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Sure, the Google search box in Android lets you dictate regular text messages, but what if your conversations live in a non-standard chat app? On top of this, Google search has also added a handy wait time graph for places where crowding and queues can be problems.
From Jess: This dirty text was meant to be sent to my boyfriend and I accidentally sent it to my mum. A new iPhone app, Black SMS – (protected text), attempts to keep private SMS conversations undercover, by covering them in a black cloud until you’re ready to read them.
Depending on how secretive you really are, this app could either be a god-send or a total waste of time.

I think if my boyfriend had this app installed I would think he's up to no good, unless he turned out to be a spy, then he would be excused!
Do you have a best friend like this?  Be sure to “Share” this post and tag them! You may find out that the coffee shop will be more bearable if you wait an hour, or that the grocery store won't be quite so packed if you shop on Wednesday.
This is only as helpful as your schedule is flexible, but it could save you from waiting in lengthy lines just to get a bite during your lunch break. When you receive a black SMS you then copy the message from your Messages folder, and then paste it into the Black SMS app to reveal what it actually says.

All you have to do is name the service when you're issuing the command -- "send a WhatsApp message to Bob" will make sure that your friend gets your missive where he's expecting it. More apps and languages are in the cards, so don't despair if your favorite mode of communication isn't compatible right away.

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