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A break-up message from a guy to his now ex-girlfriend has gone viral after it had been shared on social media a thousand times. On Thursday, November 13, Amy Nelmes tweeted a screenshot of the text messages that she got from a friend who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. CoolChaser lets you easily create beautiful Facebook layouts within minutes - so easy even your grandma can do it! Or they can write sonnets and stand outside windows with boomboxes raised above their head.
She can get in that mode where she thinks you’re just a terribly desperate man, and you’ll never win her back that way.But by texting your ex back, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

And, to top it off, it’s so much easier than any of the above described over-the-top displays!Perhaps before getting into what’s included in Michael Fiore’s program, it’s best to understand exactly why texting your ex back is the best way to go about winning her over.First of all, with texting—as opposed to a phone conversation or meeting each other one-on-one—you get to perfect exactly what you’re trying to say. Or if you want to remind her of a special time you’ve shared before, you can compose the perfect words to hint at what you’re trying to say.
You can edit, and re-edit, and re-write, and even try to get opinions from your friends on whether or not this is something you should be texting her. Having the ability to change your words before sending them is not something that should be taken for granted.Secondly, it makes it look like you could take her or leave her. It takes so little effort, that it’s seen as one of the most impersonal ways people can communicate with one another.

Getting Michael Fiore’s program “Text Your Ex Back” is a must if you’re thinking about getting your ex back.

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