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Whether you are leading women or men, there are always difficulties when stepping into leadership.
The prayer experience changes each year and is a self-guided personal journey through scriptures to increase intimacy with the Lord through sight, sound and touch. As an outreach at the Womena€™s Conference, we are collecting the items below for Single Momsa€™ Spa Day where hundreds of single moms are blessed each spring. Eleanor Mumford, together with her husband John, are the national leaders of the Vineyard movement in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Final Fantasy XI has tightened up its focus on its core audience: the hardest of the hardcore. Got an update about FFXI's new add-on scenario, Vision of Abyssea, in my email box so I thought I'd share. The weapons on display at the promo site are very nifty, though I wonder how difficulty they'll be to obtain. Amidst all the FFXIV hype, I got an interesting email the other day: an invitation to a tour in Final Fantasy XI.
I've gotten an invitation to another FFXI tour - I guess it's an April thing - but my email box also had another goodie: some preview stuff about Final Fantasy XIV.
The good folks at Final Fantasy XI took me on a tour of the latest content, featuring the new Crystalline Prophecy add-on. We want to know what God has said and continues to say to us as women, and not just believe the cultural and religious stereotypes. I was privileged enough to be shown a glimpse of all this stuff I'll never actually see for myself: cutscenes from the Wings of the Goddess storyline, the new high-level "third artifact armor" gear, and level 90 characters and abilities.
Last week was another FFXI tour, this time for the July update and the new Vision of Abyssea add-on pack.
By and large, you can get information straight from Squeenix's site, which includes oddities such as requiring the Rise of the Zilart and Wings of the Goddess expansions, but no word of Chains of Promathia or Treasures of Aht Urghan.

From what I gather, these sets of add-ons are focusing on battles, rather than story missions, so it'll be an interesting change of pace from the previously released scenarios.
In two sessions, The Creation of Eve, and The Redemption of Eve, Eleanor Mumford is going to talk about what God created us for and expects from us as women. It was within the walls of the Vineyard Church in Kansas City, MO that she began to feel God tugging on her heart to lead others in worship. All this requires extensive grouping up, something I haven't been able to do in FFXI in over a year. There's a lot of new and interesting stuff, including new areas, new battle systems, lots of new gear, not to mention higher levels and more abilities for (almost) everyone. Two of the new abilities I got to see were for Black Mage and Scholar. At only $9.99 each, they're less than a month's subscription anyways, so everyone may as well pick them up and see! Black Mages got a sort of "mana shield" ability, letting them use their huge mana pools to survive a few hits if they "accidentally" (cough cough) pull aggro from a monster. Well that's what this tour is all about! I suppose I could sum up everything in the same sort of bullet-points that PR reports would use, but FFXI Clopedia documents those well enough already. She helped to start the SW London Vineyard in 1987 which was the first Vineyard Church in the United Kingdom. Her heart is to see Goda€™s Kingdom come to earth so that people would be healed, set free, changed and moved to say a€?Yes!a€? to Jesus.
To help them not pull aggro, Scholars now have the Libra ability, which displays how much hate everyone in the party has for the targetted monster. Some of the new additions are a bit 'meh' to me; the new summons have neat eye candy but as I never really played SMN I wasn't terribly excited by them. In September 2008 they handed over the leadership of the church in order to concentrate more upon the Vineyard movement, both nationally and internationally.
Which puts me in a somewhat awkward position to write this report: if you're like me, you don't have any friends still playing FFXI, you don't have a LS to return to, and you don't even have the latest Abyssea expansions, it's a steep uphill climb to dive back in.

I also saw a few new job traits and abilities for Warriors, giving them some bonuses to make them better tanks, or to do more damage at the expense of crit when they're dps-spec. One of the biggest additions with Vision of Abyssea are the new Abyssean zones, sort of parallel universes of existing areas.
Instead, let me talk about the additions that I, personally, found interesting. Though, I totally admit, the graphics and effects for the new summons are very cool. Eleanor enjoys teaching and training within the local church and the wider Vineyard movement. But if you do have all of those things, you've got a lot of exciting things to look forward to in October's FFXI update! I spent many years playing FFXI with my Mithra Dragoon before my Linkshell dissolved, so here's my highlight of the tour: a Mithra Dragoon wearing part of the new Artifact Armor executing a weaponskill that's finally better than Penta Thrust! They work as timed dungeons: you zone into a staging area, talk to an NPC, and you get a 30 minute buff that lets you "exist" in the parallel world. But that's true of all FFXI stories, eh? Anyhow, what's unique about it is that it's very much desigend to be optional content. Then, off you go to kill monsters and and collect a new type of currency, the abbysean equivalent of conquest points. It sounds like there's lots of cool stuff for those hard-core high-level people who have pearls for the still-active linkshells.
There's two more add-on adventure coming soon, and none of them require any other to be installed. So if you only want to play one or two of the three, you won't have any technical problems doing that. With all the new levels and new Abyssea areas, there's lots to do and get, especially with new Abyssea currency and assembling rare drops into upgraded gear. To top it all off, there are new loot-dropping bosses that play a big part in getting those awesome upgrades, so have fun whacking those pinatas apart.

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