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ASAP Rocky recently got a digital tongue lashing from 50 Cent after he slid in the DMs of the rapper’s ex. Now just days later, 50 posted and then deleted a jealous rant he had against ASAP Rocky for seemingly trying to holla at the tattooed beauty. Although she is rumored to be dating her coach and was spotted looking at homes with him in Europe, Serena Williams may still be in love with her ex-boyfriend Common. Serena, I have had quite a bit of respect for you in the past, but this childish responsive reaction is not alluding to that very respect that I have had for you. Common’s present girl looks nothing like a boy, and Serena should grow up and move on! You are rich, not wealthy, forget the house in Europe, bad move, find a man who will love you for who you are, someone outside of LA LA land, someone real! Keep it moving Serena and don’t look back or else you will turn into a pillar of salt. Be very careful of negative speech and name calling – they have a way of backfiring and cutting down that which has already been built up. Charlamagne also spoke about Ma$e believing he was being blackballed by DJ's in New York City.
Katy Perry Gets New Tattoo To Celebrate Successful Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show: Check Out Her New Ink! Kate Gosselin's rumored boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, doesn't have very nice things to say about her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin! The millionaire business man, 51, opened up to in a new interview about the mother-of-eight, 39, while slamming Jon.

Jennette McCurdy has not been happy with her ex-boyfriend ever since a few pictures came out of her that were questionable. She went to Twitter saying, "sometimes I look at old photographs of my ex and I cry because he was so ugly." Wow she might be taking it a bit far with that comment.
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Besides the only way you allow ppl in is if you open the door, close the door walk away and from now on check the caller ID,and don’t answ the dumb stuff ,it makes you look bad !!!!!!!!!!!!! If your love was real he will come back to you – not in your time but when it is time for you to be together.
Just last year her ex-best friend Ariana Grande was telling her to have a great birthday via social network. I would suggest that if you have something to say to Common or to the new woman in his life, I would advise a more face to face interaction or leave the situation alone altogether. And number two, I said 'Ma$e, it's not about being blackballed, it's just that it's not the 90s no more, bruh.' That's what I told him. She had great things to say to him during their time together, but since they split things have been ugly. Now one year later these two don't even seem to be talking to each other and their show "Sam & Cat" will not be back on the air again. Even if she says on does something dumb – be bigger than that and maintain your cool. Follow-up thoughts, you are in a relationship that you fail to acknowledge and yet are still harboring feelings for a relationship that was ended long ago and that you apparently weren’t too keen on keeping so please continue to move on.

They dated back in 2013 and they were not together for very long before it all went downhill. It has been long enough ago that you would think she would let it go and stop talking about him for the world to see. It would give them satisfaction in seeing or knowing that I have pain, anger or resentment.
Since he, she they and those that they associate with may not have moved into the level of real womanhood or manhood. How you perceive his intent NOW may be different from how you would have if you all were still FRIENDS. A real friend won’t bring you garbage (tweets, text whatever) and won’t take your baggage and put it out there for the dogs to go through. I don’t know her but she probably tweets and tries to keep up with you because of her own insecurities.
Public if you love her you will allow her this time and know that her silence isn’t weakness but strength.

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