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Children inhabit Oakvale during the Birthday Gift quest during the hero's childhood and are regular inhabitants of Bowerstone South. Children can be found naturally in Bowerstone Old Town, Oakfield, the Gypsy Camp and Bowerstone Market. Children can also be found in Westcliff after the Westcliff Development quest if you choose to become Barnum's business partner. Your child's appearance and how they are dressed generally depends on your spouse's spawned location. There is a design flaw in Fable III where the ethnicity of your biological children does not match you or your spouse.
Renaming your child returns, but this time subtitles also change along with the name, unlike in Fable II.
Child labour is a problem at the beginning of the game due to the actions of both Logan and Reaver. Like most villagers in Fable III, your children will require you to complete quests for them in order to maintain your relationship. Biological children will adopt the personality traits good, evil, nice, and mean based on the Hero's morality and primal alignments. The only way for children to change to a different region they live in is either by selecting a new marital home for that specific spouse, or during the quest The Rescue.
There are NPC Children not related to the Hero in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters running around in Bowerstone South.
In Fable, Fable II, and Fable III, children can't be killed by the player, even with safety off. In Fable II, you must use the bed in your marital home to conceive a child, while in Fable III you can use any bed in the same area as your marital home.

In Fable III, there is no way to get rid of your children without getting rid of your spouse. There is a glitch in some games in which your children will no longer exist once you reload your game. A means to fix this glitch exists if your child was in Serenity Farm, they will still be there but as a generic child. There's a small bug in which your daughter can have a boy's voice or your son has a girl's voice. In Fable III, there is a minor bug when interacting with a female child using the 'tickle' expression. In Fable III, if a spouse is divorced or killed while a baby is present, it will be sent to The Orphanage where it will automatically age to childhood. Babies stay in their cribs and do not move, while the child has the traits of any of the NPC children. If you have children during the main storyline, your spouse and child(ren) can be killed, and at the end of the game, you can choose love and they will be resurrected. Children can be working class (Bowerstone Industrial, Bowerstone Old Quarter, Mercenary Camp, and Silverpines), middle class (Brightwall and Understone), upper middle class (Bowerstone Market), noble (Bowerstone Castle, Millfields and Clockwork Island), Dweller (Dweller Camp and Mistpeak Valley), Ecological (Mourningwood and Driftwood), or Auroran (City of Aurora).
In order to have another, the house where you stuck your family must have at least two beds (for two children), such as the Hunter's Lodge in Mistpeak Valley. In Fable III, you can regain custody of your children by picking them up at the Bowerstone Orphanage. Turning it into a brothel will not prevent the adoption of children – some of the orphans can still be adopted from a small area outside the brothel near the boundary hedge. Some of the most common ones are children who become unresponsive, and a glitch that prevents you from having more than one, making your second child vanish.

Despite this, the original name given to the child still appears in the subtitles during dialogue.
Children play a part in the Book Collection quest, listening to the books that you give to the school teacher.
This can be done with the "Come Back to My Place" expression, or by using the "Thumbs Up" expression if a spouse asks you to sleep with them.
Before the trip to the Tattered Spire they will not age from the baby status until you return. If you have children after you finish the game, they will wander off, leaving you with The Rescue quest to find them. Once the first has grown from baby to child, wait for the spouse to be "amorous" again to make another attempt. In Fable III, these kind of expressions are not even allowed to be used when interacting with children. In both cases, the kids are taken to the orphanage, where you can "rescue" them by adopting them back.
After this, interact with a bed and choose the "unprotected" option which may lead to you having a child. Afterwards, children will age from baby to child if you travel far enough away from home and return. Then, you must select "sex invite" and let your spouse follow you to a bed without holding their hand.

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