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Not much is known about Michonne in the comic book, and even less is known about her in her brief introduction in the tv series. For a 5″ figure, the first thing I noticed about the packaging is how excessive it is. Michonne comes with an assortment of great accessories and weapons against her enemies including her iconic sword, a hammer, a drill, pliers, a spoon….wait, a spoon? One of the things that I like about McFarlane Toys is their ability to evolve their action figures over time. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
This week’s episode starts deep in the heart of Dixie, where we see a small group of walkers enjoying an amuse-bouche when a helicopter flies overhead.
Eventually, the herd ends up in the nearby woods when they hear Carl’s shot as he rekills Shane.
In the Killing Field, father and son are heading back home when Carl asks what happened to Shane. Back at the farmhouse, Daryl and Glenn return and tell everyone how they found an unbitten zombie-Randall, and how Daryl’s tracking skills led him to deduce that not only did Shane kill Randall, he also stole three picanic baskets. Meanwhile, rather than just hiding in the rafters of the barn, Rick decides he should set the barn on fire. Lori finally realizes that Carl’s missing – AGAIN – and starts screaming that nobody can leave until they find him.
Carol, Lori and Hershel’s two girls not named Maggie take off running, when one of the red-shirts gets her throat ripped out by a group of walkers. Carol manages to escape, but a walker falls on Andrea and everyone thinks she’s dead so they drive off and leave her. At dawn, everyone is scattered across the countryside in their separate modes of transport, all freaked out and confused about what to do next. Daryl brings up the fact that Randall turned without being bitten, and Rick admits that the CDC doctor told him everyone was infected. Andrea, meanwhile, is still wandering through the woods trying to get away from the walkers, but there are too many of them. Andrea looks up and sees a hooded stranger holding a katana sword, leading two armless, jawless zombies in chains.
That night, the gang is huddled around a campfire, when everyone starts whispering about what a horrible leader Rick has turned out to be. Rick tells the story about how he had to kill Shane, and again he tells it all wrong, saying he did it for the group, and leaving out the part about Shane wanting to fuck his wife and steal his kid and murder his ass. Here’s what we know about tonight’s episode of “Walking Dead“: It’s called “Strangers,” it’s written by series creator Robert Kirkman, and it comes hot on the heels of one of the show’s very best episodes.
With the Rick Grimes gang reunited and back on the road, there’s no telling where “Walking Dead” will go tonight.
That’s Seth Gilliam of “The Wire” fame, joining fellow ex-Baltimoreans Chad Coleman (Tyreese) and Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
What kind of horrors will he unleash upon Rick’s group, given the horrors Rick unleashed on Terminus? There’s too much riding on the current road warrior storyline to spend too much time on the missing Greene sister; we’ll find out more about her fate in a future episode, or at very best, as a quick scene near the end of tonight’s outing. PlayCalling all fans of "The Walking Dead!" AMC has released some spoiler-filled footage and images to hold you over until the Season 3 premiere on October 14th.
While the Governor should have known better, he tries to reason with her by telling her that he won't say anything about her outbursts if she joins the research team in Woodbury. We already know that the Governor has a mean streak in him and the comic books say there is a battle area where fights to the death will take place. Why are Radiohead fans eating pictures of band frontman Thom Yorke?Radiohead surprised many people throughout the past week.
Welcome to our Psychology of Inspirational Women series, in which Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. The Walking Dead is a popular comic book, video game, and TV series about people trying to survivea zombie (or “walker”) apocalypse. Both women lost their children not long after the outbreak began, and both drastically changed as a result.
Prior to the outbreak, Michonne seems to have been an easygoing (as can be assumed from her flashbacks) and art-loving person.
After spending an indefinite amount of time by herself, Michonne comes across Andrea, a former member of Rick’s group.
Michonne’s distrust of The Governor was not without merit, as he turns out to be just about the biggest villain of the series.
Throughout the series we come to learn more about Michonne’s symptoms and how she’s been coping with her losses. Of all the symptoms of PTSD, avoidance is the one most responsible for maintaining this disorder. Whereas Michonne initially started out as a cold, independent, distrusting killing machine, Carol had a different trajectory. In the comics, Carol can’t handle being alone after her husband’s death, and dates (or tries to date) several members of the group. After her daughter is killed, Carol goes through a period of grief, which does not seem to be outside the norm.
Initially meek and helpless, Carol grows into an independent woman, a warrior, and a dear friend. Carol also seems to have accepted the harsh reality of the group’s situation and does what (in her mind, at least) needs to be done – including killing others when necessary. Merle, a previous member of the group, once remarked on how drastically Carol had changed, stating that she used to be like a mouse, afraid of her own shadow. If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy an upcoming book, Walking Dead Psychology by Sterling publishers, edited by Dr. On The Walking Dead, the two biggest concerns are life and death, with other assorted feelings and emotions like hunger entering into things when appropriate.

Fans have been waiting for sparks to fly between Rick and Michonne for a while now, with his craziness a proper contrast for her centeredness, and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd admitted the two will find love, sorta. At this point in the comic storyline, the group finds a more permanent refuge in Alexandria, and one has to assume the series will hit upon something similar, with the usual variety of change-ups.
I had to summon up all the discipline I had not to do a little erotic Photoshopping to the sword handle poking up behind her back. Anyway, comic fans also know that Rick eventually found love again with Andrea, and that definitely isn?t happening in the series.
We?ll probably be waiting a few more weeks to see any bigger developments with this certain kind of love, as the death in the midseason finale won?t be inspiring any morose mourning sex between Rick and Michonne.
This group tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on and before you know it, we have a growing herd of walkers walking their collective asses out of the city and back to Green Acres.
Just as Rick is about to break down and confess that Shane slipped and fell on his knife – repeatedly – they catch wind of the horde coming up behind them. Well, if you paid attention last week, you’ll remember that Hershel had the foresight to stash a bunch of food and water in the basement and board up all the windows and doors so they could make a stand in case something like this happened.
Andrea jumps out of the truck to go rescue her, and Lori jumps in and takes Andrea’s place.
T-Doug wants to drive to the East Coast, Glenn wants to head out to the highway, Rick goes back to where they left supplies for Sophia and Daryl is just weaving through the walkers, who don’t seem to be attracted to his super-loud bike in the least. He tells them they’re going to camp for the night and find gas in the morning, but the others are a bit scared to be so out in the open. The gang gets mad that Rick kept this to himself, but I got the feeling that Rick didn’t believe it until he saw Shane turn. A preview image for tonight’s episode (pictured above) shows Michonne walking with an automatic rifle in her hand, but no sign of the katana. Gareth has Michonne’s sword!That would be one way to reintroduce Michonne’s blade back into the mix. Gareth’s cabin boy is still alive.And by “Gareth’s cabin boy,” we mean “Martin,” the gum-snapping goon that Tyreese supposedly killed. The show revolves around specific group of characters; protagonist Rick Grimes and his crew.
After her son, Andre Anthony, dies due to her boyfriend Mike’s gross negligence, Michonne watches Mike and his friend, Terry, die from the “zombie” virus.
Manipulative, controlling, and intolerant of anyone who argues with him, The Governor ruthlessly murders anyone who stands in his way. She initially struggles being around Rick’s newborn child, Judith; however, when left alone with the baby, Michonne breaks down and cries, presumably missing her own child. She completely shut down her own feelings, not trusting anyone or allowing anyone get close to her. At one point she confides in Rick that she misses her deceased friends, Andrea and Hershel, more than she misses her katana, showing that she’s starting to allow herself to become close with her friends. In several episodes, Michonne is shown having nightmares about losing her son, as well as flashbacks and memories about his death. Not until Michonne stops running from her past and faces her pain does she begin to recover. At one point, she actually slashes her wrists in front of her daughter, making me wonder if Carol could possibly have borderline personality disorder (BPD). Initially too devastated to attend her daughter’s funeral, over time Carol comes to make peace with her loss.
As painful as it is, Carol has to execute a little girl, Lizzie, due to the child’s severe psychopathy, which makes her a threat to others, especially Judith.
When it comes to love, the show generally shoots for grave reactions, but it looks like Rick and Michonne could be headed for heart-shaped pastures in the future. If the group gets to set up shop in a neighborhood with houses, that?s an easy way to have Rick and Michonne paired together in a way that resembles modern relationships.
Michonne has been the character speculated to take Andrea?s place in the live action universe. He convinces Hershel that the farm is lost and they have to leave, so they drive off but don’t see Andrea frantically running after their truck. When Rick asks Hershel about his faith, Hershel says he knows Jesus promised to resurrect the dead, but this shit’s a little ridiculous. Maggie tells Glenn they should take their chances and leave, because she’s a dumbass.
On “The Walking Dead,” he plays Father Gabriel Stokes, a preacher man introduced right around this same point in the comic books. There’s no way that “Walking Dead” can proceed too far into the future without it; Michonne without the sword is like Daryl without the crossbow.
But though Rick is the series’ lead, the most inspirational characters in the show are, arguably, Michonne and Carol. After Mike and Terry reanimate, Michonne cuts off their arms with her katana and disfigures their jaws to prevent them from attacking her, turning them into her pet walkers. Despite that, the members of Rick’s group not only take care of Michonne’s wounds but also, on several occasions, risk their lives to save hers. On one occasion, Michonne reveals to Rick’s son, Carl, that it was Rick and Andrea that helped her feel her emotions again. PTSD is a mental health disorder that can occur after someone has experienced a traumatic event, or learns about someone close to him or her who experienced a traumatic event.
Michonne also used to have hallucinations of her deceased boyfriend, where she would have conversations with him.
Allowing herself to open up and trust the members of the group certainly makes Michonne more vulnerable. In the comics she seems largely dependent on others around her, and would rather be in an abusive relationship than not in one at all.
BPD is characterized by extreme mood swings, relationship instability, low self-esteem, black-and-white thinking (thinking in extremes), impulsivity, and frequent self-injury or threats of self-injury.
Her husband, Ed, is violent toward her and her daughter, Sophia, and mistreats other members of the crew.

In the prison she teaches the children how to knife walkers and practices a C-section on a female walker in order to help Rick’s wife, Lori, deliver a child.
Carol also singlehandedly saves Rick and his group from being chopped up and eaten by a group of cannibals at the fake sanctuary, Terminus.
Unlike Michonne and several other characters in the series, Carol does not seem to have symptoms of PTSD. She uses Superhero Therapy to help patients with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and trauma at the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management and Sharp Memorial Hospital. They both have strong personalities that have been carved out after the tragic deaths of loved ones, and Michonne is the only character whom Carl has formed a legit bond with. I don?t think showrunner Scott Gimple or his writers would force that kind of thing into the group?s nomadic lifestyle. I?m not a person who generally likes seeing romance shoehorned into a series just to spice things up, but my mind is aflutter with the awkwardness that could ensue with Rick Grimes: Dating Man. Ours is not to question zombie logic, or the writer’s inability to stick to their own set of rules. Daryl, meanwhile, hears Carol screaming above the din and picks her up on his Nazi bike and they ride off together. They spent all that time fortifying the house, and the zombies didn’t know they were even there before they started shooting them.
Before Lori can say anything stupid, a stick cracks in the woods and everyone freaks the fuck out. For the record, this is two seasons in a row now that I’ve managed to recap every episode, which makes me the Mayor of Midseason Replacements.
But once Rick has that information, the choice will be clear: Washington’s the next stop on this very bad road trip.
When next we see him, he’ll be with a bullet-wound to the shoulder, and without the stronghold of Terminus to keep him safe.
Michonne will find a way to get her weapons back and she is going to take full advantage of having them when she butts heads with the leader of Woodbury. Having the two walkers around her masks her scent, making her virtually undetectable to other, predatory walkers.
The two women spend approximately eight months together before they are captured and brought to Woodbury, a city that does not seem to have been affected by the apocalypse. Her growth continues throughout the series and she’s seen slowly recovering from her initial traumas. In order for someone to be diagnosed with PTSD, the symptoms have to last for at least one month. Although hallucinations are not necessarily a symptom of PTSD, as many as 20% of people with PTSD might develop them. Overall, it does not appear that Carol has all of these symptoms, whereas a diagnosis of dependent personality disorder still seems highly likely.
At one point when Carl asks Carol for some food, Ed tells him that they only have enough for their own family and kicks him out. I believe that it was her staying true to her values – taking actions that were most consistent with what was dearest to her – that helped her survive and become more resilient.
The main difference between the two women is that Carol embraces her pain and her new role, whereas Michonne runs away from it.
But then almost any moment between the two could imply a secret affair if you?re looking hard enough. The first time a herd came through, you hid under the cars (which made no sense, considering that in the first season you had to cover yourself in fresh zombie guts so they couldn’t smell you, but this season all you have to do is hide), and last night you had a perfectly safe – and fortified – farmhouse that you just ran away from, so this time just confuse them with interpretive dance. Instead, he talks about how tired he was of the whole thing and how he just wanted it to be over.
It is by opening herself to love the people around her that Michonne’s broken heart is finally mended. Interestingly, once Michonne begins to bond with and open up to the members of the group, she starts recovering. If they’d just stayed downstairs and been really, really quiet all this could have been avoided. If you don’t see the body, they’re not dead — just ask Robin Lord Taylor, who lived long enough to get his throat slit in the season premiere.
It is not possible to tell what the future will bring for these remarkable women, but one thing we know for certain: social support and connection seem to be key in helping people recover even from the deepest emotional wounds. Suffice to say, Rick and Carl are in deep doo-doo, so they make like Brave Sir Robin and run away.
Instead, two of Hershel’s kids are dead, the barn is gone and Andrea is all Robinson Crusoe. Wasn’t it just a couple episodes back that she was practically begging Rick to kill Shane? Even after all the time they’d spent together, Andrea still complained that she hardly knew her sword-wielding friend. When Ed dies after a walker bites him, Carol volunteers to be the one to kill him when he reanimates, and then stabs him repeatedly. Scarlet has presented her work at professional psychological conferences, as well as a number of pop culture conventions, such as San Diego Comic-Con. Except instead of an island filled with savages, she’s on a farm filled with walkers. She has authored and co-authored several books, among them the upcoming Walking Dead Psychology.

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