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January 13, 2015 by Andrew 2 Comments Two years ago the ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion was found below the waves in the Abu Qir Bay. Thonis-Heracleion was founded around the 8th century BC and after a series of natural disasters it vanished completely by the 8th century AD. In fact, such spells have been found in the Handbook of Ritual Power, a 20-page codex from the 8th-century which Malcolm Choat at Macquarie University and Iain Gardner at the University of Sydney have now decoded. There have been numerous reports over the centuries of people having a near death experience at some critical moment in their life. If you are yet to be convinced about the concept of life after death, at least make sure you organize a good send off. Creative Commons: Elroy Serrao, Ralph Repo, Mike Johnson, Ravindu Ranaweera, Marco and Beckie. The black cat, in particular, is sometimes seen as unlucky as it represents one of the forms Satan is believed to take as he stalks the Earth. The Romans took the fiercely independent nature of the cat and translated this to the concept of liberty.
There are few significant female Babylonian deities to choose from other than Tiamat and channelling any aspect of Tiamat is not recommended.
Who would you recommend a female deity appropriate for channelling and who might bring some suggestion of masculinity diversity? The evolution of this western form of numerology now includes elements from Arabian sources, Druid, Phoenician and Egyptian studies.  Pythagorean numerology uses the numbers 1 to 9 (unlike Chaldean numerology which often stops at 8 ) and frequently reduces numbers down to a single digit (for example, the number 23 becomes 5 as 2+3=5).
Two common numerological studies involve translating a name to numbers (changing your name is therefore significant in numerology) and understanding the date of birth. In some Egyptian mythologies Horus lost his left eye to Seth in a fight over the murder of Osiris.
The design of the Eye of Horus is fractional – parts of the image represent different fractions. Abaddon is the name of the demonic entity which the Bible (Revelation 9:11) describes as the angle of the bottomless pit. According to Zoroastrain lore, Ahriman is the demon of lies and is trapped in never-ending conflict with Ahura Mazda. In the Aprocryphal Book of Tobit the demon Asmodeus is the personal tormentor of Tobias’ wife-to-be.
In Shakespeare’s The Tempest Caliban is the half-human deformed offspring of the devil and the witch Sycorax.
The name Cambion was given in the post-medieval period to anyone  believed to the semi-human offspring either an incubus or succubus.
The Book of Revelation describes Gog and Magog as the future enemies of the Kingdom of God. Lamia is the name of a legendary queen of Libya who turned into a monstrous serpentine monster. Enter your email address to subscribe to In Pure Spirit and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Just off the coast of Egypt but lost for hundreds of years, scientists had no idea what they would found.
History claims they could do everything from exorcising demons, defeating enemies and had plenty of love spells?
The spells come from an era in Egypt in which many people were Christian and some of the spells actually reference Christ. Shops liek Timeslide sell polished agate amulets from 1800 BC while others like Phytognosis offer up Ancient isis incense blends. They describe a sensation of drifting down a long tunnel towards the light, to a place where their loved ones are waiting. In fact they were such firm believers that when anyone died, their corpse was mummified and placed in a burial chamber along with all of their worldly possessions, including household slaves and anything else that might have come in useful in the afterlife. Proponents of the therapy place their patients in a deep hypnotic trance and using questions, try and take them back in time to a place before they were born. It could be argued that a ghostly sighting is simply a residue of electrical activity left over from a traumatic event, but for those who believe in the afterlife, ghosts are simply more evidence in favor of life after death. The ancient Egyptians associated the cat to the moon and drew connections between the dilation and contraction of cat eyes to the waxing and waning of the moon.
Whenever you attempt to involve a deity in a blessing or ritual it is important to know exactly with whom you are dealing with.
Instead the following five deities each have an aspect or two which is also commonly found in male deities.
While she is a deity of love, beauty and fertility who would assist in childbirths she is also associated with war, battle, death and wealth.
People may influence their fate (therefore pythagorean numerology can both predict the future and not predict the future at the same time) but there is a sustainable structure to the future. The Eye of Horus is commonly shown as a right eye with a tear drop below and, together, they symbolise the sun and Isis.
Seth lost the fight and Thoth, the god of writing, was able to use  magic to restore Horus’ eye. They are the second most powerful type of devil and may be related to ancient Egyptian spirits of the desert sandstorm.
In the Testament of Solomon the demon is one that conspires to plot against the newly married. In Islamic demonology Azazel is one of the Djin who was expelled from heaven for refusing to worship Adam.
Some scholars suggest the name may have been taken from the Discoverie of Witchcraft (1584, Reginald Scot).
Beelzebub has come to be regarded as the leader of the fallen angels and the Prince of Devils. Medieval demonologies later mapped the name to a devil sent from hell to investigate whether there really was such as thing as married happiness on earth.
The name became used as a synonym for a witch who could transform from demonic form to beautiful woman.

The name was linked to demonic names in Matthew 6:24 and Mammon has now come to be seen as a demon of money.
As it happens, Hapi is is the god of flooding of the Nile, perhaps appropriate for a sunken city, as well as being a symbol of fertility. Pagan Scrapbook Supply is even offering digital downloads in the style of magic spell pages so you can build your own grimoire.
Often the person has stopped breathing and their physical body is to all intents and purposes dead. The only problem with this scenario is that if the person did indeed enter the next life, their cozy domestic arrangements might have been hampered by a lot of very angry slaves.
Critics regard the recovered memories as delusions and fantasies, but past life regression therapy has been around for thousands of years and it is even mentioned in ancient Indian literature. The body of the person has died, but their soul remains tied to a place that has special significance to them and therefore it can’t move on. If you do channel Artemis with her masculine side in mind then it also equally important to remember she is a virgin and does also represent fertility. Whereas Ninhursag is one of the seven greater deities from Sumer Ninsar is a much smaller entity.
In the Yoruba tradition Oya is also a warrior-goddess responsible for hurricanes and tornadoes.
But even though the physical body has stopped working, their consciousness is still alive and kicking.
Many witnesses reported seeing a resurrected Messiah over the next forty days, which is a good indication that in Christianity at least, the concept of life after death really does hold water.
There is no concrete evidence that memories recovered during past life regression therapy sessions are real, but subjects who report such memories are convinced they are true, so who knows? The wedjat-eye, however, belonged to Re and was later associated with Thoth, rather than the cats. Further more, these aspects of the deity can begin to have an effect on you as well as your rituals.
In the book Asmodeus uses magic to allow Don Cleofas to see into the houses he flies over so that the inhabitants private lives were revealed to him. Many people embrace the idea that the human soul continues on its journey after the demise of the physical body, but if you are not convinced, here are a few reasons why there really could be life after death. So whether (or not) you believe in the idea of ‘heaven’, experiences like this suggest that our ‘essence’ does leave the physical body at the point of death and travel somewhere else. Sometimes rituals and blessings should be done in conjunction with a female deity but would also benefit from not being overwhelmingly feminine.

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