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This entry was posted in Entertainment and tagged Adele's 'Hello Lyrics', Woman Pranks Ex Boyfriend by Trendysturvs Blog!.Bookmark the permalink. Caldarella’s SMS screenshots have gone viral on Twitter, but what do you think – was it all in good fun, or do you think she was being cruel when she played his heart to the beat?
I'm sorry, but am I the only one who thinks it isn't cool to toy with someone's feelings like that for a laugh?
Safaree’s sit down with The Breakfast Club included the aspiring rapper claiming he helped write for Nicki when they were together. Ebro got some nerve telling somebody to play the back when he basically strong-armed his way into taking over Rosenberg’s radio show. According to SB Nicki knows exactly how to reach him so I doubt she would personally notify this prick about how she feels about her ex. Lastly that man earned what he has because he was not only her boyfriend, but her top employee.
I never thought I see the day when I would pose this question but, who still listens to hot 97?
I’m waiting for someone ebro & Rosenberg are interviewing to get up an knock Rosenberg out!! Listen there is one thing I hate and that is for a person that is there with u from jump street is not shown any credit. Next time you get a late night text from your ex saying how much they miss you, you might want to Google it first just to make sure it’s not an Adele lyric. Sign in to add channels to amy winehouse parents youtube guide and for great recommendations!

Private videos will be skipped if amy winehouse producer don't have access, but playlist notes are publicly visible. After SB decided to do an interview with rival station Power 105, Ebro used his platform to throw a few jabs at Safaree and relay a supposed message from the Queen Barb herself.
According to Ebro, he spoke to the Young Money entertainer and Minaj was not pleased that SB would make those assertions. It’s okay to be a kept dude and lay around the house sponging off of your more successful woman? Everytime I come on here there’s an article saying how they are crying about someone doing an interview with power.
Nicki Is Looking Real Stupid Now After insulting Another Female Artist Not Writing Her Own Lyrics. Ebro talks about how it’s lame for what dude did as far as speaking out but i doubt his integrity would shine through if safaree chose his station to vent.
I thought that dude was just some lame playing the background but after the interview with the BC I believe he had a little something to do with her writing.
Seriously people should just boycott Hot 97 until they have cleaned up that bu!t hurt they have. If I had a partner that was there before the fame and held me down .everything I have is considered ours its kinda like being married to someone before they became rich . Its 2015 yall gotta switch up yall lil gay formats cause yall movin around these streets with yall pants at ya ankles!!! She posted the messages on Twitter which have now been retweeted 14,000 times and favourited more than 20,000 times.

Shame on this Mary chick for being an attention-whore and shame on Dovas and the Bored Panda staff for posting garbage like this. Ebro is a lame, just looking for ratings praying Nicki gives him the same caliber interview she gave Angie, who is now on the rival station. He said the only reason he got on the air is because Nicki was all in her feeling and sent a jab-jab uppercut at him. Would they have posted an article of a guy being cruel to his ex-girlfriend just for a chuckle?
Who knows how her shit would have sounded without him(not to say its any good) but he probably had a big role in making her famous.
Ebro and Rosenberg are foul for making that dude look lame when it was just a minute ago they were shitting on Nicki .
Why do you think it took her so long to release her last album, because she didn’t have his assistance anymore. If the lyrics were more off the wall and couldn't be so easily (and obviously) mis-interpreted just to cruelly mess with someone's emotions, it might have been a little funny.
Even Stevie Wonder borrowed from a country song for that Living Just Enough For The City record.

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