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Daredevil pilots dreamed up every stunt imaginable; flying Jennys into barns, acrobats hanging from airplane wings, and refueling from one Douglas C-1 airplane to a Fokker transport for an endurance record of 6 days. The Italians had their Marchetti, the Germans their Dornier, the French had the Latecoere, the English, the Short, and the US had the Consolidated PBY-1.
After World War II, my brother and I learned to fly float planes and operated a seaplane at the Lake of the Ozarks for a few years. A pilot friend said, "Strutman, you talk about amphibians all the time, you should go see a real amphibian.
His name was Kirkland Broeder and, after introducing myself, I found out we both shared an admiration for the Catalina.
On the appointed day of our flight, I met the owner, Hank Hancock, a retired TWA captain, and entrepreneur who started an airline in Thailand. A run-down of my duties as a co-pilot included which knobs to turn, gear handle to rotate, brakes to set, and instruments to read.
The Catalina Company's point man was Tony Butcher, an ex-New Zealand Air Force crew chief and a civilian pilot with an instrument rating. Four New Zealanders arrived to accept the Catalina, two professional pilots and a navigator who was a licensed pilot. After all licenses were satisfied, we loaded up one morning and headed towards Santa Monica, CA.
We threaded our way into the Santa Monica air space and did tight figure eights until called in by the tower. Hilo to Tahiti, our longest leg of 2,183 miles gave us a flight time of 21 hours, 13 minutes. The melodic drone of the Pratts continued on, being interrupted softly by the left engine slipping sync and the co-pilot making a small adjustment.
The left wing was down in the water, we were on our side and I could hear the water rushing by a foot from my head. We set up a chain gang to bail water into an icebox, then carry it out and dump it through the stern hatches. After about an hour on the raft, we heard a loud roar and down on the deck at 300 feet came a United States Coast Guard C130. They circled and dropped three smoke flares, then came in on a low pass and dropped three life rafts that floated into us. This is the end of the story now and I should go practice my stiff upper lip One thing, I'm sure of, these Kiwis will return.
Primarily an aviation adventure story involving privately owned ex-military planes and a worldwide search for one in particular - an airworthy PBY-5A "Catalina" flying boat. The book includes a dramatic first-hand account of a night-time ditching of a Catalina and then its abandonment in the mid-Pacific Ocean. The aircraft now raises donations for the Cancer Foundation as part of a "Flying in the Face of Cancer" project.
The designers were not sitting around either, Ford was building the trimotor, Curtiss Wright its Condor, and Douglas the DC2. They had everything you could think of, multi-wings, multi-engines, multi-hulls, with struts and wires. Kirk is a professional pilot, flying for TWA, and is one of the very few pilots who can give instruction in a Catalina PBY-5A. Hank was going to be the co-pilot, and as we prepared the Catalina for start up, Captain Broeder's steely eyes narrowed. After the sumps were drained, each 1830 engine was bumped through 3 blades to check for hydraulic lock. The FAA had carefully checked out our electric pump fuel transfer systems and issued a ferry permit.
The New Zealand and American Team had but one goal - get to New Zealand for their national holidays and other commitments. They would rebuild the nose gear and brakes, fix the radios and the engine overheat problem, all over the holidays - well, almost.
We did a qualifying flight three times around Catalina Island, a last salute to her namesake, and put into LAX for the big one. Broeder had talked Flight Control into allowing us to stay at 1000 feet until we had burned off 4 hours of fuel, then up to 5000 feet.
Neave had been able to get into the right hand seat, but the situation had deteriorated so fast it was no longer safe to transfer co-pilots. Sussac of the Kookaburra skillfully maneuvered his large container ship alongside us dead in the water. It a fascinating personal account of one man's passion for classic ex-military planes - he had been a military pilot in his younger days - and his dream of getting a Catalina to New Zealand and flying it and sharing it with the public, Catalinas being very much a part of New Zealand's aviation heritage.
But there is more human interest along the way and the book is dedicated to Ilama Dawe and Jacqui Bland, both of whom were cancer patients of the author (who was also a doctor in general medical practice); and both of whom had developed an interest in "the Catalina project". The book is well-illustrated and contains historical photos of military Catalinas as well as some of the other ex-military planes - Harvards and a Vampire jet (the author had flown them in the air force in his early days) - that he had since helped set up as privately owned ventures. Lindbergh's daring flight was retold at every supper table, and every red-blooded American shot the "Hun" out of the skies every night in his dreams. But to me at this very early age, I thought the Consolidated PBY-1, affectionately known as the Catalina was the neatest looking flying boat in the world. The New Zealanders had two squadrons of the flying boat, PBY-5, and are credited with rescuing hundreds of our service men out of the water. But it was difficult to make enough money to raise a family, so we both moved on and got jobs working for McDonnell-Douglas for the next 37 years. It is a biplane with side by side seating, and jumps up on the step in 5 seconds and flies like a banshee. Before our chance meeting was over, Kirk had invited me to be the anchor man on the next flight.
Well, yes, I must confess there was some hint that Hank's party had lasted into the early morning. Then with fuel boost on, count 9 blades, mag boost and magnetos on, throttle set, mixture at full rich, and those Pratts come to life.
A group from Italy gave him enough money to move the Catalina to Mena, Arkansas to get an estimate on a new interior. The two professionals, Tom Neave and Gordon Thompson, had thousands of hours flying large aircraft. We were taking the southern route and were just skimming by the New Mexico-Mexican border when it was my turn as relief co-pilot.
The Santa Monica airport is the home of the Museum of Flying, where the P51 Miss America resides. We seriously considered flying Hilo to Christmas Island to Tahiti to give us a lower gross weight but there were several problems associated with this.
One of the captains had to be on the flight at all times while the co-pilots eagerly awaited their turn to do most of the flying.
Everyone had settle down to wait his turn with one eye open, when out of the night and startlingly bright, the left engine coughed up a flame that stabbed at our hearts. We skipped off the swell and Ross called out, "Hold on for another one!" The co-pilot failed to throttle back the #2 engine, so Capt.
Like magic, Tony reconfigured the electric fuel transfer pump into a bilge pump that sucked the water out immediately, but it failed after 15 minutes. The captain was French, the officers mostly Polish and Filipino, the deck crew all Filipino. The dream turned into somewhat of a nightmare and even finding a Catalina - let alone bringing it to New Zealand - was hugely ambitious and turned out to be full of uncertainty, drama and - initially - disaster. Getting close to retirement, I decided to get back into flying and bought a private landing strip with a home on it. Tom was 72 years old and had flown PBY-5s in World War II with a thousand hours in the Catalina before stepping up to a larger flying boat, the English four engine Sonderland. With great pleasure, I stepped up to the flight deck to fly with Tom Neave, who had flown Catalinas so long ago. Broeder yelled, "Flare, flare," then, "brakes, brakes!" The nose wheel went into resonance and I thought the whole front cockpit was coming off. This flight plan needed 48 hours notice and we did not know if there was Avgas on this tiny island with a long landing strip, a product of the cold war. I was trying to sleep, but one eye was usually open as the co-pilots changed, and Ross made his position reports to Flight Control back in Honolulu. With our feet propped on the bulkhead he said, "John, in your wildest dream, did you ever think, at our meeting a year and a half ago, you and I would be ferrying a Catalina to New Zealand?" "No," I replied, "not in my wildest. There was no way to safely get to the wing tanks and dump fuel while flying without a prior hookup. He then climbed out of the overhead hatch and onto the wing where he just sat while the rest of us returned to saving the ship. Ross turned to me and said, "John you're no SOB." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but I felt I had to redeem myself. We all hoped that some magic would happen, but the left engine would only run in idle and the good one just pushed us around in circles. The radio did not work very well and we ended up using my hand held radio that worked beautifully. After 11 hours in the raft on the open sea, we felt we knew what it was like to be a survivor. The deck seemed to be 100 feet high, and the thought of going up this dangling rope ladder scared the life out of me.
This French line has five ships that go from Australia to New Zealand to San Francisco, CA. This is the second edition (the first, 1996, is now unavailable), which has been completely re-written, re-illustrated and updated.
Six 50 gallon fuel drums were mounted in the cabin for extra fuel on the two longest legs of the pacific flight - Los Angeles to Hilo, Hawaii, then Hilo to Tahiti. Tom's return to a Catalina was 50 years to the day, when he stepped up to the flight deck and cranked up those two Pratts.
Our radios were not working very well, the RFI noise in one got so bad we could not use it, and the other was not much better. A rain squall moved through a few hours before takeoff and the starboard engine would not start. Ross stepped back from a conference on the flight deck saying, "Hopefully, it's carburetor ice." This opinion was painfully denied when a few minutes later the engine again barked a stabbing flame through the carburetor that could only be stopped by reducing power.
The sweet sound of the screw jacks came on as it laboriously screwed itself to fulfillment. I opened the two blister hatches and cleared the area of junk; we were all to assemble there if we abandoned ship. I grabbed a screwdriver and started to take screws out of equipment racks until Tonys' needs were satisfied. The New Zealanders had formed a group called the "Catalina Company." They were composed of pilots and enthusiasts who remembered the courageous role the two Kiwi Squadrons of Catalinas played in World War II. The electric fuel transfer pump did not arrive in time, so was sent on to Los Angeles to be installed there. We had filled one 50 gallon drum with fuel and tried out our mechanical operated fuel transfer pump.
Mike Riddle, our A-1 mechanic on board, immediately headed for the back of the instrument panel and I followed with a flashlight.
That engine would run through any amount of rain when hot, but would not start when wet and cold. At takeoff of 44 inches, 2700 RPM, he throttled back to 44 inches, 2600 RPM with the wheels up. Our position was given, they called back saying a C130 was on the way and a container ship had been diverted. Then, with great determination, Tony removed the seats and decking to get to the leak area. PK screws were put in the leaking rivet holes, but long leaking seams could not be stopped.
Fourteen eager hands grabbed for the next line and the deck crew inched us back to the hanging ladder. His knowledge of PBYs was far beyond the average admirer; he was the captain of this Catalina. If you have never seen the back end of a 50 year old airplane instrument panel, let me tell you, it's a rat's nest of wires.

The old girl gracefully lifted off, then wheels up and meto power of 44 inches and 2600 RPM. Broeder told Ross to issue a PAN emergency to Honolulu Flight Control and then diverted towards Christmas Island 330 miles away.
Tony called for some PK screws out of the junk box to plug up the popped rivet holes, I knew I was in trouble. Broeder, who was hired to ferry the PBY, along with Ronnie Gardener, the US flight examiner. The feather pump had always indicated a spike on the AMP meter during engine run up, but now it failed. It was physically difficult to hold the airplane in trim, and we could not maintain altitude with METO power on the good engine.
I pig-tailed it with two short alligator clip leads, then Mike clipped onto the broken wire and held it.
Passing under the Golden Gate Bridge held special meaning for the Americans, we were back home! We had pumped one 50 gallon drum up into the wing tanks, when the starboard engine oil temperature slowly went to the red line. No one had foreseen such an emergency, but Tony Butcher quickly reconfigured the hoses and found a hole in the fuselage and stuck the hose overboard. If you skip off a swell and then pitch down into the next one, the nose gear doors blow off, the in-rushing water splits the hull open and there are no survivors. Broeder was on the radio because the Kiwi's have a hard time understanding our communications. Com o fim da ditadura militar (1964-1985), varios partidos politicos foram criados e outros, que estavam na clandestinidade voltaram a funcionar. Na epoca do Regime Militar, a Lei Falcao estabeleceu a existencia de apenas duas legendas: ARENA ( Alianca Renovadora Nacional ) e o MDB (Movimento Democratico Brasileiro ).
Enquanto a ARENA reunia os politicos favoraveis ao regime militar, o MDB reunia a oposicao, embora controlada. Felizmente, esse sistema bipartidario nao existe mais e desde o inicio da decada de 1980, nosso pais voltou ao sistema democratico com a existencia de varios partidos politicos.
Veja abaixo a relacao dos principais partidos politicos em funcionamento na atualidade e suas principais ideias e caracteristicas. PDT - Partido Democratico Trabalhista Criado em 1981, o PDT resgatou as principais bandeiras defendidas pelo ex-presidente Getulio Vargas.
De tendencia nacionalista e social-democrata, esse partido tem como redutos politicos os estados do Rio de Janeiro e Rio Grande do Sul. O PDT defende como ideia principal o crescimento do pais atraves do investimento na industria nacional, portanto e contrario as privatizacoes. PC do B - Partido Comunista do Brasil Fundado em 25 de marco de 1922, o Partido Comunista do Brasil foi colocado na ilegalidade na epoca do regime militar (1964 a 1985). Mesmo assim, politicos e partidarios do PC do B entraram nas fileiras da luta armada contra os militares. O PC do B voltou a funcionar na legalidade somente em 1985, durante o governo de Jose Sarney.
Este partido defende a implantacao do socialismo no Brasil e tem como bandeiras principais a luta pela reforma agraria, distribuicao de renda e igualdade social.
PR - Partido da Republica Criado em 24 de outubro de 2006 com a fusao do PL (Partido Liberal) e PRONA (Partido da Reedificacao da Ordem Nacional).
O Partido Liberal entrou em funcionamento no ano de 1985, reunindo varios politicos da antiga ARENA e tambem dissidentes do PFL e do PDS.
O partido tem uma proposta de governo que defende o liberalismo economico com pouca intervencao do estado na economia. Outra importante bandeira dos integrantes do PR e a diminuicao das taxas e impostos cobrados pelo governo. DEM - Democratas - Antigo PFL (Partido da Frente Liberal) O PFL foi registrado em 1984 e contou com a filiacao de varios politicos dissidentes do PDS. Apoio e forneceu sustentacao politica durante os governos de Jose Sarney, Fernando Collor e Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Suas bases partidarias estao na regiao Nordeste do Brasil, embora administre atualmente a cidade de Sao Paulo com o prefeito Gilberto Kassab. PMDB - Partido do Movimento Democratico Brasileiro Fundado em 1980, reuniu uma grande quantidade de politicos que integravam o MDB na epoca do governo militar.
Identificado pelos eleitores como o principal representante da redemocratizacao do pais, no inicio da decada de 1980, foi o vencedor em grande parte das eleicoes ocorridas no periodo pos regime militar. Chegou ao poder nacional com Jose Sarney, que tornou-se presidente da republica apos a morte de Tancredo Neves. Com o sucesso do Plano Cruzado, em 1986, o PMDB conseguiu eleger a grande maioria dos governadores naquelas eleicoes.
Apos o fracasso do Plano Cruzado e a morte de seu maior representante, Ulysses Guimaraes, o PMDB entrou em declinio. PPS - Partido Popular Socialista Com a queda do muro de Berlim e o fim do socialismo, muitos partidos deixaram a denominacao comunista ou socialista de lado. Alem da mudanca de nomenclatura, mexeu em suas bases ideologicas, aproximando-se mais da social-democracia. Suas principais figuras politicas da atualidade sao o ex-governador do Ceara Ciro Gomes e o senador Roberto Freire. PP - Partido Progressista (ex-PPB) Criado em 1995 da fusao do PPR (Partido Progressista Reformador) com o PP e PRP.
Seus principais representantes sao o ex-governador e ex-prefeito Paulo Maluf de Sao Paulo e o senador Esperidiao Amin de Santa Catarina. PSDB - Partido da Social-Democracia Brasileira O PSDB foi fundado no ano de 1988 por politicos que sairam do PMDB por discordarem dos rumos que o partido estava tomando na elaboracao da Constituicao daquele ano. Politicos como Mario Covas, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Jose Serra e Ciro Gomes defendiam o parlamentarismo e o mandato de apenas quatro anos para Sarney. O PSDB cresceu muito durante e apos os dois mandatos na presidencia de Fernando Henrique Cardoso. PSB - Partido Socialista Brasileiro Foi criado no ano de 1947 e defende ideias do socialismo com transformacoes na sociedade que representam a melhoria da qualidade de vida dos cidadaos brasileiros. PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores Surgiu junto com as greves e o movimento sindical no inicio da decada de 1980, na regiao do ABC Paulista. Apareceu no cenario politico para ser uma grande forca de oposicao e representante dos trabalhadores e das classes populares.
As principais metas do governo Lula tem sido : crescimento economico, estabilidade economica com o controle inflacionario e geracao de empregos.
PSTU - Partido Socialista dos Trabalhadores Unificado Fundado em 1994 por dissidentes do PT. Os integrantes do PSTU defendem o fim do capitalismo e a implantacao do socialismo no Brasil.
Sao favoraveis ao respeito aos direitos civis, a paz, qualidade de vida e formas alternativas de gestao publica.
PTB - Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro Fundado no ano de 1979, contou com a participacao de Ivete Vargas, filha do ex-presidente Getulio Vargas.
Atualmente e uma legenda com pouca forca politica e defende ideias identificadas com o liberalismo. Defende o comunismo, baseado nas ideias de Marx e Engels, e tem como simbolo a foice e o martelo cruzados. E um partido de esquerda, contrario ao sistema capitalista e ao neoliberalismo, defendendo a luta de classes. PSOL - Partido Socialismo e Liberdade Fundado em 6 de junho de 2004, defende o socialismo como forma de governo. PRTB - Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro - obteve registro definitivo em 18 de fevereiro de 1997.
PT do B - Partido Trabalhista do Brasil - obteve o registro definitivo em 11 de outubro de 1994. PSDC - Partido Social Democrata Cristao - obteve registro definitivo no TSE em 5 de agosto de 1997.
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