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Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or your boyfriend stays in the same block it’s fun to converse through text messaging!
We’ve made an awesome compilation of cute text messages for your boyfriend so that you can surprise him when he wakes up, when he is sleeping, when he is at work, or for late evening hours.
Do you want to show your boyfriend how seriously you fancy him and present a fabulous start to his day? A morning message needs to be inspirational and should set the right mood for a perfect day!
This morning I crave to be the first to talk to you and say good morning in your ear, but I desire to be awakened your kisses, baby wake up. I love you every morning, thanking God for having put you in my way and let me have your love, you are the most valuable thing that life has given me, have a wonderful day.
Last night I went to sleep with a smile because I knew that I will dream about you … Moreover, this morning upon awakening, I also did it with a smile because I know you are not a dream. Today is a special day, and this day is dedicated to you because you are the most important to me. I love mornings because it means that God has given me another day to see you, hold you and love you with all my heart. There is no better way to start the day thinking about how incredible and fabulous our love is.
My Prince Charming, in this beautiful morning I want to tell you that I woke up thinking about you because you are a wonderful guy.
You have taught me that the most important thing, that is to love each other and give us the best of us, thanks to you every day feels very special. If he is too busy to reply to your texts, what’s stopping you from sending him cute texts? Work or study is over, and this is the right time to catch his attention and bring a smile on his lips.

Just when I think I have given you all my love, I realize there’s still so much more I have to give you.
Show your love through some cool texts that you can send at night, just when he is about to hit the bed!
Whenever I think about how I am yours, and you are mine, I get the sweetest shivers down my spine. The twinkling stars that dot the skies at night stand testimony to the abundance of your love that erased some of my darkest areas in life.
Hello, darling, did you know you are my best reason to lose sleep because I am always thinking of you! There is no substitute for my kisses and hugs, but I promise we will make up for it once your health is free of sickness bugs.
If he is sick prepare some microwave steam cooked salmon and vegetables which is guaranteed to win his heart. The best way to write a cute or super sweet paragraph to your boyfriend would be to do something original, funny and unexpected.Guys are not big on showing their emotions, so if you want him to show you how much he loves you and stare into your eyes and tell you sweet things, then you should send him a paragraph that will make him smile or laugh.
So I am new to this site, but not at all to collecting airliner models, and driving commercial aircraft. In the last photo, the one with the huge UAL 744, it looks as if the Alaska Airlines model is an A320. If you have an pacmin md11 already in Olympic colors but it needs to be restored contact pacmin they restore models too. View my Lufthansa model-collection at To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Text messages are perfect when you can’t call (in case your boyfriend is busy, or at work, or studying). I wish I were at your side to give you many kisses and tell you in your ear how much I love you.

I know your day will be full of success for you, because you are my cute kiddo who gets everything he wants. You can keep it romantic too, but a bit of humor and fun goes a long way!Sweet paragraph I sent to my boyfriendAnecdotes are a must-have when writing a sweet message to your boyfriend. They convey the right amount of emotion, and there’s something special about staying in touch through these adorably cute texts. By your side, I feel entirely happy, and I want to tell you on this special day that I love you with all my health. The Mechanist happens to be heading into town that same moment and sees the mercs at the bar.
With a protectron at his side and seeing them off guard The Mechanist feels he can take them on knowing they will have some good loot. The mercs jump up from the bar and start shooting and a massive shootout starts in the middle of Canterbury Commons streets. Protectron charges forward takeing another merc out not knowing that one of the mercs is carrying pulse grenades they make short work of the protectron. Now three mercs left pushing forward The Mechanist now alone starts to run towards his lair.
With the mercs unloading on him as he runs he gets caught with a bullet in the right arm and drops his rifle knowing it could happen again he just keeps running and leaves it. The mercs decided not to proceed after looseing three men already and only one pulse grenade left and knowing the Unique Laser Rifle is worth more then the contract anyway.
Now back at Fort Bannister with a failed mission the mercs present Commander Jabsco with this Unique Laser Rifle.

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