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One of the most obvious signs he misses you is when he answers all your text messages instantly! An experienced dating and relationship consultant dedicated to help people get closer and stay together while being happy with their lives!
But if you are clever, you will spot these signs he misses you right away! There are so many signs that reveal if a guy is missing you, but you have to pay attention to little details.
You fire away your SMS and within seconds you got a reply, as if he was staring his iPhone waiting all day for you to text him.
When hearing you is not enough, you just picked the third of the top 3 signs he misses you.
Even if he only wears black or gray socks, your colorful gift was something special for him.
If he is starting to become an Emo (a really emotional person) it’s because he has been hurt and he is not ready yet to have some fun like he used to. He never gets his eyes off his smartphone, because he is eagerly waiting for your text to show up on the screen. FaceTime might still be fresh as a tech and only if you own a cool gadget like iPhone makes sense, but you get the point.
The guy is taking a trip in memory lane and goes through all your Facebook pictures, one by one. He closes to himself, raising walls all around him because he doesn’t want to let any one see him like this. This is a very strong experience for men and most of them cannot handle opening up like this.

He really liked that photo from the summer you got really close and that sparked a lot of memories. If there are two or more in there, you should be more than sure that he misses you and is probably taking action in order to get back together.
But if they really love you, they won’t be able to hide their feelings for much longer.
A clear sign he misses you is also when he replies two messages in a row rather than just one, because he forgot to add something.
It’s the fact that he wants to use video as a primary method of communication rather than just speech. He can’t get over the fact that you are not spending as much time together as he used to. You see his best friend and the conversation quickly goes around him, but even his friends don’t see him very often. These signs he misses you are a simple and easy guide to give you all the hints you need to find out without┬ádoubt. And when you think about it, nothing was wrong about your relationship except the fact that you were not living in the same city. Speed is not always a good way to communicate but love is not always about being right, is it?
He wants to see your pretty face, to watch you smile when he makes that well-prepared joke.
Music is a universal language that reveal signs he misses you because it speaks to every one’s heart.

No matter how small or stupid it might be, he wants to carry it with him because it’s the only thing that reminds him of you.
One of the best signs he misses you is that he is not in the mood of partying because he can’t stop thinking about you.
Training always helps your confidence and can be a huge ego booster if the guy is serious about working out. One of the signs he misses you is that he still wants to spend his time with the every day version of you, not some ideal person that he created in his mind upon your absence.
It’s like teasing you to have a look on that photo as well and remember the amazing time you had together.
If I were you, I would leave a comment on that photo saying something nice or just an emoji (which are cool and fun in any occasion).
He just has to speak to you, because he misses you and he would do anything to get your attention.
And when you are in love, you don’t think straight, you are just following your heart.

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