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What is perplexing, however, is the tendency for women to use their children as ammunition, as part of an intricate ploy to somehow strike back at their ex-partner. The issue rather, is that many women are at an unfair advantage because well…they are women. It is simply unfair to a man who has everything working against him, especially when we have the stereotype (and reality) that men are less present in the raising of their children, something that is being talked about very much in the media, as well as through anecdotal points of reference. If we look at the reverse-case scenario, we know that women are more likely to win sole custody by virtue of the fact that they are women. Even in the modern world, there are more stay at home moms than stay at home dads so, that accounts for some of the advantage. So, even if we objectively view the roles of men and women as shifting, they simply are not moving a fast enough pace to ensure that fathers have enough access to their children because the dominant narrative has not changed. Nikki is a Toronto-based writer, whose musings cover a wide range of topics incuding but, not limited to: politics, love, education and cultural criticism.
Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. And just remember, when you want to trace how society is taking a downturn (especially as it pertains to males), you have to look at who is raising them: WOMEN! My ex wrote fake checks to pretend that he paid child support, and for about 3 years, only paid a month or two. When the Fathers get to carry the babies and go through the labor pains and then be up at all hours of the day and night with a newborn, then the baby and later the child will be half his.. When you spend every hour and dime devoted to your child and dad rages and fights with you in front of your child is that what is best for your child? Perhaps you should read The Custody Wars and Mothers on Trial to understand that in court, mothers due not have the advantage because of patriarchy and judges and lawyers are still primarily men. To me I’m a father of an 8 month old daughter,I was the first parent to touch her and hold her, it was beautiful. Women who keep their children from the father (unless there is threat of harm to the children – physically, mentally or emotionally) are angry, bitter creatures in need of counseling and probably medication. And anyone – who goes into anything so challenging as parenthood with the thought that you will always have that someone else to help pay and pick up the pieces is a FOOL. I really disagree with that sometimes the dad’s can move on in their lives,it’s not about taking care of the child or children, imjs!!!!!! With the exception of the moms who have extreme circumstances (drug abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, phyical danger, etc), I really have no patience for the women who spitefully keep their kids away from their parent.
Thinking about revenge stimulates a region of the brain called the dorsal striatum, which becomes active when you anticipate pleasure or some kind of reward like sex, making money, or eating good food. In one experiment, participants were divided up into punishers who could get revenge on someone who double-crossed them during a game and non-punishers who could only think about getting revenge on those who double-crossed them. In the book Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct, author and psychology professor Michael McCullough explains that revenge serves an evolutionary purpose. McCullough also explains that revenge becomes even more important when other people have witnessed you being mistreated because, in this case, there’s a chance that others will learn that you are the type of person who puts up with mistreatment.
In life, there are those who will talk about you behind your back, promise support that never comes, or get others to attack you on their behalf. In any battle, the person who can be the most vulnerable, without losing their position, will win. When you get attacked, especially by someone close, one of your first instincts will be to isolate yourself. The worst thing about other people doing you wrong is that they can get inside your head and hijack your focus.
The best way to get someone out of your head is to redirect both your focus and their focus. Imagine someone is blatantly taking advantage of you and you turn around to give them a gift, or get them a job, or ask them for advice. Doing something good for someone who wrongs you is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of intelligence.
There are a lot of people in life who will want to hold you back from getting what you want. One of the first things people do after a tough relationship break up is start working out.
People who work out 2-3 times a week are more emotionally intelligent, make better decisions, and maintain more balanced hormone levels. Your health is worth more than all the money or power in the world, which is why increasing it is such a great way to get revenge. 10 Ways Intelligent People Get Revenge 99 Things Wildly Intelligent People Refuse To Do 15 Benefits Of Being An Intelligent Misfit 120 Things Wrestling Taught Me About Business Success 23 Things Wrestling Camps Taught Me About Leadership (Skip #7 If You Have A Weak Stomach) 25 Things Swimming Taught Me About Small Business (or, How To Escape Alcatraz) 4 Ways To Influence People's Actions - The Behavioral Psychology Of Impulse Buying Thou Shalt Not Drink Haterade - How To Deal With Haters Without Becoming One 7 Signs You’re Slowly Turning Into A Coward (Is #5 Too Harsh?) 13 Signs You're Close To A Breakthrough Eat Meat, Act Huge, Wild Out – 8 Ways To Boost Vitality And Live Like A Lion 3 CIA Secrets To Building Rapport (Especially With Difficult People) The 8 People Who Will Improve Your Life (And The 8 Who Will Destroy It) 130 Things Surviving Graduate School Taught Me About Business Success Happiness Is A Worthless Goal - 3 Ways To Enjoy Life More Two Signs You'll Always Be Average (Skip #1 If You're Sensitive) Write Your Story - Emotionalize Your Purpose In Life And Start Fulfilling It Today Redefining Alpha – 3 Fortune 500 Leadership Tips For Top Dogs 9 Unexpected Advantages Of Having A Short Attention Span The 14 People Who Will Kill Your Biggest Dreams The Lost Art Of Being A Hard Ass – 5 Ways To Develop Others Into Leaders, Not Followers You Are Not Responsible For Other People's Happiness. Thanks for viewing "I love my cousin quotes tumblr".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr.
Alas, the relationship does not stand the test of time, as the fairytale would otherwise have us believe. This retaliation is often due to any wrongdoing [ongoing or not] that may have been committed by the man in question – be that adultery, stealing, lying, etc. These are occupations where the parent works only while the children are at school or sleeping.

Nowhere should it ever have been written that women are the sole proprietors of motherhood. You fail to understand attachment development of a child under 6 as well as protective parents who do want what is best for the kids. Your offspring will be a bitter bastard like you, looking for its father and cursing people out online with a bunch of word copied and paste from google, my child will be the judge sentencing your delinquent to life in prison. It always helps to be able to present to the presiding Judge that [the father] is REGULARLY providing money for this child he says he wants to see.
If they were good enough to lay down with then they should be good enough to see their own child.
He had a big thing for his hair and I thought this would be the best way for me to get revenge on him for not letting me graduate.
Both punishers and non-punishers rated their feelings immediately after the game, as well as 10 minutes later.
There will be times in life when you have to stick up for what’s right and call people out on their attempts to take advantage of you.
By exacting revenge, you make a person’s gains less profitable, which helps prevent them from hurting you in the future.
The key is to get revenge intelligently, without getting overly defensive and without getting distracted from your overall purpose in life.
Someone has affected the cost-benefit ratio of your life and now you need to move a chess piece to prevent them from taking more from you in the future. And once they’re in your head, fighting against them is like fighting against yourself. I set up a meeting with the dean of the graduate school who then called my advisor to ask him about the situation. You’ll want to seek justice by holding a mirror up to their face to showing them why they are wrong. By immediately retaliating against someone, you add energy to the situation and strengthen their resolve against you.
They’ll want to hold you back, not because they want what you want, but because your growth and your gain highlights their inactivity. It’s the process of plotting revenge that lights up the reward centers of our brains. The ones that don’t seem to have any job or life at all except for blasting really loud, annoying music all day and night long. And of course that should be attributed to the system of patriarchy that has ascribed women the role of nurturer and caregiver.
While it is true that often when separation or divorce ensues, a man is more likely than a women to shirk the responsibility, we still cannot allow for those scenarios to take precedence over the few, if only – who are genuinely interested in the well-being of their children but are repeatedly shut out. Even in the modern world, women more commonly work on a schedule that is conducive to parenting; eg.
Let’s trouble the idea of women being at an unfair advantage in custody proceedings, because as stated, it comes as a result of a system of patriarchy.
By the time the child is old enough to reach out on their own, they are most likely SCREWED UP!! Well, most men were probably raised in single-parent housholds (in which women were the single parent), or women were the most dominant figure in their lives. I did let them see him during summers, and he demanded that I pay HIM child support during that time!
Then one day she told me she was confused and wanted to be single until she figured things out, to which I understood and gave her that space. I think that some mothers use the child as a way to get back at the man for what ever reason they broke up.
Is it that these females have been brainwashed and not supportive of their gender, or is it that the boss has them to write the articles? If he wasn’t trying to be involved then it would be a whole conversation about him not being ish. Of course this was pure fantasy and thinking about it was childish, but it did make me feel better.
Studies show that while most people believe revenge will make them feel better, in reality, it does the opposite.
Suddenly, my advisor’s attention went from how he could win against me to how he could protect himself from further scrutiny. This will shift their attention from battling against you to protecting themselves from someone else. It sharpens the contrast between you and them, highlighting their negative actions against your positive response. When you come against people like this, simply note who they are and avoid telling them anything personal in the future.
So, when you get in shape, you highlight those against you who are not in shape, while also reaping all of the health benefits that come with it.
That nagging feeling you get when someone mistreats you is really your best friend. The problem is that most people want to fix this nagging feeling when they should be using it as an itch to improve their lives. But who is speaking out on behalf of the fathers out there who are actively seeking to be a part of their children’s lives but, unfortunately, are having their attempts met with resistance when confronted with an ex in a court of law, all because of a relationship gone awry? You are the very essence of the type of personality disorder that this article is talking about.
I ended up going to a trucking school to be able to support my daughter and get her what she wants and needs.

If there are no extenuating circumstances keeping your kid and their father apart then every effort needs to be made on the part of both parties to have that father-child relationship.
The ironic thing was that my desire to get revenge was one of the things that kept me in graduate school. I had an offensive style and was big on heavy training and usually won by getting people tired in the final period.
Getting emotional and personal will distract you and cause you to do things that you’ll feel bad about later. It also has a stupefying effect that allows you to peer deeply into how these people think and what they really want. Without knowing who you really are and what you really want, these people won’t know how to hold you back.
The best way to get back at a world that won’t support you, so to speak, is to build something on your own. Turn your desire to get revenge over those who wronged you into a strong reason WHY — a reason to grow and to keep taking action to bigger and bigger goals. Matthew Br is sick and tired of his obnoxious neighbors who seem to constantly blast annoying, crappy music. Men work longer hours outside the home on average and that accounts for a great deal of the disparity between fathers and mothers winning custody. In my case, I stayed with my children’s mother for 3 years, while she became increasingly abusive to me, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. You refuse to believe ALL of the peer reviewed research of the last twenty years that says JOINT CUSTODY is in the best interest of children. He had a defensive style, trained lightly, and usually won by racking up a big lead in the first period and then stalling the match out. After losing, I promised myself that I would win if I ever faced him again.
In some cases, the punishers remained so distracted by their feelings that they were unable to focus on the next game. So he created a simple device that detects loud noise coming from the wall and if the noise remains constant for ten seconds, it will start blasting Who Let The Dogs Out so loud, the entire building can hear it.
So I’m pretty much 100% sure my child’s DONOR did not post this to excuse himself from the results of HIS ACTIONS?!! Eventually, my son came to my city to go to college and saw the light, and my daughter called me in the middle of the night one summer to sake me to come get her. That any situation that does not involve an immediate danger to the child should end in joint custody. Yes I do hate not being able to see her, and it was in my decision making process before I left. I stayed because I loved her more than I can ever say in mere words, and because she would threaten me with never seeing them again if I left. Perhaps what is best is for them is to have a primary caretaker for stability and sAfety and healthy development. Ultimately though I was willing to make that personal sacrifice while she was still young and I got my experience to get a home every night trucking job. The more you practice being transparent and authentic, the better you position yourself against others who want to attack you. This will give you perspective and help you gain clarity over how you can best use this situation to your advantage.
With a first name like yours, I’m not shocked that you are unable to fathom that some of Us DO articulate and enunciate the English Language better than you and your simple mamma.
I got up with my son and daughter most of the time and let her sleep in because I worried about her seizures. And since they no longer can be used as a weapon against me, their dad wants nothing to do with them either.
I spent as much time with my children as I could between trying so hard to appease their mother who demanded constant attention.
The night finally came, the night before the day of my birthday, when she was arrested for domestic violence.
This type of personality raising a child is what leads to children growing up mentally Unhealthy. But it pales in comparison on how its hurts and saddens me the long last effect this will have on our daughter. I’ve never hit her, because I was raised better, and simply endured the abuse out of fear that I would never see my children again, and because again, I loved her. I have not seen my daughter in almost a year because when she was born her mother was still going through a divorce. I am trying so hard to get back on my feet so I can go for custody… But my condition has made it so difficult.
Fathers deserve rights, not just because they are important to their children’s emotional development, but because of scenarios like mine. I can tell you right now, if and when I get custody of my children, I will not keep them from their mother provided that she behaves, because it is best for them to have two parents. As much as she has hurt me, and destroyed my life, my children are the most important thing in the world… NO MATTER WHAT.

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