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In 1975 Marina Abramovic and Uwe Laysiepen met in Amsterdam, fell in love, and began to collaborate as performance artists.
By the time their personal relationship ended twelve years later they had become two of the most famous performance artists in the world.
For creative types, artists, writers, anybody who has collaborated in projects with others and who knows what it's like merging creative energies - this book will make a lot of sense. Thomas McEvilley met them in 1983; they became close friends, and ever since he has been able to follow the development of their career together, and their careers apart, over the past twenty-seven years.

Personally, I greatly admire Marina Abramovic; her focus, her relentless energy and drive, and her willingness to be vulnerable and very real in today's world - topped with her spiritual approach to performance art (and here I am also thinking of meditation and linking her energy to that of her audience) - make her, in my opinion, a master in her field. The first documents Marina Abramovic and Ulay together, including their three-month-long Great Wall Walk in 1988.
The second section features Ulay's career before meeting Marina -- when, for example, he briefly "stole" Germany's most famous painting in broad daylight -- as well as his later work as a conceptual photographer. The final section features a long interview with Marina and essays about her work of the 1990s and the 2000s.

And to see a glimpse into her partnership with Ulay - a relationship of equals - makes this a fascinating read. The book includes 65 photographs presented throughout the text, and features a dramatic opening section of "Relation Works." The book coincides with Marina Abramovic's major retrospective at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

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