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I recently re-watched Blade Runner for something in the region of twentieth time and as always, was blown away by the world building and production design.
The prequel to Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, attempts the same sort of effect, and almost hits it. Stepping into the game world, the craftmanship and care lavished everywhere you look is humbling. I recognize it’s part of Deus Ex to have numerous side quests and objectives at any time, but the criss-crossing odd jobs and NPCs that are there just as quest automatons require you to look at the game as a game. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of the hottest titles of 2011, earning several accolades and awards for its gameplay. A modified version could mean anything from a port to the Wii U to a game of the year edition that includes all the DLC previously released for the game. Even though I love Deus Ex, this game will be one of the oldest games (relatively speaking) coming to the Wii U. You know the Wii U is doomed if you have to keep imagining or hoping that a game comes out on it.
Fine then, let’s just say that everything is coming out for it and see how that works. You know humanity is doomed when the same guy trolls comments sections of the same website every, single, day. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal introduces Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the not so distant futuristic sci-fi action RPG shooter which has raised the video game playing bar significantly. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to classic PC hit Deus Ex from 2000 and fortunately for newcomers to the series, Eidos Montreal has crafted a remarkable experience that is fresh and new.
Jumping right in players are placed in the very capable hands of Sarif Industries chief of security Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who’s been chosen to oversee the defensive needs of one of the most experimental biotechnology firms.
As you hasten to thwart the facility of these unwelcomed guests, you come face to face with the enemy finding yourself completely outclassed or should we say out-augmented. Founded by David Sarif, Sarif Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced mechanical augmentations for human implantations and this advanced biotechnology has enabled our protagonist to become the ultimate weapon for your customizable pleasure. Deus Ex: HR is about giving you the player a plethora of options in how you want to experience this detailed universe.
During my first play-through, I found myself gravitating toward a more stealth oriented method of approach as well as becoming a hacking junkie. Players are made to feel like they have escaped into a believable world that is not too far away from our current existence. During those not so friendly encounters when you need to get to your next objective which has been placed right near a group of triad augmented gangsters you always have options.
Deus Ex: HR plays like a hybrid of Metal Gear Solid 4 sprinkled with some Mass Effect and Splinter Cell, with a dose of the classic sci-fi hit movie Blade Runner to seal the deal.
Speaking of other games, like Dead Space, Deus Ex: HR also offer a storage weapons and items cache that can be made larger for storing more valuable items and weapons.
From the combat rifle, machine pistol, 10MM handgun, revolver, shotgun, Sniper Rifle, tranquilizer rifle, stun gun, to the missile launcher, laser pulse rifle and powerful heavy gun(futuristic style gatling gun) you’re certainly covered in the weapons department. Graphically Deus Ex: HR offer a clear and crisp overall presentation while not breaking new ground.
Offices filled with work related resources and furniture are all well depicted while each locale that is visited is profoundly different from the last. In addition, a better variety of NPC’s could have also made this engrossing experience much more believable. Championed by an engrossing story and rich art style, bringing this experience all together is the atmospheric soundtrack that moves your emotions. The message in Deus Ex: HR is a serious one, touching you at the core unlike many games before it.

Spanning over 15-20 hours of new surprising plot elements and rewarding gunplay, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the epitome of story-telling in a video game.
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It is impossible to accept the game’s futuristic Detroit as anything but a videogame set, sprinkled with a handful of non-player characters. It is unmistakably Deus Ex, and while the protagonist is too hip and cool to give a shit about, characters are well written and you do want to find out what’s going on.
But if you hoped the game’s sumptuous budget and care for world building would extend to a bold new vision of experiencing the future, look elsewhere. Now a new “modified” version of the game has been classified by the Australian ratings board, which begs the question, will the Wii U be seeing this game soon? It’s too early to call with any certainty, but fans of the Deus Ex series and first person shooter fans should keep their eye on this.
Even though developer support for the Wii U is always appreciated, I would prefer newer titles to come out as opposed to older games, unless they offer a better value than the original game. Whether you want to become an expert computer hacker, a stealth operative, an extraordinary social guru or a guns blazing augmented hurricane, the choice is yours. There was something so rewarding about being able to hack into any computer or door available, believe me there are tons.
City streets of Detriot feel in many parts delapidated and bare while just around the corner as you near Sarif Industries or the LIMB clinic the scum of the city quickly wears off as a higher class of people dwell.
Tackling them head on and you must be sure to watch your ammo count as they will not go down easily.
While it should be understood that Deus Ex: HR is not a first person shooter but more of an action style RPG with FPS mechanics, surprisingly the weapons feels much better than some dedicated shooters on the market.
Through all the super-cool nostalgia our Adam Jensen is a man learning how to cope with his new found augmented reality. We say bravo to Eidos Montreal, you have developed a masterpiece with a bit of wiggle room for improvement. From furniture to clothing to architecture, Deus Ex has been designed and crafted impeccably. In many ways Deus Ex: Human Revolution feels like taking videogames in their current form as far as you can, doing everything as well as you humanly can, and ultimately hitting a number of walls that keep it from going further.
Square Enix recently filed a trademark for Deus Ex: Human Defiance, so one step they could be taking is to release a game of the year edition on Wii U to entice Nintendo fans to buy the next installment. In fact, they want to implement RPG elements into different types of genres just to give the players the feeling that they are developing their own characters. But of course a novel could never truly compare as every time you read it you would get the same outcome, not so in Deus Ex: HR.
Undoubtedly there is a grand conspiracy going on, some not so bad and other on the verge of a new holocaust.
Well, you just might also run into a very informative homeless woman digging in the trash nearby and I suggest you spend a little time with her, she knows her stuff.

Or you can take a different approach and snipe from above on a nearby rooftop or you can utilize your stealth augmented features and get through their defenses, but good luck as augmentations do have their limitations.
Once you’ve acquired a weapon, accessing the weapon of your choice for different combative scenarios is just the press of a button bringing up all your weapons.
While there are hints of games which offer well told stories and satisfying gameplay, packaging them both together and this critic is convinced there are none better. Not a detail is out of place, if you can accept the game-isms of frequent sewer and ventilation duct crawls, and the ever-present yellow paint cans. Perhaps it would’ve been a more efficient solution to not let you wander around on the streets, but rather imply the crowd and gloss over interacting with it. Some of those walls are there by design, and I’m not saying they even should be torn down.
One of the early adopters of this strategy was the Deus Ex series.As a first-person action game it adopted a dynamic story system, with many different endings, and a cybernetic system, which allows players to upgrade their character with stats and abilities. Overcoming these scenarios only fuels your confidence further to try more of what seemed impossible. Again the gameplay is not revolutionary however, the methodology to the gameplays approach is awesome! As it is, you have to understand it’s a game first, and look past it, but it feels like a disappointment. While the story set-piece are mainly the same for the more broader story scope cut-scenes, as you traverse through the story, depending on how you upgrade your augmentations and methodically comb each area will vastly improve the scale of the story and experience.
The gameplay is complimented with a smooth easy to maneuver peak and shoot cover system with blind firing added to the mix keeping those overly aggressive enemies at bay. Not able to persuade the working officer at the desk to let you into the police station, then you will have to find other means. Sarif Industries is a company that is one of the pioneers in the mechanical cybernetics market. Though he is still very much a man, much of his humanity has been taking from him in more ways than just a few augmented limbs.
However, due to increased competition in the cybernetic market, Jensen has been hired to protect Sarif’s scientists. After an attack on Sarif Industry by a special ops force, Jensen is critically injured and must be outfitted with his own implants. This allows the run-and-gun strategy to be a more viable option.Another addition to the gameplay is that every enemy squad has a leader and dispatching that leader will lead to other soldiers becoming disorganized and less effective. Hacking is puzzle minigame in which players hack different nodes in an effort to get to the final node and unlock the system. Hacking more nodes can result in obtaining more information, but the player also runs the risk of being discovered and locked out of the system.
Failing to hack a system can also result in alarms that will guide enemies to your position. For example, the Icarus Landing System can allow players to quickly descend from great highs. Instead of picking a dialogue choice, you pick a certain attitude that you want Jensen to take. When you preorder from GameStop, you receive the Linebacker G-87 grenade launcher, the utility remote-detonated explosive device (UR-DED), an automatic unlocking device, and a special mission.

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