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Can social media get you in trouble with your other half? Is there any expectations you will be expected to fulfil once  you get into a relationship? If you’ve been in a relationship with someone longer than a year and you both aren’t following each other, someone (or perhaps both of you), have something to hide. Definition: Popping up into other peoples direct messages in a sexually or flirtatious manner, uninvited and unwarranted. This is generally what I think of sliding in to DM’s: INAPPROPRIATE!!!  No one in any circumstances should be sliding into anyone’s DM’s. To keep it on the safe side, I would suggest that you do not comment on anybody’s page of the opposite sex. This is like playing that game Operation – a sly movement of the wrong finger can cause a buzz all through Instagram. The Gluteboost product is made in FDA approved facilities with over 250,000 pills sold to date. The concept of not following your partner on social media as a way of avoiding drama is foreign to me! He could be Drake to you and Rick Ross on Insta, flossing and boasting about a life you know nothing about! If you accidentally like someone’s picture on Instagram, or favourite someone’s tweet on twitter, it could go from 0 to 100 real quick.
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This blog seeks to unite Disney fans and have them connect over shared experiences or feelings they may have had through Disney. For example, my ex-boyfriend sent me a DM with an old picture of us while he was in a relationship. To a crazy female (I admit, I used to be one myself) those emoji with the hearts for eyes will get you messed up. Imagine you’re stalking your partner’s ex and you accidentally hit  ‘like’ you’ll look psychotic!
Or you could be trying to keep tabs on your partner by stalking their best friend’s social media,  and then you favourite a tweet whilst you was scrolling through the timeline! If you can’t say it on a public timeline chances are, you should keep that thought to yourself. If you want to enjoy your relationship, and not have her mouth running over petty things then post that picture at least once a month so the world knows that we’re together.

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