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While high reps will help with hypertrophy and leg size, low reps will fuel strength, but remember – high reps take the longest to recover from! My goal is to make and support the argument for using front squats before you ever load up the barbell and put it on your back.
To further convince you that front squatting will build your quadriceps at a much higher rate, check out this article.
The form is absolutely incredible for someone who is beginning a resistance training program for the first time.
In our culture, most people seem to believe that legs gain muscle mass more easily than the upper body, and that you should therefore avoid big lifts such as squats and deadlifts in order to avoid getting too bulky. Not only will squats and deadlifts not turn you into a freak of nature, but they’re an essential part of a minimalist exercise routine that will maximize your fitness results with as little time working out as possible.
When I was in college, I met a guy who was going to School at Tulane University in New Orleans. The guy who wrote “Closer” (still one of the coolest music videos of all time), and whose music I listened to constantly throughout my angsty youth.
The irrational fear of squats and deadlifts is based on a common cognitive bias, and is easily debunked. Before the last few decades, the only people who did squats and deadlifts were professional bodybuilders, Olympic lifters, powerlifters, and circus strongmen. Now you have machines designed to isolate every muscle in your body, drastically reducing risk of injury (and your ability to efficiently get into good shape, natch).
We men have always been obsessively focused on the upper body muscles on the front of our bodies, namely abs, pecs, and biceps. In our quest to gain as much muscle as possible in these areas, we’ve found that a lot of traditional bodybuilding techniques excel. And so, you get pictures like this thrown about as exhibit A in why you should never, ever do squats and deadlifts.
So perhaps it was inevitable that people would jump to the conclusion that squats + deadlifts = freakish huge legs. But just because these guys with huge legs are doing squats and deadlifts, it doesn’t mean that these exercises will give everyone huge legs. These guys are often genetically driven to be more muscular, and they train like beasts in order to maximize this. If you still believe that squats and deadlifts are going to give you the hips of Kim Kardashian, look no further than your local Crossfit.
If they can look like this with the amount of squats and deadlifts they can do, then you are unlikely to bulk up too much by dialing it back a bit.
Either accept that you’ll be filling out your pants a little more or ditch the skinny jeans, you silly hipster. If you have ever gained a lot of muscle in your upper body, do you ever remember complaining about your shirts fitting a little tighter than usual?
But the more we chase after this ideal, the more likely we are to gain our 15 minutes of fame as a meme to be passed around the internet and chuckled at by millions. The reason that squats and deadlifts are considered the “kings” of exercise is that they are two of the most fundamental movements the human body can do.
The default resting position for humans is not sitting on a chair (a modern invention), but squatting.
And the deadlift is the safest and most efficient method to pick a heavy object up off the ground. Squats and deadlifts will help you build a strong, functional, proportional, and attractive body in a way that bicep curls and tricep kickbacks never will. I make the best pulled pork you've ever had, and I'd love to help you learn how to do the same! Taking the next step and going from being simply a little more active during your day, to working out for a set amount of time may seem daunting at first. When you practice executing good form for each rep, you’re getting the maximum benefits from that exercise, and you’ll be working your joints and muscles in the way they were designed to move.

If you’re reading this and are past the basic stage with your personal fitness, let me tell you that even the pros go back and focus on the basics to rebuild their foundation every few months. Squats: This is the basic movement that works your glutes (one of the largest muscles in the body), legs and stabilizers in your back and feet.
Modified Push up: This is called a total body exercise because it literally works all of your major muscle groups.
Hamstring bridge: This exercise works your core muscles and your hamstrings, it is great for working on your balance and pelvic floor muscles.
Repeating this workout 2-3 times a week in addition to your daily activities will help you slowly progress your muscular strength and control.
Samantha is Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife, and as a former competitive sprinter and fitness expert this is the perfect role for her! With AFAA and ISSA certifications under her belt and a love of science that she honed while completing her Applied Chemistry degree, Samantha understands how the human body works and how little changes can make a big difference. With an effervescent personality, Samantha makes fitness an achievable goal for everybody whether they’re already a regular gym-goer or happy sitting on the sofa.
Enter your email address to get the great info on nutrition, fitness and beauty in your inbox. It’s so much harder, you definitely don’t look as tough because you can’t load the bar up and muscle through it, and it isn’t super comfortable at the bottom of the lift. Performing a front squat is much easier on the posterior chain (especially lower back) than the back squat.
Because the load is placed in front of the body, the barbell is kept over the center of gravity without your back having to bend as much to keep it there. You can see bye the EMG (Electromyography: a cool way to see electrical activity produced by skeletal muscle) data that the front squat produces higher muscle activation in the vastus lateralis and rectus femoris compared to the back squat, and there is little to no difference in muscle activation in the vastus medialis.
The absolute best reason to use front squats over back squats, especially if you are just starting to squat in a new workout regimen: they are much safer! I can guarantee if I were to place the bar on his back he would come in the next day and we would be doing things to help loosen his lower back because it hurts so damn much. I remember him best because of who he said he regularly saw at the university gym: Trent Reznor. Stop trying to isolate every muscle group, and ferchrissakes stop thinking that you need to do so many ab, pec, and bicep exercises. The type of love that will last a lifetime, get better with time and help you gain self-confidence. Last week, I shared ways to get up off the couch and simply get active by adding small amounts of extra movement into your daily schedule. Admittedly, walking an extra five minutes a day is not going to get you through a marathon.
I’ve learned through experience that great results can be obtained when you get into the habit of doing things right from the start. It can feel a little bit slow and sometimes even boring to do things right, but the important things in life tend to be the least interesting! Rest for 60 seconds in between each set (a set is once you have completed 12-16 repetitions of the 5 moves). A lunge can be done in many ways and is great for learning balance, developing leg strength and working your hip flexors that are an important muscle of the core.
You don’t want to work to failure with a foundation workout, so aim to complete a minimum of 12 reps. Next week I will show you how you can advance the basics and use timing to progress these exercises into a calorie torching routine. Married with four young children, Samantha understands how difficult it can be to make fitness a priority but it’s her passion to reawaken everyone’s urge to exercise. Follow Samantha’s blog posts for tips and advice about how you can enhance your lifestyle by becoming fitter and happier.
The type of squat you do (high bar, low bar, box, free, front) is not nearly as important as the fact that you are squatting.

In other words, front squatting allows for much more knee flexion without decreasing the hip angle to the point where you are performing a lower back exercise. These 3 muscles are the big 3 out of the 4 (this is what femoris stands for) that make up the quadriceps group of muscles. Better to learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals that will help you reach your fitness goals faster. You really don’t need anything more than push ups, pull ups, presses, and (perhaps) cleans. Some may question whether this concept of adding that small bit of extra activity actually makes a difference. The real aim with getting people active is to build confidence and gently ease your body into movement. I love to teach basic movement patterns and have people get confident achieving a set number of repetitions in their own time with no focus on the clock. I assure you that once you get comfortable with the basics, you can race against the clock and add in more dynamic movement patterns. If you can’t complete 12 in good form, make a note of how many you can do and start working towards getting to 12 reps. If you look at the angles outlined below, the front squat allows us to get much more knee flexion (6 degrees difference with this individual) without placing as much stress on the lower back (11 degrees difference in the hip angle).
When you back squat, the more acute hip angle created, due to the bar position relative to the center of gravity, causes you to use much more hamstring and glute activity at the bottom of the range of motion. And if someone as awesome as Trent Freakin’ Reznor never did squats or deadlifts, well then by golly why should I? It’s best to get comfortable with simple movements and know what and why you’re doing a certain exercise before rushing through to complete a set amount in a certain time.
I can tell you it does help—research shows that doing small bouts of exercise is beneficial for your health, and in fact, you can accumulate your daily 30 minutes of exercise throughout the day by being more active. The 5 beginner’s workout moves I’m going to talk you through can be progressed into advanced moves.
Foundation workouts are about movement confidence, and strengthening essential muscles and tendons. This is extremely important when working with anyone with low-back pain or issues activating their core. This is why I love the front squat as an indicator of lower body strength over the back squat. If you’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone to do things the right way go enroll in the golden oldies yoga class and water aerobics at your local YMCA. Yes I know—my workout approach may sound like relationship advice, but I believe that when you take a calculated approach (in life), your chances of achieving long-term success seem to be better. The feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes from making it to the top of a flight of stairs without being breathless may not seem like a big milestone to you if you’re an avid exerciser.
To solidify this notion just check out this study performed by a team at the University of Florida. You are forced to complete the exercise correctly, using your legs to keep the torso erect, not your lower back. If you want to do things the correct way and push yourself to receive the best results, add the front squat to your workout and see your legs and midsection strengthen immediately. For someone who’s typically inactive, it’s a huge accomplishment and a wonderful step toward attaining an improved sense of wellness.
The decreased resistance needed means there is much less compressive forces on the knees, minimizing the risk of cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries.
He didn’t do anything for a while prior to coming in to work with us, and this picture was taken the second time he front squatted in his program.

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