest open, arm out to the side, while you feel a nice stretch in the pecs.

When used in conjunction with a Fitball, the foam roller is an additional platform of instability, which forces the exerciser to draw upon their abdominal and surrounding muscles to remain stable while exercising.
It is fairly compact compared to some competing rollers, and can support up to 500 pounds of weight.
Move the roller a couple of inches down, and perform same movements on the next vertebral level. The outer foam material is EVA-based, and the internal region is actually a hollow core, which helps with rigidity. White rollers are the softest (least painful), followed by blue or green rollers of medium density and black foam rollers, which are the firmest (most painful – but this is good!). When pregnant, the low back tends to be arched more due to the weight of the baby, and rolling the low back can arch it more or create excessive lordosis.
This product is targeted at people who experience muscle soreness after any type of exercise, or for those whose physiotherapist or other medical caregiver have suggested such a product. Also, when you lie on your back, the weight of the pregnant uterus slows the return of blood to your heart, which reduces blood flow to the fetus. Using the roller allows you the ability to control the healing and recovery process by applying pressure in precise locations, because only you can feel exactly what is happening in your body.

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