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In my years as academic advisor for our local homeschool high school upper classmen, I often talked to parents who were concerned about what happens AFTER high school. Have academic rigor and explain it on the transcript- Many colleges are looking for academic rigor in at least some courses. Show the sparkle– Your homeschool high schoolers should explore and expand interests with extra and unusual electives, invest in extracurriculars that require some commitment, and include plenty of service hours. Make sure your homeschool high schooler can write and edit- This is VITALLY important for colleges that require admission essays (and for the entire time they are in college).

Get good references- Have your teens spend the high school years developing some solid mentorships.
You and your homeschool high schoolers should choose a course, or courses, each year to level-up to honors.
Show the level on the transcript and include a legend on the transcript that explains how the level-up was earned. Get a good curriculum that is fun, no busywork, accessible, and self-directed and have your teens write, write, write!

AND it gives you reference writers who actually know your kids- so they can write a great reference for them.

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