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If you have a Android phone, and internet connection is activated on that, then you no longer need to spend money on SMS.
FreeSMS is a free Android SMS app to send free SMS to any mobile number from Android phone. Remember: Login with the username and password of the gateway which you have selected in the app.
WhatsApp Messenger is a free Android app to send free messages between WhatsApp messenger on Android. Google tries its best to provide sensible default applications that cater to a generic populace but, as always, there will always be other apps that offer more or better features.
From application launchers to lock screens to messaging apps, Android has made it somewhat easy to make even its core components replaceable and cutomizable.
The nitty gritty of the API changes can be found in Google's blog post, but in a nutshell, the new changes revolve around a very important new feature: the ability to set a default SMS app. Oooohhhh, so does this mean we could set hangouts to our default SMS app if they’re updating it with SMS and MMS capabilities?? Although there are many carriers have included unlimited text messaging in the data plans or you may pay certain amount of fee on top of your data plan to send unlimited SMS text messages. For those who are Android phone user, please check out our Top 8 of Best Android Apps to Send Free SMS Text Messages. Textfree with Voice by Pinger allows you to send and receive free unlimited texts and pics, plus earn free calling minutes. Last week in our Android customization series we took a look at how to push Android notifications to your computer screen using one of our favorite productivity apps, Pushbullet. Having installed all 5 on my device at the same time, I promise you, you are going to want to only try one or two at a time yourself.
Fair warning folks, we are skipping our usual in-depth step-by-step instructions today, instead, we’re cramming more apps in and looking at things from a general overview.
Airdroid is an impressive productivity app, it allows you to do so much more than just send and receive SMS through your PC, allowing you to access files from your Android device and even take remote control of a few aspects of your Android gear. To use Airdroid for your SMS, follow Airdroid’s fairly simple and bulletproof instructions on your phone to connect your PC to your Android device.
DeskSMS is brought to you by Koushik Dutta, a popular Android app developer responsible for a number of unique and powerfully productive apps, such as Helium backup, Clockword Mod ROM manager and AllCast. MightyText is another popular app that is focus built for SMS management through your computer. MySMS is another option that utilizes a web page to access and control your SMS off your Android phone. Pushbullet, as we discussed last week, was originally designed to push files, URLs and more between your Android device and PC.
If you followed along last week, you’ve already got Pushbullet installed on device and the browser extension setup and rolling. While Hangouts does bring SMS to your PC, for free, this is merely an available way to access the Hangouts tool. We hope you find the SMS to PC app that suits your needs in this week’s Android customization post. This Android SMS app is a nice and simple app that uses multiple gateways to send SMS across different states in India.
Viber can also be called Android SMS app, as the app allows you to send free SMS between Viber to Viber. In Android 4.4 KitKat, Google will be changing the rules a bit for third-party SMS apps that will, hopefully, make things easier for both developers and users.
But SMS apps have not been so blessed, and apparently the situation is even worse under the hood.
Starting Android 4.4, only one SMS app will be able to actually receive message content, both SMS and MMS. But, do you think that it’s worth to pay extra to those carriers if there are some apps available allowing us to send text messages for free? With the advent of a new era, communication has taken a leap forward in terms of people interacting to each other.

As an extra, we tossed in that Pushbullet will let you handle your SMS right from your PC, so we wanted to take a look at a few other apps that can do the same for you. More importantly, some are made specifically to sync SMS between your PC and your Android phone, while others are designed for other purposes, but happen to be able to also tackle SMS. But don’t worry, each of the apps has its own instructions that are easy enough to follow for these relatively easy to configure tools. It offers a premium service for a monthly fee that provides access across networks and a few extras. Airdroid has been mentioned a few times before here on the sight, most recently as a tool to remotely clear your microSD card before using Android Device Manager to factory reset your device. While the app may be free, the service will run a small fee to go beyond a short trial period. In short, you send a chat or email message from your PC and it will translate into an SMS message through your Android device. MightyText focuses on handling your messages through a web browser, providing a web page for you to visit, from which all of your messages are synced between PC and Android device. A premium option is available that brings sync across devices, backup into cloud services, export to a text file and more. Startup the app and log in on your Android device, follow the instructions through and it will provide the local URL that you’ll need to access on your PC. Not only is there no extra fees to worry about, but Pushbullet offers APIs that allow you to build your own apps and programs to operate on their service.
As Pushbullet grew, and Android itself became more versatile, Pushbullet took on the ability to push your Android notifications to your PC and handle your SMS. There is nothing more to do here, Pushbullet on your PC will automatically handle SMS notifications in a way that allows you to respond to sender.
In contrast, each of the other apps today take your incoming SMS from your phone and have to convert them to a usable form for your PC. Next week, we would like to revisit using voice commands to control your device, we’ll use Tasker to control the camera on your device, and throw in an Android Wear app to give you even more flexibility.
To apply this tweak either you have either you have to insert some commands in a Terminal app on your Android device or from your computer using adb.
Some of the apps let you send SMS to a few countries, while some of the apps have a much wider coverage. If you have Viber installed and same Viber app is installed on your friends phone, then you can chat or send unlimited text to your friend. Also, this Android app is one of the most popular Android messenger app in Google Play Store. According to Google, developers of alternative SMS apps have so far relied on hidden APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to build their software, a practice that is highly discouraged considering how these APIs can change without warning, tantamount to pulling the rug from under the developers', and users', feet. All other SMS apps installed on the system will, instead, simply get a notification that the system received an SMS. People have complained that forcing hangouts onto people is invasive, but the ability to download and set another SMS app as default completely cures that.
Check out below what the apps have to offer, then I recommend grabbing the one that looks best to you.
Simply follow the setup instruction in the Android app and you’ll be up and running in a few clicks. This was a tough decision, but ultimately it came down to the fact that Hangouts does not handle messages the same way as the others today.
Bottom line, Hangouts works even when your Android phone is turned off, the others require your phone to be turned on and connected.
That’s right, get both arms into your selfies, or be a part of that group photo without having to run for it. After using this tweak you can increase the limit of sending sms from 101 to a new limit or simply you can remove the limit. You just have to sign-in with your username and password and get started with the app to send free SMS. You just need to select SMS gateway, login with your username and password and you are done with.

And so Google as decided to make those APIs public, which, in turn, will change how developers write their SMS apps.
Conversely, only the default SMS app will be able to write to the SMS provider, meaning only one app can actually send messages. SMS has been one of the most integral feature of mobile phone technology and therefore is given more attention. Perhaps this makes Hangouts the best app for your needs, I just figured it was unfair to have it compete head on with the others today. While sending the SMS, you can select any contact number from your phone’s contact book as the app allows you to access phonebook and select any contact. Free SMS India app comes up with multiple SMS gateways which includes way2sms, FullonSMS, Site2SMS and 160by2. On the user end of things, these changes mean that users will now be able to select their preferred SMS app from the Android system settings.
However, there are many alternatives of SMS texting apps for android we can use to withstand mainstream SMS interactions with faster and more interactive options. This Android SMS app even allows you to select any number from contact list and then send SMS on those contacts for free. While sending normal SMS, you can attach an image by picking up from you phone’s gallery or by clicking it from your Android phone’s camera. These applications are easily available and user friendly at the same time.Google HangoutsThe fantastic Google, as it has been doing for decades now, launches the Google hangout application which allows the user to send audio, video and written messages in an instant. At the time of signing-up, fullonsms will send you a password with which you can login to fullonsms app on your Android phone. Remember that before sending the SMS, check that your Android phone has full internet access.
Apart from sending text messages, you can also make unlimited free calls between Viber to Viber. You can send any picture, voice recoding, audio, video, and any contact from WhatsApp messenger. Login with your username and password and get ready to send free SMS from your Android phone using FullonSMS app. Also, the app allows you to insert various emoticons in any text message and send from your Android.
Sliding message is one of those diverse SMS replacements app for android that can give you whatever you have imagined for a smooth conversation.
It allows you to change background colors, font sizes and colors and themes of the message conversation. It also gives you the freedom to reply, call or mark as read message as soon as the pop up message appears. Get it from Google Play Store – Sliding Messaging Pro8smsIt is a more advanced form of the already provided vanilla Android stock messaging.
It can ensure protection of your private conversation and makes a backup copy of your data as well.
It gives you the freedom to talk in groups, checks spellings for you and has the ability to share files as well. If you have been sick of getting the wrong calls, Handcent can easily stop those numbers from reaching you as it contains the built in block feature.
As for now, these SMS replacements apps are good enough and feasible as well to guarantee faster communication. Do let us know and share your experience, what are your favorite SMS apps for Android and start the discussion.

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