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It might all be over for Michelle Keegan and The Wanted's Max George, but according to reports she's moved on and has found herself a new man. SugarscapeTweeting to set the story straight, Michelle said: "Surely people are gonna get bored of making up incorrect story's about my life. To be honest we can see her point or it's going to be a bit awkward next time she has to film a scene with Ken Barlow.Does this mean there might still be a chance of a Max and Michelle type reunion?
We say moved on, but what we might really mean is moved in a circular fashion as apparently she's actually back dating ex-boyfriend Brad Howard. And sooner or later, you’ll realize that the world is full of wonderful guys who have too much respect for you to do such a thing and hope that you shrug it off or call you a drama queen if you make any slight deal out of the matter.

Anyway, recently he told me over the phone that a girl (his sister’s friend) was grinding on him at their school formal.
His intention, clumsy as it was, was to be honest with you, and to reassure you that the dance he shared with a grinding high school skank was actually nothing for you to worry about.
If you trust him, tell him that, but say that hearing about other girls putting the moves on him automatically makes you worry, just because you’re so far away.
Not cool in any situation, but particularly bad when you can’t drive round to his place to sort it out face to face. If things don’t go well, or if he gets defensive or tries to turn it around to make it your problem, you may have a problem, Houston.

The most important thing you need to do here is to step back and look at it from a third-person perspective. Identify what you did wrong (nothing) and what he did wrong (grinding against another girl and not kindly responding to your anger).

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