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He calls himself The Natural Myth and he is a 17 year old natural bodybuilder with an incredible physique. They may be wearing little clothing but the reality stars make up for it with lashings of jewellery in the form of chunky bangles and hoop earrings. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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340000It’s fashionable to write notes to oneself from a point in time when one believes they are very knowledgeable to a time when they remember themselves as being far less knowledgeable. 18-year-old me would write to three-year-old me and say “you should save up money for beer.
And 30-year-old me, might write to 19-year-old me or even 29-year-old me and tell me that “being in your thirties is actually quite wonderful.
There are many things I thought then that would help me raise more confident and well-rounded children today.

We all have stories to share about our time as parents because kids are the absolute best at giving us memorable moments. John McCleve and Nancy Jane McFerren, both from County Down in Ireland, were married on 27 June, 1833. In 1841 the family listened to the LDS missionaries and both parents were baptized in June of that year. Lionel Nebeker & Jolyn Atwood, (2nd great grandchildren of Margaret McCleve) standing on Great Georgea€™s Street in Belfast, near the spot where the McCleve family lived just prior to their departure for America in 1856.
In 1856, the McCleve family left Belfast to migrate to Utah with a group of Irish converts.
Nancya€™s children are those immediately surrounding her starting with her two oldest daughters at the top of the group. Margaret McCleve is to the third child, and appears to the left of her mothera€™s head, with her husband, Mosiah Hancock to the left of Margareta€™s photo. A modern map of Belfast with ita€™s river and harbor.A  Great Georgea€™s Street has been highlighted in purple. Nancya€™s children are those immediately surrounding her starting with her two oldest daughters at the top of the group.A  Their spouses form the outer-most ring.

This guy has definitely huge potential considering the fact that he is still natural and just 17 year old. So I guess I’m saying we should parent with the mind of a three-year-old paired with the old bodies we actually operate in every day that help us save our kids from flushing themselves down the toilet and the like. Me and my children all hope you enjoy our cozy corner of the internet and that one of our Tiny Tales might at some point become a must-read in your house at bedtime. But, I suppose, if you don’t have beer, you might do better in your post-secondary education exploits.
We’re trained to think that as we get older and experience more things and meet more people and read more books, we become better equipped to know things.
Maybe young us was pretty much right all along with their philosophy on living and all our meeting people and reading books just screwed things up.

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