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Welcome to the fantastical world of Albion, where guns and swords live together in harmony and magic still exists, even if the town yokels believe otherwise. Soon after acquiring said trinket, the pair are whisked away in the middle of the night to Fairfax Castle, home of Lord Lucien. Luckily for you, the child survives the fall (thanks to that heroic ancestry) and is hidden away by a mysterious woman named Theresa. How you complete these tasks has a lasting impact on how you will find the town later on in the game. Fable II allows you to really embrace the “role-playing” part of an RPG and make yourself a part of Albion, if you choose to do so.
This is all well and good, however jobs, thieving, quests, and treasure hunting will only get you so far.
Now that I’ve spent all this time describing a lot of the ancillary things in Fable II, let’s move on to the actual questing and character development in the game.
Combat can initially be fairly simple, although the magic system allows for a fair amount of strategy and depth. Holding the B button will begin powering up your spells, eventually charging up to the highest level. Completing different quests in the game will net you renown, making you more and more famous throughout Albion. The downloadable Knothole Island add-on puts a few more entries on the list of things to do in Albion. Lionhead did a bait and switch with the special edition of this one, so that sucks, but other than that, the game is great. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Without asking too many questions, you'll be sent first to the well-travelled Hobbe Cave in Rookridge to get the initial piece of the puzzle. Once you get to the corridor with the spikes in and full of Hollow Men, head to the end and stand on the switch to send an orb through and to the other side of the spikes. All the same, head straight forward to the coffin and open in to retrieve her head (it's a shame the coffin in the Rescuing Charlie quest wasn't this easy to open!).
Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own. Lady Gray will never be seen in the game if you let her go!Check out the 'Fable Wiki' then head to Fable & Fable TLC Characters.Elvria Gray is Lady Gray.
I didn't finished this quest line and finished the game first but then when I come back i need to find all the pieces again and I already obtained the head.. First and foremost, she does not permanantly go away if you don't marry her the first chance you get. Albion can be a tough place to eke out a living, but there is plenty of gold to be gained, if one knows where to look.
He is very interested to learn that the children were able to activate the music box, a sign that the two are part of a heroic bloodline. Many years pass until an older Sparrow begins the quest to avenge his (or her) sister and save Albion itself from the plans of Lord Lucien. Clear some beetles out of a local warehouse and find a few lost warrants for the town guard, and you will return to find that Old Town has prospered during your years away. You will very rarely find yourself on the brink of death, and even then death only means being knocked out for a few seconds.
First of all, you can earn gold from completing certain quests, but usually not very much and not every quest will net you income.
Fighting in battles and completing quests will earn you experience points, similar to most other RPGs. Mashing the X button will swing your melee weapon around while the Y button is used for ranged attacks. Releasing the button will cast whatever spell you have assigned to the slot that you charged up to. Certain missions will unlock as you become more well-known or as you complete undertakings related to the main story. It doesn’t do everything perfectly, but it does so many things well, making the whole experience become more than the sum of its parts. It seems that the people on Knothole Island are having a little trouble with their weather, and they require a hero to fix things for them.

The quests unlock as you finish the major story missions, meshing seamlessly into the game for new characters.
This involves you going to see the gravekeeper in Bowerstone Cemetery to go on a longwinded hunt for some missing body parts which he is collecting.
Fight your way through the cave to wherever your dog locates the quest-crucial dig spot as being.
You can leave via the stairs at the end of the room through the larger-than-average beetles, or simply fast travel out back to Bowerstone Cemetery.Finally the quest is nearing its end, and this time you can find the gravekeeper in his basement. Scroll down to Fable II and then read on!Its hard the Quest and Getting a ***** Wedding Ring is HARDER !
I didn't have a proper five star wedding ring for her, so I popped back to Bowerstone Market and visited the Jewelry seller. It is here, in a town called Bowerstone, that young Sparrow sets out with his (or her) elder sister, Rose, to purchase an allegedly magical music box from a traveling salesman. Upon learning this, the Lord pulls out a pistol and fires it at Rose, killing her instantly. This doesn’t really affect how the game plays out, but it is a welcome character customization option. However, if you smash all the stock in the warehouse and give the lost warrants to the local thug instead, you will later find that your childhood home has turned into a retched hive full of scum and villainy.
You’ll quickly be back on your feet to continue the fight with only a few scars to remind you that you were momentarily defeated in battle. You can do this in whatever order you choose, although everything becomes much easier when you have a ton of cash lying around. Aside from general experience, your character will gain knowledge in three combat-related areas: Strength, Skill, and Will. The ability to cast spells on an area (more powerful spells cover more space) or to target a specific enemy adds another level of depth to the use of Will. Once you complete the main narrative, you can still run around Albion completing tasks, searching for treasure, or taking on jobs. Albion is a living, breathing place (with a cheeky sense of humor) that is shaped by the decisions you make, and that world kept compelling me to come back for more. The island has a few new stores, including a “mystery box” store in which you have to trade specific items from the mainland for each box. However, the island experience doesn’t last very long if you go there after completing the main game as the quests are very easily completed using a fully-upgraded character. It emerges that he has invented a device to resuscitate the dead, planning to use this on Lady Grey convinced that she'll fall in love with the first person she sets eyes on. I looked everywhere for her it always takes me back to castle fairfax when I click on the family cursor? I bought an appropriate ring, and set back to the Graveyard Mansion, I traveled into the basement, and she was gone! He then shoots the younger child, the force of which knocks little Sparrow backwards through a stained-glass window to the ground several stories below. Most of the enemies in the game are easily overcome, and even when you run across a more difficult battle, you will most likely possess several potions and food items to keep your health up. The streets of Albion are full of greedy individuals, so throwing expensive gifts around is the easiest way to get people to like you. Finding it is made slightly easier by your trusty Treasure Detector 3000, also known as man’s best friend. Once you have purchased a building, you earn gold from your store’s profits or rent payments from tenants. In fact, there are a few missions that only open up after you have finished the central tale. The shops include a ton of new items only found on Knothole Island such as height-changing potions, unique weapon augments and several goofy new outfits.
As events unfold you can either choose to keep Lady Grey as your girl (she does look and sound unique, which is a plus) despite all the gravekeeper's hard, yet disturbing work, and collect 10 evil points. Plus a silver key and a gargoyle are behind the mansion and you can't get them if you don't finish this mission.
In order to get the music box, you must earn five gold pieces by completing a few small requests from some of the people around the “Old Town” section of Bowerstone. The main storyline can be plowed through in a fairly short amount of time, but then you would be missing the point of the game (not to mention a large amount of content).

You can also perform several different “Expressions” to influence how everyone reacts to you. You can leave prices as they are, or you can choose to raise or lower them to affect your bottom line.
Skill is amassed by using a crossbow or a gun, and Will is learned through the use of various magic spells.
This creates a tradeoff between trying to cast a high-level spell before taking too much damage from enemy attacks while doing so. It emerges that he is collecting the body parts of Lady Grey, but for what end it's unclear at the moment. Otherwise, just leave the mansion before events pan out at the gravekeeper's request and you get 10 good points.
So the gargoyle mission(which ends with a legendary weapon) are also not able to be finished either. You will find the world of Albion much more alive and compelling by letting yourself get sucked in to the various things outside the main quest.
Dancing a jig or farting has a much different effect on the populace than performing pelvic thrusts, growling, or flipping the bird. It will bark whenever treasure is nearby, whether buried in the ground or in a rusty chest that you are already in the process of opening. There are many aspects of your character to upgrade from increasing your total amount of health to the amount of damage done with melee weapons to learning new combat skills.
Personally, I found that using a second level Time Control spell to slow down time before trying to cast a higher-level spell could be a very useful strategy. If you follow the golden trail now to stand on the switch in the next room nothing will happen, but double back and head up the stairs to the left of the statue, rather than following the golden trail's path.
Some of these expressions can be done for an extended amount of time, but there can be unintended, and sometimes hilarious, consequences if you mess them up. You are also able to learn many different spells such as Raise Dead, Shock, and the insanely useful Time Control. All of the spells you have learned can be switched around at any time to suit whatever situation you find yourself in.
Unfortunately every time you travel there you tend to have to fight at least one Banshee or group of Hollow Men, but you can fast travel pretty close if you use Bloodstone Road as the route. At the top of the stairs stand on the switch (you may have to move on and off it repeatedly until the orb changes colour and moves closer) shoot the orb and then drop down to stand on the platform in the room below. As for the person who asked if you can still own the mansion if you don't marry her; yes you can.
Depending on what kind of a character you are playing as (and how famous you are), the townsfolk will react to you differently.
I found bartending to be the easiest job to earn gold quickly while working at the blacksmith was fairly time-consuming for a relatively small reward. However you decide to set your prices, the game will award you with your profits every five minutes, and your character will even amass gold while the console is powered off. They will definitely let you know what they think about your outfit or your recent murder spree. Extorting money from local shopkeepers and stealing from the homes of law-abiding citizens is also a money-making option. The next large room will see plenty of Hollow Men to defeat, but more importantly an orb which moves from statue to statue each time you hit it. Defeat the Hollow Men and then destroy the creepers to climb up the stairs and then stand on the switch underneath the next set of tangled plants and shoot the glowing orb, then slash at it, then shoot it again to open the main door out from the lower level. Keep pummelling it until it makes its way to the opposite door to the one marked with the golden trail.
Make your way past the flame-throwing statues and stand on the switch right at the end to open the correct door.
Get out of Wraithmarsh and back to the graveyard (fast-travel if you wish) and get the details of the third piece.
Once you descend the stairs and initiate the drop into the main tomb it all looks a bit scary amongst the dark sand.

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