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Well, Buzzfeed asked Hilary about Aaron’s undying love in an interview they did with her recently.
Ignore As Much As PossibleOne of the best things you can do when someone won't leave you alone is to ignore them.
Source: ShutterStock Don't Do Anything Just Because You Feel BadFor the first few months of my ex trying to get me back, I did things for him just because I felt really bad.
Source: ShutterStock Make It Obvious That You've Moved OnI know this sounds mean, but your ex needs to realize that you've moved on so that he can move on too.
Source: ShutterStock Have A Serious Conversation With HimIf all of that isn't working, talk to him about this.
Source: ShutterStock Separate Yourself From Him CompletelyDon't just ignore your ex - separate yourself from him as much as possible.
Source: ShutterStock Don't Make Fun Of Him To OthersDon't make fun of your ex to other people.
Source: ShutterStrock Get Help If NecessaryIf things get really bad and your ex is basically harassing you, that's not okay. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories!

Your ex wants your attention - if he sees that he's doing something that gets your attention, he'll keep doing it. I would talk to him when he wanted to talk, I would meet up with him to give him "closure," I would even hang out with him once in a while. You don't need to shove your new relationship (if there is one) in his face, but don't hide it either. You may need to get someone else involved, like a parent or teacher or another trusted adult. When my first boyfriend and I broke up, he spent almost two years trying to get me back, and it was really awkward.
So, yes, even if you get angry and lash out at him for texting too much, he'll keep texting - he doesn't care if it's angry attention, he just wants you to notice him. One of my friends felt so bad about her ex not being over her that she kept her new relationship a secret so he wouldn't feel bad about it.
Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time.
After reports of Hilary’s divorce broke, Aaron started tweeting messages about how he still cared about her and wanted her back.

Tell him that you'll always care about the relationship you had, but you don't have feelings for him anymore and you would appreciate if he backed off a little bit. How would you feel if you couldn't get over someone, and that person was calling you names when you weren't around?
It was painfully awkward to watch, especially as my girl Hilary stayed silent… and made things work with her husband.
By trying to be a nice person, I was actually leading him on, and making him believe he had a chance when he didn't.
I had to block my ex on all social media, and was even considering blocking his number on my phone. Show that you're serious about this, and let him know it's the last time you're having this conversation.

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