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We did not, in fact, shell out 60 Euros (current exchange rate = infinity US$) for a Vatican tour. Since we are shameless penny pinchers, we looked into Vatican tour options before ever visiting the museum, and discovered that you can actually rent a handheld audio guide inside the museum, for a mere 6 Euros.
Yesterday afternoon we caught a train to Florence, where we’ll be spending the next week. Now imagine that you must wake up in the pre-dawn hours of a cold winter morning, in order to take your place in this line of humanity.
The Vatican Museum has the most ridiculously impressive collection of art and artifacts I’ve ever seen.
And because most pieces in the Vatican Museum aren’t labeled clearly (or at all) you need some sort of guide.

The problem is, the volume is SO soft on the handheld unit that you must hold it right up to your ear to hear it, thus forcing you to purchase one unit per person. Climb a mere 550 steps, and you get to walk out on a railinged area that surrounds the dome.
We knew we’d been beat, so we shelled out 60 additional Euros, and got the guided tour. If no, then you probably read this site too much and should get back to whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. But armed with this knowledge, we brought my iPod earphones with us to the museum, and these turned out to fit perfectly in the handset’s audio port. Peter himself, who is buried 50 feet below the (already underground) spot you’re actually able to visit.

And by each taking one earphone in one ear, we were able to share ONE handset, rather than shell out for two. So we looked like two idiots, wandering around the museum with one earphone in my ear, one in Brittany’s, and the cord dangling between us. Now you might as well say that you were with us this week when we lined up to enter the Vatican Museum.

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