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I am in the process of getting back with my ex but his best friend wants to bang tomorrow morning. I don’t know how you grew up but I grew up learning to respect peoples' things and more importantly, people.
I’m not sure how it makes you feel, but for me, it’s sad to see a good friendship die out due to selfish disrespectful tendencies.

I could only hope that one day you will learn a lesson in respect and maybe just maybe we can try to be friends again.
Thank you again for everything in the past and goodbye and good luck on all your future endeavors, my ex-friend. Selfish in that what you wanted happened, you didn’t care if it went against what someone else was doing or wanted you did it anyways.

I think that speaks volumes to the type of person you’re turning out to be, someone that won’t even try to have a conversation concerning someone else’s wants or needs.

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