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When building an online profile, it’s tempting to sift through candid snapshots that already exist – it’s efficient. A professional headshot is an easy pick as it shows that confidence women are looking for, and you are in your element at work. You might drive a Jaguar or a Hyundai; either way, we don’t need to see it in your online profile. Wendy NewmanAuthor & Certified Dating, Sex & Relationship CoachI’m committed to people feeling uninhibited, connected and free in their sexuality and relationships. Dating Tips For GuysCarlos Xuma's Dating Tips For Guys is focused on giving you the best articles and content related to how to meet women and attract women.
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September 4, 2013 By Helena Hart, M.A 1 Comment SharesHere’s a question from Jessica, who’s experiencing something we can all relate to. You can’t begin to change anything until you become aware of what’s going on – so I want you to fully embrace and celebrate this awareness!
In other words, whatever is going on in the masculine energy inside of you – that’s what’s showing up in the men you’re meeting out there! The men you meet and attract when you’re dating are like a mirror image of the kind of  masculine energy that’s running your life. If your masculine energy is not taking care of your feminine energy – the part of you that’s about being, feeling, receiving, experessing, and experiencing – you’re going to be wearing a sign that says “Disappoint Me.” That’s all you’re going to see out there in the world.
So I want you to ask yourself, what is your masculine energy doing or not doing in your life that is showing up in the men you’re attracting? I can totally relate to this, especially the part about attracting men who will criticize you if you’re critical of yourself.
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Forging a relationship with an opposite is so hard because every difference you have requires negotiation and adaptation. Personal Habits – This includes punctuality, cleanliness, weight management, and smoking. Verbal Skills and Interests – If one person is dying for more conversation and the other wants more peace and quiet, there is a lot of stress.
Having considered all these points there is one personality trait that can mitigate the danger of a relationship between opposites. So next time you’re feeling that tug of attraction to someone you know is drastically different than you, take a second look. Unfortunately, all it takes is one major profile mistake to potentially sabotage any chance of finding love — or even a few good dates. The good news is that unlike a lot of things in life, your profile is easy to change and update. As a Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40, I’ve seen (and done) it all when it comes to online dating.
You and your buddy can take candid iPhone shots around the house, a park, or an interesting location like an art gallery.
If you choose this route, watch for what else might be in the scene, as women are looking for clues about your life.

If you're like most men, you find it difficult to find dating advice for men that focuses on your real issues and challenges with women. At this juncture, he finds someone special with whom he can share his personal feelings and emotions. It starts off great, and then after a couple weeks they either say the wrong thing, forget to call, or they seem to get busy and stop making plans with me and everything just fizzles after that. I want you to take a look at your masculine energy – the part of you that’s about doing, thinking, giving, planning, and making decisions – and how it’s operating in your own life.
For example, if you’re critical of yourself, you’re going to attract – and be attracted TO – men who will criticize you. Ask yourself, “Am I loving and taking care of myself?” Or, “Am I constantly abandoning myself and my true feelings?” Take a look at how this is going on inside of you. Helena helps women all over the world turn their relationship patterns around so they can attract more love into their lives. All of my past relationships were with men who were critical until I realized how hard I can be on myself.
When considering whether a particular person is a good relationship candidate for you look to four specific areas.
Good Enough'?Dating After DivorceHow do I stop getting too attached to my matches too soon? Is it attracting the interest of couch potatoes, the chronically ill or the guys just looking for a little action? I’ve seen how rewriting a profile, making it more positive, more aspirational, and less demanding can help the right guys find their way to your inbox. Some of you might really appreciate it if women would reciprocate with a topless snapshot online. Shoot for comfortable, confident, relaxed, and as reported above, at least one-closed mouth shot. Most sites give you weak dating advice and tips that deal with how to beg and manipulate a woman for attraction.
See what your masculine energy can do to take care of your feminine energy – and create the space for yourself to experience your feelings and just BE. Whether you’re recently single or you’ve been single for years – or you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere – Helena can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around. If so, you are likely making at least one of the mistakes commonly made by women over 40 who are using online dating as their new discos.
Once you’ve hit your 40s and beyond, you kind of know what works for you and what doesn’t.
The man reads this as you having incredibly high expectations and reliance on your relationship for your happiness. After all, you’ve probably accomplished a lot in your life without a man and are prepared to continue doing so. 3-9 snapshots for your profile are preferred, and it’s okay to be wearing the same shirt and pants. Unless you’re only looking for women to ride with you, please show her what you look like when you’re not on Mt.
If every woman you meet tells you that you’re much more attractive in real life, don’t take it as a compliment.

This site breaks down the various techniques and dating secrets you find and pulls them together into advice that actually WORKS. My husband and I met and married when I was 47 and I’m now spending the happiest years of my life. Even if – even if you have a six-pack, she doesn’t want to see it before she even knows your name. A woman can drag your professional headshot off of that dating website, and drop it right into Google Images and voila, like magic, Google spits out websites your image can also be found on, and before you’ve said “Hi, my name is ___,” she knows you’re the CEO of your company, she’s found your Facebook page, and Twitter feed, and she’s had access to every article ever written about you. Consider who might be passing you by because you don’t have true and solid visual representation. You can instantly download your FREE eBook copy of "3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want"and book a FREE 30-minute coaching session with Helena through her website. It often goes something like this: “I spend my days as a busy lawyer and my evenings teaching courses at the local college.
Such as, “A great evening for me is trying out the newest ethnic food restaurant with a few good friends and disagreeing about the controversial exhibit at the art museum.” Or, “Sunday mornings you’ll find me at the SPCA walking dogs and then off to my favorite breakfast joint for their fresh brewed coffee and chile relleno. Mysterious is not intriguing - it’s annoying - and she’ll be off to the next one before she even mouse-clicks into your profile. You don’t want to look stern or mean, but a closed-mouth image offers an air of knowingness and confidence. Whether it’s that selfie in the gym, or the one of you fishing, please keep your shirt-free pictures in your own private collection, please and thank you. Our lives are usually enriched by connections to others who have abilities that we don’t have.
Many weekends are spent training for my next marathon and singing in my church choir.” Whew!
Every picture doesn’t need to look like this; you smiling is good too, but having at least one in there will move you up the sexiness scale. We assume if you don’t live in NYC, chances are you drive something, and that’s okay with us. Unfortunately, applying this lesson to our romantic pursuits is often a recipe for disaster. If you do a good job describing yourself and painting a picture of what it feels like to be in a relationship with you, it will attract the right men and repel the wrong ones. That said, men and women look at images and take in data about what they see in very different ways. Then she’ll compare what she looks like to the women at the wedding (your sisters) and if she doesn’t look like those women, she’ll decide she’s not your type. Fundraising event with a casino night theme, you have a highball glass in one hand and a pair of dice in the other. To maximize your online profile and catch a woman’s eye, follow these expert online photo tips. If you make it sound like you can take it or leave it, they are likely to help you leave it.

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