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Magazine, newspaper and blog features can lead to more sales and help raise the profile of your brand.
We asked journalists Tracy Ramsden and Marie-Claire Dorking, founder of art, craft and design blog Creative Boom Katy Cowan, and Vogue-featured jewellery designer Kim Lawler from Finest Imaginary if they could shed some light. Think like a journalist, decide what makes the story of your business unique and then the best blog or publication to share this story with. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, get to know them and build a relationship with them to learn what they’re looking for, what stories they are currently working on and work out how your business can help. Not just the blogs, magazines and newspapers that you think might suit your products, but also other niche or off-piste magazines. What works for Take a Break magazine won’t work for GQ magazine, so never send out a blanket, catch-all email or press release. Katy Cowan is the founder and editor of the inspirational Creative Boom blog, an online magazine that celebrates, inspires and supports the creative industries.
Before you target any newspaper or magazine, read them cover to cover and explore regular features or columns where you think you might be able to put yourself forward. First of all, follow all the journalists and writers you want to build relationships with on Twitter.
When you gain media coverage, make sure you thank the journalist afterwards and keep their contact details on file. We have a Crafts section and we’re always on the look out for decent work to share with our audience.
Magazines and bloggers aren’t always looking for the same kind of images, so have a mixture of really good quality lifestyle and white-background cut-out shots ready to make sure you have what they want. Journalists are usually working on very tight turnaround times, so make sure you can jump straight to that email or get samples in the post on the same day.
Your yard is looking like the forest primeval, and you have told everyone at happy hour last night that you are going to spend the entire day getting it cleaned up. You can’t turn it back on until you have put in two hours on the tasks you know you have to get finished. Put them in places where you usually go to veg – like on the TV screen or your game console, or that stuffed chair you sit in and fall asleep.
There is something stimulating about having all of the blinds and curtains open, letting in all of the light you can.
When you feel yourself drifting off and you’re ready to go veg, do some jumping jacks or running in place.
There is something motivating about physically seeing the results of our work that motivates us. If you can give yourself little pep talks while you are attacking those tasks, you can motivate yourself to continue.
If ever in doubt about what shaped the world as we’ve come to know it, then words are the answer to your question.
ABOUT US Everyday Power Blog is one of the most popular motivational blogs in the world inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. Spring is just about officially in swing and you may be starting to climb out of your hibernation hole and blinking in the sun. All of these tips are relatively easy to implement, with a littler perseverance and some elbow grease!
Once the warmer weather hits, it’s time to store those winter clothes and break out the t-shirts, shorts and springy dresses! This is one that might take a couple weeks to get through, but try going through each room in your home and getting rid of things you don’t use or like anymore. Spring is a fantastic time to take a little peeksy in your fridge and pantry and get rid of all those expired items.
Make your home sparkle and shine like the coming sun by giving your kitchen and your bathrooms a thorough deep clean.
You are supposed to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at least once a year, so why not do it when you are getting your home ready for spring! If you live under or near a bunch of trees, and even if you don’t, your gutters will undoubtedly be full of random leaves and pine needles by the time winter has said goodbye. One of my favorite things about getting your home ready for spring is all of the beautiful flowers and foliage!
I totally agree with you Bonnie – there’s something special about getting ready for spring and all the warm sunshine! You’ve probably heard about all the benefits of blogging for business, but you you’re still on the fence. I can tell you first hand from experience that blogging is in fact a very effective marketing and tool for small businesses – if you are consistent with it and blog with a purpose. Gina is a solopreneur that has recently launched a new website to market her new bakery shop online to local Seattle customers. She is bootstrapping her business and does not have a large marketing budget, but wants to get the message out about her new company.
Gina decides to write a blog post that covers “10 Tips for Creating Cake Frosting in Under 10 minutes”.
A user performs a search on google for cake frosting tips, finds Gina’s blog post, checks out her website, then decides to contact her after reading more about her services.
Gina decides to start a Twitter account.  She then searches for specific hashtags and keywords related to her niche. Gina works diligently to build up a targeted following on Twitter for the next several weeks.
This is yet another example of the power of blogging (more specifically) combined with content marketing can work for your business. Blogging is the act of writing content, then publishing that content to your blog regularly. The key to running a successful business blog is to blog with a specific purpose + target market in mind, write great content on a consistent basis and plan out all of your blogging activities. Believe me, this is without a doubt one of the first things that you need to do before you start blogging.
Before you start adding content to your blog, you will first need to understand the needs of your audience – as in “what challenges they are having” so that you can structure your content around those issues. If you want to publish content to your blog consistently, creating an editorial calendar will make it easier for you. An editorial calendar is a document that you can use to manage, track and record your blogging efforts. I can tell you from experience + years of blogging that trying to create content on the fly is veryyyy difficult.
You don’t have time to organize your content, brainstorm blog topics, make the necessary corrections to your content, schedule out your blog posts, and most importantly create a content marketing strategy. Getting your blogging activities organized will save you a lot of time because you will already have a set plan in place that you can follow and …more time to create killer content for your readers. A blogging schedule is simply setting a firm day of the week (or a few days) of the week that you will write + publish content to your blog. As an example, my current blogging schedule for this site is that I write my posts on Sundays then schedule them for release on Mondays — every week.
I’ve touched on this in a previous post featuring 10 steps to a powerful small business web presence. In that post I stressed the importance of investing in a professional theme for your website + blog, because…as you are judged in person, you are judged online. Fortunately, sites like Themeforest, Template Monster, Creative Market and even Squarespace all have great themes that you can buy to give your blog a professional appearance. I know, I know… money is tight and you’re bootstrapping your small business.  Because of this, free platforms seem like the logical choice. Your blog content is not really yours, the domain name will be difficult to remember and the platform — does not really belong to you.
At any time, the owner of the free blogging platform can decide to disable your blog leaving your content inaccessible and you out of luck.
One of the first things that you should do when you decide to start blogging for business is to start an email newsletter — like right away!
Starting an email newsletter will give you the chance to start building a list of leads + prospects that you can communicate with on a regular basis, build relationships with and offer your services to.
Optimizing your blog posts for the search engines is essential.  Doing this will give your content a better chance of ranking in the search engines and helps drive traffic to your blog organically. Blog post optimization involves: performing keyword research to find the right words to use in your content, using those keywords throughout your blog post, adding the proper title tags to your content, adding keywords to the graphics that you use.
Blogging on more authoritative + larger sites in your industry allows you to connect with new readers and get your brand in front of a larger audience.
Marketing your blog posts to social media channels is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog and increase readership. In regards to posting your blog content on social networks, it’s best to find one social network to start with, build up a following of targeted readers there, promote your content often, then move on to other networks.
Some characteristics of share worthy blog posts include:  your posts are well researched, have compelling + attention grabbing titles and most importantly offers massive value to your readers. As with planning out content in advance, using social media automation tools like Buffer + Hootsuite to pre-schedule and publish content in advance to your social networks is beneficial.
Using social automation tools make it easier to establish a more consistent posting schedule to your social networks and will save you a ton of time as well.

The thing is… is that you cannot expect to build your brand + business via the web alone.  Networking online is just as important as networking offline. So take it as a lesson learned from me and take advantage of every opportunity that you can to start building relationships online by adding well thought out comments to blogs that have the types of readers that you want to attract to your own blog. It took me yearsssss of blogging to understand that you need to be strategic about using social media networks. Posting your blog content on social media networks is a great way to bring in visitors to your site, but when you decide to setup shop on social networks, you want to make sure that you are following the right people.
For instance, if you are a business coach that caters to women that run service based businesses, you may want to focus on following women that own service based types of businesses. What is a call to action?  It is simply a statement that tells your reader what you would like for them to do next. Honestly, I think this  (along with your titles) is one of the most important elements of an effective blog post.
These can include calls to actions for:   downloading a free guide, requesting a free business consultation, visiting your services page, or sharing your blog post on social media. I would love to hear from you.  Let’s get the conversation going by adding your comments below. Blogging (as with any business activity) requires consistency and planning — especially if you want to be successful at it. Your course really was an eye opener for me and has challenged me to become a better online networker and has challenged me to really start putting myself out there on the blogosphere. As far as the sign up box goes, I am using Thrive Content Builder (its listed on my tools page as a resource + affiliate link is included) to create all of my landing pages, optin boxes and etc for the site. It’s too bad, early on, I didn’t get exposed to this type of proven advice back then! Because if I had, I would have saved a ton of time and avoided even more initial frustration!LOL!
As you stated, most small businesses dont know where to start so it becomes very overwhelming for them. The only thing about hiring someone else to write for you is that it detracts from your own writing voice. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Let’s talk about creative ways to get organized beyond shelves, hooks, and containers. Most doors have potential that is easily overlooked, which is why I want to share this mini organizing series as inspiration for you. While we’re on the subject of displaying information, memo boards rank high on the list as ways people have utilized cabinet doors, both inside and out. The idea of storing cutting boards on the inside face of a kitchen cabinet has been morphed several different ways. Angie has a beautiful baking center in her kitchen, which includes this recipe board she created on the back of one of her upper cabinets.
Similar to the tip above, put the food containers inside on the shelves and use a magazine holder to contain all the lids on the door. Similar to the previous idea for food storage containers, put all your pots in one cabinet and mount their corresponding lids on the cabinet door.
Hanging rubber gloves is another way to utilize the interior of a cabinet door, especially under the kitchen sink. I thought the printable pictured above from the girls at Classy Clutter was really helpful because it included more than just the basic measurements. While this sums up quite a few of the majors, it certainly isn’t every single option! I know, isn’t her conversion chart adorable and I love that it’s a free printable! For some online sellers, press features have proven to be even better than SEO at getting customers to their stores.
Here they each share their five top tips for getting your shop, your products and even yourself featured in blogs and magazines. Then work out how you might fit into their features, ie as a personal tragedy-to-triumph story, as an expert in your field, as a career mentor. Now maximise it by making sure the blog or magazine fully and correctly namechecks your business and includes a link to your stop or website.
Get some professional shots done of you, your studio and maybe even your work in progress too.
Why not create something that you know will get great traction and have the potential to go viral?
I keep a folder in my Dropbox with high-resolution press-ready images – then I just send that link to any journalists who need them so they can download the images they need. Engage with them in a non-businessy, authentic way and watch out for any press requests they might post. Make sure your products are titled, described and tagged correctly on the sites you’re selling them through. Your friends and co-workers can be supportive and encouraging and even pitch in to help when you have projects or tasks to finish. After all, we work hard, we play hard, and it’s time to simply veg out when we have some alone time. If you are doing this a lot when you are alone, then you are unmotivated and a procrastinator unless others are around.
If you can’t get yourself going, walk into each room and get a visual of what it will look like when it’s clean and orderly. Once you have told others, you pretty much “own” it, and you should be able to muster up the motivation so you won’t have to admit that you failed. So, while you get to that project that has been half-finished for the past 3 months, attack it to the music.
De-cluttering your workspace just makes you more emotionally ready to get going; printing out that report or post you just finished, rather than only emailing it off, gives you a physical reminder of what you have accomplished.
It’s tough to motivate yourself when there are no others around you that you need or want to perform for. In a world focused on gossip, drama and materialism, Everyday Power asks the question: "What if the most important news of the day was how to improve your life and the lives of others?" We do more than just provide motivational quotes, videos and self help information. Trust me, you’ll feel a WHOLE lot better and ready to put winter behind you once you do a little spring cleaning and decluttering! Put your bulky sweaters and coats into airtight totes or bins and store them in the garage or another closet till winter strikes again. Pull back appliances, dust the tops of the cabinets, clean out your showerhead, and dust the blinds.
My husband and I noticed a big difference in our bill amounts after we blew the pilot lights out.
Dirt, debris, mold, moss and whoknowswhatelse always seems to adhere it self to your deck, your driveway, the outside of your gutters and even the siding of your house. Plant some seeds or store-bought blooms in pots inside and out or in flowerbeds for an instantly cheery look.
Muddy winter boots pile up, holiday decorations explode for being moved in and out and so much more. And in the winter we can be too lazy or the weather can be too severe for us to do anything about it. I have to admit that I’m sorta obsessing over the headboard in the first image of this post.
That image is actually a stock creative commons image and I just found it too pretty to resist! I love getting ready for the spring and it is really sad that now we have to get ready for the fall.
Because I've got a chest full of power tools I have no idea how to use and a whole Saturday to kill. She is passionate about teaching small biz's how to create a web presence for growth + impact -- one tech tool at a time. I would add that many bloggers stay way to broad and don’t say much that is meaningful.
Once they have a blog, it will be easy to pull in traffic from Search engines, get listed in local directories and be found, etc.
In preschool, we were told to “Play nice … share … treat others as you want to be treated.” Those basic people skills apply to grown-ups just as much, whether dealing with neighbors, clients, coworkers, or roommates.
If you approach any relationship believing the two of you will strike up a close friendship, chances are good that you will. Simplify your blog reading by signing up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox).The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.
Last time I was here sharing, I alluded to many ways the inside of a cabinet door can bring organization to your home. Use the inside door of the medicine cabinet to keep important information on hand when needed yet out-of-sight from everyday view.
The kitchen tends to collect small scraps of paper, reminders, and everyday items like keys.
From using towel bars to skinny baskets, there are several ways people have accomplished this idea.

Whether using a well designed organizer like THIS ONE or making your own from a file folder, using a metal magazine holder attached to the inside of a cabinet frees up valuable drawer space! Again, I saw several DIY versions of this technique (using hooks or towel bars) but the above picture represents the idea nicely. This is customizable to your own color preferences and Beckie also shows a bonus way (at the bottom of her post) to use the same method for jewelry organization.
From utilizing magnetic spice canisters to traditional wall-mounted spice racks, anything works to organize those small jars on the inside face of a cabinet door. I recently saw the same thing done with a Command Clip product, but if you have an extra clothespin hanging around, why not put it to good use (pictured above) like Melissa did! It’s my easy answer to safely handling raw meat and other bacteria-laden situations in the kitchen. You can read HERE about how my hubby installed these drawer pockets on the backside of the fake drawers at our kitchen sink (pictured above). If you have a favorite way to use the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors, share in the comments below!
Thank you :) I’ve just started a new Professional Organizing business, and I’ve been reading your blog posts along the way. You could even loan your products for feature photoshoots in exchange for a credit and link to your website.
Read the masthead of magazines and always contact the editorial assistant or features assistant first, then the commissioning or features editor. Write down little notes about them if you get to know them, so you can ask them specific things next time. I also have a Google document with all my product information, so I can quickly reply to any press requests with a copy-and-pasted snippet about the products I’m putting forward. Keep an eye on the #journorequest hashtag – there are some interesting opportunities every day on that tag! Set a timer and go for it.Turning tasks into a competitive game is both fun and motivating. Once you have all of the expired offenders out of the way, reorganize both your fridge and your pantry, grouping like items together. If you don’t feel comfortable up on a ladder or you have a very tall house, hire a professional to take care of this for you! If you love fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs, consider sowing some in planter boxes in your garden!
Spring is a great time to clean all of your windows inside and out with a little bit of windex and paper towels or newspaper. Take a little bit of time this spring and assess what things around your house need fixing – make a list! I am preparing to deep clean the house before the winter and I definitely should regularly clean the gutters so I am prepared for the rains. A deep clean before each season is definitely a good idea – I still need to get on doing that though – darn those long to-do lists!
This blog is a place for me to showcase updates we do to our home, current design trends, DIY & craft tutorials and home owner advice.
Who wants to wait five minutes for the candle to heat up the teapot, just so the frog will get scared and hop onto the pie catapult? Freelancing takes up a lot of my free time so coming up with guest posts has been a challenge but I wrote it down as one of my growth strategies this year so I have to work it out. I teach Small Businesses how to create a rock solid + impactful web presence -- from scratch! Every person on earth wants to hear something positive about themselves—their appearance, achievements, or acumen. In our world of distractions, being engaged with complete attention is one of the greatest ways to show respect and appreciation. Bonding happens when you discover a shared interest, be it golf, travel, or Humphrey Bogart movies.
Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship, but most can be defused before they detonate. In our age of slick advertising campaigns and political ploys, everyone has their antennae up for manipulation.
Often the most powerful ways we connect with others is through our personal stories—childhood memories, the famous person you met, your most embarrassing moment.
Everyone has an aspect of life that is their greatest source of joy—their children, the screenplay they’re writing, the mentoring program where they volunteer. Originally I was going to round up one giant list of ideas, but that post was getting too lengthy.
I keep medicines in the kitchen (read why HERE) but the same concept could be used wherever you store medications and first aid supplies. Using chalkboard paint for an erasable grocery list & menu planner is a perfect way to use this space for organization.
Above is just one example of how to make your own organizer for foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap. We only have a few lids that go with specific cups and I have never found a good place to keep them… until now. It was completely neglected space until we installed THIS PRODUCT and it solved my sink storage problem in less than an hour! So, if you see a Shopping page in a magazine and all they do is share a photograph, a short paragraph and a website link – that’s what you need to provide! If you’ve got a product that fits those kind of guides, make sure you’ve got a line in your description saying so!
But, if it becomes habitual when no one else is “looking,” then you are missing out on getting a lot accomplished that could actually result in a better you. And there will be times when others won’t be around, important tasks will loom before you, and you will not be able to get started, much less complete them.
And here’s a related “trick.” When you first wake up in the morning, visualize your day from start to finish. The other thing is this: you have to start at #1 and you are not allowed to move to any other item on the list until #1 is finished. But if you can get into the habit of motivating yourself from within, you will have developed a skill that will serve you for a lifetime, under any circumstances. Just take baby steps, take it in sections and at your own pace, and you’ll get there. You can even totally switch up the look of your bedroom by trading out decorative pillows or changing up the color of your bedding. Group things and store them in boxes for later use or arrange them in ways that make sense so you can admire them or use them later!
For example, make sure all of your pastas and sauces are on one shelf, snacks on another, baking supplies on another, etc.
Check the web for when to plant what and by the end of summer you’ll be eating your very own homegrown salads! Powerwash your set if it’s sturdy, otherwise wipe it down with some cleaners made for outdoor furniture. Try moving different decor pieces to another room or changing the configuration of your furniture.
If you can dodge shots from seven teenagers in face masks, you can hide from a vacuum-cleaning job. You're kicking back and catching up on some texts while the ball bearings and motor oil do their thing.
Emotional connection happens when two people reveal important information about themselves. Ask yourself if a battle is really worth fighting, or worth letting go for the sake of harmony. Useful Beautiful Home represents the hours I’ve dedicated to managing my household as efficiently as possible.
If you put the least favorite task as #1, and stick to this “rule,” chances are you will get the rest done.
After a hard few months full of snow and rain and burrowing into blankets until it all went away, it’s time to get your house in shape to welcome spring with open arms!
Once you have your table and chairs sparkling clean again, bring out your chair cushions and outdoor throw pillows to really punch up the color and comfort! Make sure you place all of your gardening and yard supplies within easy reach – you’ll be needing it! Glad that you liked the post and I truly hope that this is a resource that small businesses will find a lot of value in reading. My goal is to share what I’ve implemented in my home to inspire you with fresh ideas and to encourage you to keep up the good work in yours!
If you don’t know, or if you know already that you lose your motivation, then you have some work to do.

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