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The days of free textbook distribution on the first day of class now only exist as a distant memory.
Every upperclassman tells you to skip the campus bookstore and they couldna??t be more right. Therea??s a good chance your second-cousina??s friend Johnny took the same class and his book collects dust in his garage.
Although you will probably drop money on books you wona??t read regardless, a little research could save some of your summer paycheck. Valentine’s Day has passed, and odds are you feel like a failure for your Vday gift-giving performance. Unfortunately, the ritual in which you sacrifice your summer earnings to your your landlord and theA bursara??s office fails to end the bank account barrage. Fortunately, with the right planning you can obtain all those required texts without emptying your wallet or shattering your piggy bank.
Wait for a syllabus before you sell your soul for a copy of a??Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Thema?? (I wish).
Those racks of pristine collegiate hoodies and rows of crisp books can easily seduce away your savings.

Every site or store claims to have the best offer, but the cheapest option for one book may be the most expensive for another.
For all you know, your professor will tell you on the first day that all exams are lecture-based. The weight in your wallet distinguishes the difference between an eBook and traditional 4-pound printed book. If the stars align, you can find a copy of your assigned textbook among the 37 musty tomes that comprise the complete work of William Shakespeare. Rather than letting options dwindle by waiting until the last minute, set aside the time to find your books early in the semester. A You could have a printed textbook for no cost at all (cue singing cherubs descending from heaven).
Dona??t be that guy crying over an empty shelf when your professor decides to make your final open-book. Having discount in the name or a??for the studentsa?? in the motto doesna??t guarantee lower prices. University-ran resources such as Project Muse provide free PDF editions of books ranging a wide degree of fields of study.

Students at many universities have created exchange services such as Student2Student that allow you to cut out the middleman and buy books directly from other students.
To my surprise a new edition of The 2014 Associated Press Stylebook cost the same $22.35 at both of my available stores.
If your school is affiliated with the database, obtaining full-access simply requires the help of your librarian.
Many universities require students to return books within two weeks if another student submits a request. Though you might miss that musty book smell, you cana??t deny the convenience of a finger swipe or a mouse click.

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