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Consider these fun ways to fill your partner in -- via the bottom of his coffee cup, a clever note, or even more surprising tactics that will make his reaction all the more memorable. Does the guy you’re dating prefer to reheat some old pizza or cook a filet mignon for dinner?
Your summer fling has been fun and all, but the summer is almost over and it’s time to part ways. Ways to Strengthen your RelationshipIn order for a relationship to grow deeper, there’s a need for you to strengthen it. How to Help your Mate Fall Back in Love with YouIn order to keep a relationship, both parties should be in love with each other.
If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments section for laughs and so others can benefit. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. DH and I will be TTC in the summer and of course I’m always planning thing way ahead of time. Someone I know made a little cardboard oven and placed a small bun in it to give to their husband.
I kinda want to surpise my DH but he keeps telling me that he wants to be there when I take the test! With my second pregnancy I managed to keep the news quiet for a few hours and at dinner gave DH a card.

With our first, I bought a really cute little cow infant’s hat (DH likes cows for whatever reason) and I put it in a gift bag with the pregnancy test and gave it to him when he got home from work.
My husband likes trying new whiskeys so I bought him a bottle of this whiskey he had wanted to try but kept passing up since it was quite a bit more expensive then others. I was so shocked when I got my BFP last week that all my cute ideas flew out the window and I just ended up making him a cute card and propping it up over the pregnancy test.
My DH always does cute things and one day he got me an ice cream cake that said #1 Wife, so I’m thinking of getting him a cake that says #1 Dad!
Every girl wants their entire prom experience to be special, which includes the way you are asked to prom.
And those awkward moments are always entertaining to read about if they didn’t happen to you. You should not forget to say the three magical words plus accompany your words with actions. You can do this when you are at the beach and you just want to have some fun under the sun. Challenge the poet in you by composing a poem or a letter that expresses your great love and care for your partner. If you are artistic, design a beautiful card and write down all the things that you want your partner to know.
It’s the thought that counts right?  We just hope he doesn’t plan on a girl, with beautiful prom dress, to step inside that dirty truck!

And while announcing, "I'm pregnant!" will certainly generate plenty of excitement, if you want to get creative with your delivery, there are plenty of ways to do that, too.
Make a video that includes a compilation of your photos together plus your own messages to your sweetheart.
She was a public relations and business major who loves to read (understatement), dances when she can and resembles a cat in the switch from stoic to hyper excitement (focused on the moment).
On my lunch break that day I went and bought a onesie of his favorite hockey team, and pie from our favorite bakery for dessert that night. As an experienced father and an ER doctor, he’s seen just about all there is to see when it comes to pregnancy and babies. After dinner i asked him to go grab the pie so we could eat it, and he found the onesie and quickly figured out what that meant. As the macaron-addicted editor of Sweet Tooth, she blogs about dessert tables, sweet DIYs, and all things candy. She's happily married and happily mama and living in the Twin Cities with her husband and two girls.

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