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So you've broken up after going through all of the trouble of taking photos together and uploading them on Facebook. 20th Century Fox recently decided to cast Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal to play the new Zorro in Zorro Reborn (different from the original).
Unless a big filmmaker and remarkable living legend like Steven Spielberg (who has a great instinct about talent even if unknown by the general public), is involved to set the roles, the Studios will always want to control everything.
During that event, we noticed Enzo Zelocchi talk with Tom Rothman, producer Michael De Luca, director Luc Besson, director Gavin O'connor and briefly with Stacey Snider. He is apparently attached to several projects as lead and supporting actor, one with a major studio involved, in a already profitable franchise sequel movie with two big names as leads. This could be the best decision 20th Century Fox should be makingA on this specific project in terms of potential profit on domestic and international sales of the movie (it's hard sometimes, when the boss is surrounded by people unable to express their opinions). We've heard several rumors about the other actors on the short list for Zorro, but the best and valid candidate for the role might be Enzo Zelocchi (several people in the industries share the same opinion, even inside FOX, but they'll only express it in private).

Nothing personal with the other actor, he is probably good for roles that fit him better, but not for this one and we're showing you why. A young Jewish man, Aaron, mid twenties, whos returned home from the war in Iraq to find his wife, Sarah on her deathbed. An early thirties father, Mick, caught in a very lucrative drug dealing lifestyle with a raunchy drug abusing ex-wife, Mandy, who blackmails him for money and uses their son, Jake, as leverage.
A rookie detective Dylan Williams, hunt a serial killer who has a very twisted modus operandi. Things can still be changed, please take few minutes and make your voice rise and count in Hollywood!
Without you, the entertainment business system will not longer exist, YOU are very IMPORTANT and powerful, together we can make the difference! 1) SEX pictures and tapes of famous actresses during private casting couches (dates, locations provided) and private emails with big Hollywood producers and directors.

This role was brilliantly interpreted in the past by Antonio Banderas, a role he perfectly played both physically and intellectually.A  Zorro Reborn, a futuristic sci-fi Zorro vigilante, is a hero who answers the people's cry for justice.
That's the rule, unlessA a big director or producer imposes his will, like Harvey Weinstein does (a man with with a great intuition and extended intelligence, who doesn't need to follow studios' rules) OR with the usage of a smart and effective marketing strategy based on the franchise, the story or by surrounding a new talent with some bankable actor as a safe move.
The results will be taken to: 20th Century Fox studio executive Steve Asbell and to Sobini Films producers Mark Amin, Cami Winikoff and David Higgins. The film is approximately budgeted at $50 million dollars cash flowed by 20th Century Fox in Co-Production with Sobini films,A but it will be 20th Century Fox that will make the final decisions, based on potential domestic and international sales.

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